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26.02.2012 17:10 EST
i'm here mainly for three good things: good acquaintance, good music and good reads.
on a social networking site like peperonity, acquaintance isn't that hard to make. i can either wait for people who will come to make friends with me or go and search for friends myself. it's always nice to form acquaintances regardless of whether they are in real life or online. i take pleasure in meeting people from different sides of the planet and learning new things from them.
music, if i must overstate it, is what i consider to be something that runs through my blood. it is both my passion and chosen field (not yet a profession as i am still a student). i listen to and render music almost everyday. i continually search for music i have yet to hear. many music sites on peperonity have helped me increase my knowledge on different music genres.
reading is my passion next to music. at home alone, i have a collection of both filipino and english classic literary pieces (classics because they are the only books i can get in braille). i rarely read modern literary works as i usually have them in normal writing (somebody reads them for me). moreover, my assistant reads the news to me on a regular basis. what i read and ponder on in school are far too many to mention. i am not among the knowledgeable ones; i just enjoy reading.
but why is it that i still log in to peperonity for good reads when i actually have enough of them? as far as the internet is concerned, there is not a single spot where reading is more extensive than google. well, the reason is that i am searching for original writings by writers whom i can easily contact with.
unfortunately, my desire to meet true writers remain unfulfilled most of the time. just for the record, i have only known three excellent writers here. the rest are a bunch of nonsense! i spend time in reading stories, poems, and essays on peperonity sites and blogs only to find out that they are no originals!
budding plagiarists fill this place. they shamelessly show off their sites and blogs with copied materials from books or from the internet. now, how do i know that most writings posted on peperonity are no originals? it's as easy as ABC. when certain writings get me interested, i do my best to reach out to the ones who post them. it is by chatting that i determine whether they can really write or not. very sadly, most posters (they don't deserve the term "authors" lol) on peperonity are not as interesting as their posted pieces. they are unbearably nonsensical and their english is intolerably erroneous! english is not my native language, but i can tell whether or not a person have mastered it. i am not an effective writer and i frequently write english sentences with grammatical errors, but at least i never make-believe in other people's works. don't get me wrong. there is nothing objectionable about copying others' writings as long as you give credit to whom or where they are due. after all, it doesn't even take a minute to write an authors' name or to cite sources where a particular literary work is taken from. why can't most peperonity posters do that? why can't they just accept that they are not meant for writing?
i do believe that in life, being recognized by your accomplishments doesn't matter a lot. what really counts is that you do your work with dignity and credibility. as mark twain pretty much says, it is better to deserve honors and not get them than to have them and not deserve them.
p.s. bad english is not a problem at all. neither do i have a good english background lol. what i am trying to say is that when we copy literary from books or from the internet, we should not forget to acknowledge the real author by including his/her name on our post. if the author is unknown, we can still cite the text's source e.g. the website address where we take the work from. i believe it is not so hard to do:-)
fair enough georgiana, i accept your point on this, & i agree, its not so hard to give credit where it is due, but these people only post these things for one reason, to appear more interesting than they actually are! but you are right, you can usually tell just by chatting with them for a while, which is why i'm glad you can see i'm not one of these fakers. p.s your writing makes for good reading & your english is excellent:)
23.10.2012 03:30 EDT,
Another awsome blog Georgie I also like read The Classics and many others also I just think ppl dont read enough these days Reading is a way of learning and grammatical errors are of no consequence My mother encouraged me to read a little each day,but it seemr modern day living and technology have killed the art of conversation. Of course one has to move with the times,but sometimes the old ways can be better
03.06.2012 16:18 EDT,
Yeah there are own writing but there are a gossip or not our world ,lol..and not all people have skill in nice english,and nice writing :)
29.02.2012 18:40 EST,
In france we arent good for english language! Lol. Errrr and we have a wonderful law (ironic my wonderful) for the rights. Hadopi, the word who makes us mad! For know music in all the world, we must listen, try, download... Lol
26.02.2012 19:43 EST,
Very well said :) it takes no time to cite. To show the author's right :)
26.02.2012 19:35 EST,

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