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10 Types Of Annoying People

29.12.2011 09:30 EST

I don't know about you but I get annoyed very easily. So I decided to make a list of the types of people that drive me insane.

•Indecisive people. I hate it when people don't know what they want. They'll be like "You choose what movie we're gonna watch." You pick a movie & they say "Nah I don't like those kinda movies." Okay really now?!

•People who brag. I honestly don't care if you've met Beyonce & kissed Justin Bieber on a plane in England. I really don't care if your dad drives a lambo! Oh no wait, I do care! Cause I live for you telling me how much money you have in the bank! I love that, can't live without your stories! :D

•Pathological Liars. "You know I once met Barack Obama?" Oh REALLY?! :D Amazing!! I know you're lying to me. If you wanna lie, at least make the story believable! Come on, how stupid do you think I am?

•Egotistical people. "I got more swag than all of you put together you know. I'm just so hot." Wow, congratulations! :) I'm so happy for your stupid ass that thinks they're God's gift to mankind! :)

•People who overreact. I hate it when people make a big deal out of small things. Go act dramatic somewhere else, like o stage. Cause you're really annoying & nobody has time to listen to you overreact!

•Party poopers. We're all having fun & you're going to sit in the corner? Okay really now? Now you wanna leave early cause you're bored but the rest of us are having fun? Gosh, lighten up & stop acting like someone stuck a carrot up your... Ummm... Never mind!

•Holier than thou. "I've never been in trouble all my life. Don't do that! That's wrong, I would never do that." Booooooooooooo!! You're stricter than a nun! Stop acting like the sun shines out your... Uhhh... Never mind! But you get the point.

•Hypocrites. You tell me not to do something then later on you're doing the very same thing? Okay, whatever.

•Geniuses. "I got an A!! What did you get? Oh a C? I'm not surprised! You should've studied harder!" Geez, thank you for making me feel stupid! I love that feeling!

•People who complain about everything. 'Why's the weather so bad? I'm so tired of walking. This food is ugly. Why is school so tiring? The holidays are boring..." Blahh blahh blahh BLAHHH!! Would you just shut up for a second?

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