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odd robot moving - Newest pictures


25.02.2012 22:04 EST
empty conversations get me so annoyed. talking to people who can't talk a real is a waste of time. sensibility is a key to a good conversation. when i say sensibility, that doesn't refer to the number of words people use to convey their message. there are even more chances for wordy conversations to be empty. sensibility is all about substance, interestingness and coherence. starting conversations has to be taken seriously as first impression counts. i hate it when people begin a chat only with a boring "hi" or "hello." starting conversations with just a single word is a sign of laziness. it seems to me that the person saying "hi" is actually giving me the burden of coming up with a topic. on peperonity, there are many people who know nothing but a "hi." some of which even repeatedly leave you such an empty word everytime they see you online. and when they get no response, they would say "why don't you respond to my messages? don't ignore me. i am also a human being like you." messages? damn! as if you conveyed any! and no, the likes of you are not humans! you are robots programmed to have a limited range of words on your system. not only in chatting do those people show their robotic attitude, but also in commenting on sites and blog. i'm already worn out of comments like "nice post," "good, thanks," etc. there are a number of times when i have spotted the same lengthy comment posted in different sites by the same person. i wonder whether they really brows or read the sites and blogs they are commenting on. i bet that even this post itself will receive worn out compliments if i send it to robots. mind you, artificial intelligence chat robots can actually talk a real! i remember my first experience with a chatbot. i ask if he knows andrew lloyd webber. the name is not on its system but it managed to give me an answer so sensible that some humans can't even think of saying: "i don't know him. he must be a customer on the web." a customer on the web? yes, quite possible! humans who are not familiar with andrew are likely to say "no, i don't know him." the fact that robots are becoming more sensible than some humans makes me alarmed! who knows, robots might rule over humans one day. lol no, only joking. robots can not think rationally while humans can. humans were created to think and act reasonably--that's what robot-like fellows should keep in their human minds.
p.s. there's nothing wrong about saying hi when you just want to greet a person. but if you want to go for chatting, don't just leave the word "hi" as it is. that can't stand on it's own lol. why not bother to say "hi, how are you" instead? i'm a little snobby, am i not? lol
i was smiling all the way through that, i was gonna mention artificial intelligence until you did, my only arguement & you already covered it, this is the place you really put the world to rights, i love it:)
23.10.2012 03:40 EDT,
No your not snobby If you are then I am I consistenly get Hi n Hi gurl And the same retort if I dont reply or add them lol So well said I totally agree with you Georgie !
03.06.2012 16:04 EDT,
But chat with robot in chatbot its really funny but endly also boring cause the answer was managed..and I also say hi to you :) nice post in unique topic
29.02.2012 18:25 EST,
Lol, you forget the famous "my friend (errr you who are?) Have sex with me (yep... By phone with unknow person, it s normal)...
26.02.2012 10:31 EST,

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