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scary stories

20.11.2012 04:34 EST
The Curse and The Blessing

1666, In a town not far from Salem, Massachusetts. A Mother, her 14 year old daughter and 16 year old son stood at the Judgement Stage while their legs and arm bound by rope. Holding 3 burlap sacks the Executioner who also dawns one but with eyes and mouth holes hiding the scar he put himself.

The Mother to her left at her daughter with tears from fear. “Gail.. My Daughter your a my Blessing, Angel who protects the Innocent.” She slowly look over toward her son, He also sheds tear but with Anger. ” Oh Daniel cursed with demon’s blood who will be The Spirit of Vengeance to people like them”. The Mother looks towards the Crowd who is screaming Witch.

The Executioner places his Burlap sacks over each of their heads. Gail’s was the 1st ” It’s a shame” The Executioner whisper in Gail’s ear It’s a shame a few more years I would DE-flowered you Princess”. Walks behind The Mother ” Mrs Wissing tell The Devil I can’t wait to take his throne” whispered to The Crying Mother putting the Burlap sack over her head. ” Now Fat-boy nothing gives more a warm feeling when the hounds of Hell eat your rancid Carcass.” Daniel turns looking eye to eye with his foe. ” Oswald.. Mark my words, Creep. The Devil to pay for your sins”.

A figure walks on the Stage he is a Minister. ” You 3 Witches, Hold the Devil within you, Who tried to trick us, But we are God’s hands! We are Hands!” Cheers from the Crowd. “Amen, By The Lord above Daniel you are The Devil’s seed”. The Minister walks behind Daniel and whispers in his ear. ” And I am the Devil”. Daniel with no emotions gets the last burlap sack over his head.

The Minister raises his hands high. looks at The Executioner. ” You are God’s hands Mr Oswald Campbell, These 3 will not Rest in peace, These 3 will Rest In.. Damnation.” Within that second the lever is pulled. And the Nooses hang the 3. At one moment sounds of bones snapping, thrilled the crowd.

While taking the Bodies to the Black Forest. The men laid them down together and started to dig holes. Not noticing a body of daughter was turning unto light and In a flash blinding the men. She was gone. They quickly buried the son and Mother in 1 grave. But One of Men looked down as hands grabbed the boy from within the ground pulled him within the earth. The Son’s eyes opened white scaring the man.

4 years later at the same grave.

A Hands shoots out of the dirt. A huge undead man pulls himself from the dirt. ” Hell has come Home”!

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