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True Story - That One Night

20.11.2012 04:57 EST
That One Night

I never tell anyone this because i know they will never believe me. But my story is true, and maybe you will believe me.

I got home from softball practice at 7:30 P.M. I plugged my Ipod into the wall and left it charging for two hours.

Then, like i do every night, i took my Ipod and my dog, Jane on a walk.

Every night I walk to my school, St. James and swing on the swings while listening to my Ipod. I do this because soon I will be going to a different school and i have a lot of memories here.

Well i left my house without telling my parents I was leaving. Jane and I sprinted all the way to the end of the street where the woods are. Beyond the woods is my destination, St. James.

I cut through between two houses and into the narrow path in the woods. Everything was normal, Jane leading the way through the path. The moon wasn’t full yet but in a few days it would be.

Trees were grabbing at my clothing pulling me back, but I ignored it, that usually happens.

Finally Jane and I came to a clearing in the woods and we saw St. James. I crossed the bridge and ran to the swings, hopping on them and listening to songs. Jane lay down beside me and stared at the fields on the right side of St. James. I was staring up at the stars, it was such a clear beautiful night. Well every now and then I would look at Jane and she would be staring into the tall grass fields, I wonder if she saw something.

About a minute later I looked at Jane again. Now she was looking at something to the left of St. James.

I had a mini heart attack. I dug my feet into the ground and immediately stopped swinging. Rounding the corner of St. James was a small black creature that looked like a demented overgrown racoon. Thats all I saw of it until it rounded the corner of St. James and disappeared. Why hadn’t Jane reacted more than just laying there?

I ripped my Ipod from my ears and frantically jumped to my feet. “C’mon Jane!” I hollered as I ran up the big hill and rounded the corner, hoping to see the thing. But nothing, nowhere in sight was the thing. Jane was just looking at me with her big eyes like nothing had happened and I was being a freak. But Jane had been looking at the creature so she knew… but she is a dog, God I am an idiot. Had I imagined this?

But out of the corner of my eye I saw a very demented creature limping its way towards me with little talons reaching out for me. I never went to St. James again.

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