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True Story - Am I Dreaming Or What?

20.11.2012 05:03 EST
Am I Dreaming Or What?

I am terrified to go to sleep. For 3 weeks i been waking with bruises. I dont know how i got them. The same way and same position i go to sleep is the same way i wake up, so i dont understand. Last night i also had a weird dream that felt so real, and thats also why in confused.

As i go to bed i say my prayers like i do every night. My ceiling fan had turned on and thought maybe my grandmother had turned it on. I didnt pay much mind because i was exhausted. Few minutes later i felt as if someone had tapped my leg, but thought it was my own leg. As soon as i closed my eyes again, i knocked out.

2:00am, I heard someone say my name. “What?”, I replied half asleep……. No reply back so i covered my head with my blankets and went back to sleep.

2:25am- I heard my name being called again, but this time it was softer. I ignored it. Then 5 minutes after they yelled my name. That made me jump but didnt get out from under the covers. As i shake in bed, i felt a hand on my foot. I scream a little and turned on my lamp. Nothing was there. I didnt dare leave my room because it was so dark in the rest of the house and i always leave my door open to sleep. So i called my grandmother from my bed. She stood asleep and didnt hear me i bet. I stood starting out my door into the hallway as i turned on my t.v. I put the volume all the way down so it wont disturb me while i try to sleep (all i needed was the light). I turned my lamp off and tried to go back to sleep.

3:30am, The volume to my t.v had gotten loud out of no where. I woke up to see who did it and all i say was a black figure standing infront the t.v. I prayed so loud and the black figure started to laugh and saying “He’s not going to help you”. I kept praying untill the black figure turned around. When i saw who it was, i was my great-grandmother (grandfathers mother). I was always scared of her when i was little and was even more scared of her now that she dead. I closed my eyes quick and started to pray to my grandfather (whos died 11 months ago) and was telling him to take his mother out my room. All she would do was laugh until she said, “I have you and your grandmother trapped”. Then she left. I dont know what happen next that i blanked out and fell on my bed.

When i woke up again, it was 10am. My door was closed, t.v was off, lamp was off, and the ceiling fan was off also. That made me think that i was having a really bad dream. When i got up the bed, i felt in pain. I went to get my clothes to head to shower. Once i get undressed i see that i have 4 bruises on each leg, 3 on my arm and a big scratch on side of my stomach.

I quickly showered and told my grandmother about it and she said dont pay to it. But how am i not to pay mind when i wake up with bruises and all i remember is the dream i had. It dont seem like a dream!

And ’till this day i still wake up with bruises and I dont even sleep.

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