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True Story - The Damp And Cold Night

20.11.2012 05:17 EST
The Damp And Cold Night

I was never the one to believe in the existence of ghosts or any paranormal activities. But after the night of 28th December, 1995 my views were completely shaken. I had recently started living in my college’s hostel located on the distant mountain ranges of Shillong. My friends and I had heard several stories of spirits haunting the students in the past. There had been cases of strange bloody footprints found on the bathroom floor and sobbing noises from the ancient tree opposite the hostel. Before I narrate what happened with me let me begin with an anecdote.

One of my hostel seniors once told me her own personal experience when she was returning from her college late at night around 10 p.m and a haggard old lady came from behind the old tree. She asked her to take a look at her baby, flung in her around her arms and carefully wrapped in a cloth. My friend thought twice but seeing an old woman with a baby in trouble, she stopped and got out of her car. As she came closer to the woman, she removed the cloth off the baby. After that my friend blacked out and fainted. She remained in a state of shock for several days. Days later she had the courage to speak and told us that the baby had the goriest face she had ever seen. His face was filled with bloody scraped skin and his eyes were all black.

When I was told this I believed that she must have hallucinated, because as I said I was a non-believer then. But what I am about to narrate is a real life experience. My friends and I on the fateful day decided to call a spirit. It was raining incessantly outside so the night was damp and cold. Few of them backed out because they believed the spirit would possess them. I sat down calm as I thought this would be a fun experience. We chose to do this on the top floor of our hostel which was still under construction. We sat down with an Ouija board (a board used to call spirits) in the centre of our circle. One of my friends started chanting. An hour passed nothing happened. All we could hear was the silent dripping of the rain on our window sill.

After a few minutes, I heard the creak of a door. But I ignored it thinking it was the wind. Suddenly the windows and lights started shaking and we heard a strange whisper coming from the bathroom alley. The whisper turned into horrendous sounds of pain. We got the courage and sat up. I opened the door but it was pitch dark so we could see anything. As we started going back, I caught something from the corner of my eye. I gasped and gripped my friend’s hand after what I saw. At the end of the corridor, a man was standing. We could not see clearly but it seemed he was slowly moving toward us. We ran as fast as we could but when we reached the staircase, it was there, a figure sitting on the stairs. We froze and our throats tied up.

He slowly turned his head and glared at us with hellish red eyes. He caught my hand and said, “Why did you call me?” I could not believe what I saw; my heart was thudding so loudly that I could hear it in the silence. I could feel his death cold hands on my skin, and what I thought was him staring right into my soul. None of us answered him. He told us that we had made a grave mistake and we’ll have to pay for it.

Since then many students have disappeared mysteriously. One body was found hanging from the window of the same room we had placed ourselves to invite the spirit. My hands have the mark of his grip. But none of us ever spoke of that night, not even to each other. We silently watched girls disappearing and dying horrendously until they had to finally shut down the hostel after a few years.

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