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True Story - Show Me Hell

20.11.2012 05:05 EST
Show Me Hell

I don’t remember when exactly this happened but it was some time around Febuary in 2007. It happened in the morning while i was walking to school.

It was somewhat cold that day. I was starting to hear someone call my name, but when i looked around their was no one. I was starting to get a little scared but kept having it mind that it was just my mind playing games on me. As i was going to cross the street, my mind went blank and i couldn’t see, feel or hear anything. It was so dark and cold. I didnt know where i was and i was trying scream but no one heard me or came to me. All a sudden, I felt a hand on my back and pushed me, i fell in a whole and when i reach the bottom of it, i was scared. There was fire all around me, people coming up to me with their flesh melting, and also animals (snakes, rats, etc…). The smell was really bad, and it was really hot down there. Felt as if i was burning from the inside to outside.

Something kept dragging me along with it. What it was? I have no clue. Then a strange door showed up out of no where. A voice was laughing and saying thats where i belong. i was praying to get out there but the voice kept laughing. Then he told me he has my soul and this was HELL. I still dont believe that but its just so scary to hear. After he pushed me inside the door and all a sudden i was back to where i was, in the street. The cars was honking waiting for me to move. I ran across the street, and didnt understand what was going on. i was in total shock. I wasnt able to go to school, i had called my parents to pick me up.

But ever since that day, i been seeing and hearing many worse things.

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