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True Story - My Haunted House

20.11.2012 05:10 EST
My Haunted House

One day about 5 or 6 years ago my grandma moved into another house and left us with hers. We were really excited and moved into thhe home as soon as possible. It wasn’t til after the first year or two I started hearin and seeing things. One night about three years ago I awoke rom my sleep only to hear my name being called by people who weren’t there. The voices sounded like those of childeren, girls in fact. It wasn’t til a year later I told my mom about this and I found out that she has been experiancing these things too. But nothing will top the day that I actually saw one of them. One day my dad came over to visit me and my siblings I had forgoten something in my room that I needed and hurried over through the dining room to reach my room. Oncne I reached my room I found my cologune I was looking for and me being as reckless as I am I dropped the bottle so I bend over to pick it up and when I rose back up I saw this little boy who was wearing old 18th century like clothes. He was compleatelt blue with black circles around both of his eyes as if he had been hit. At first he looked like one of my brothers and I thought one of them were playing a joke on me but as soon as I said seth the figure had vanished as fast as it had come. I was not frightened by this at the time because I had no understanding of what had happened.Years went by and it wasn’t until I had gotten into the paranormal that I wanted to know what happened. So one night I set up a couple of candles and a camera and did a home ghost hunt at first we got nothing but after a while we got responding knocks communicating with us. Through this we found out that under our house lays the body of a sevenyear old boy named jordan. The boys spirit was friendly but scared he told us that one day sometime in the early 18th centery he was taken from his home and murdered by 2 men and buried where my house stands now. Months later since our first investigation was so successful we tried a seond time and we noticed everytime we blew out a candle something happened. I blew out a candle and we heard something so loud it sounded like gunfire and it was continuous until we lit the candle again. We managed to snap a picture at the place where this was going on and in the picture there was a huge orb of light glowing in mid air. And to provoke the spirits I extinguished the candle flame that was our only source of light in our living room. It wa one of the worst mistakess of my life cuz afer that flame went out we heard a noise so loud it sounded like a bomb went off right in front of us. Ever since that night I would get calls on my celll phone that would say restricted and when I answered all I could hear was the voice of the voice of the little boy named jordan yelling and begging for help. And one time I even heard another male voice that told us that he wanted us out and that we are in his house. But ever since those few months that jordan begged me for help I have never heard or seen anything again although I can still feel the lingering presences of the dead boy and I still never found out why I heard any female voices I guess that will remain a mystery for now.

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