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True story - The Moon

20.11.2012 04:51 EST
The Moon

My family and I move every two the three years. In every new country or state there is a new house, and with every new house there are new experiences. With the exception of my current residence and my last one, I have had unexplainable experiences in every house we have lived in (knock on wood). I will tell you of the first house, what I consider the most terrifying.

When I was younger I had a room on the second floor of our first two story house. I had recently lived in my room for two years before being moved to the next room to make space for the computer room (computers were just becoming popular where I lived) and up until then I had no problem in the house.

Upon moving in the room, I noticed the ceiling was heavily slanted. It was so slanted that on one end I could stand on my bed and jump to touch the ceiling, but on the other I could have never even attempted to come close to the ceiling. On this end the head of my bed was placed and every night my face would be under a window in the ceiling. This window was the main cause of my problems for a long while. I would see strange thing happening from outside of this window.

I had expected to see owls or other nocturnal creatures lurking about, but instead I saw shadows being cast through the window and into my room. These shadows would plaster themselves to my walls and begin to do different acts. This terrified me, but no one believed me and there was no way of covering the window with anything.

The shadows were mostly human shaped and they would run, dance, and skip across my walls or even run “out” the door and into the hallway. One time they took the form of humans with elephant heads and begin to dance ritualistically around me and I even heard drumming and chanting. This only happened 3-4 times as far as I remember, but these experiences opened the door to other more horrifying things to come in the house.

The dreams came soon after, before moving into the room I was a happy and friendly child. However, after moving into the room the nightmares began to drag me to become a silent and scared one who avoided any unnecessary contact. In these dreams I would see people die in terrible, vicious ways. These dreams were so real that when I woke up I had a hard time noticing I was actually awake. I had never experienced violence of any kind up until that point and had no reason to think of these things, not to mention dream about them. One particular night I dreamed my mother’s death, and I woke up knowing for a fact that how I had dreamed she would die is how it would happen in real life. This upset me and I began to cry, she comforted me, but she assumed it was because I thought she would soon die. It was the fact that I knew how she was going to die though. It was 14 years ago this happened and I have forced myself to forget the dream, but I still know this is how she will die and I can’t explain how I know, but it just is. I also had dreams about my death and my father’s death, I remember mine quite clearly.

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