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Love Quotes

03.07.2009 23:43 EDT

+++ A couple had an argument.. Bf confess to his 2nd gf that she is number 2..Bf said, he c0uldn't leave number 1 because 1st gf is dying cause of hole in the heart and asked to spend her remaining life with him..2nd gf let bf cho0se between 1st gf and her...The bf had no ch0iz, bf to ch0ose 1st gf.. 10days later... 1st gf told bf the go0d news that she has a heart transplant...Then they read the n0te of the d0nor.. It said..."MY HEART IS ONLY FOR YOU, SO I GIVE MY HEART TO THE ONE YOU CHOOSE..HOPE YOU'LL LOVE ME TOO..." -2nd Gf..

+++ It's hard to leave alone..It's harder to cho0se s0me0ne to l0ve...But the hardest part of to admit that y0u've fallen for s0me0ne..Who can never be y0urs forever!

+++ It's hard to tell ur mind to stop loving some0ne if ur heart stil does..

+++ True love doesn't come by finding d perfect person but learning to see an imperfect person perfectly..

+++ Loving u was easy, losing u was hard..Loving u is stil easy but knowing u are no longer mine, is d hardest of it all..

+++ Can i say i love u today? If not, can i ask u agen tomorrow? And d day after tomorrow? And d day dat? Coz i'll be loving u every single day of my life.

+++ In my heart, i keep the sparkle of ur eyes..The tender warmth of ur smile and i dream of holding u close..Caring for u, protecting u, and loving u always..

+++ To live as life i nid a heartbeat..To have a heartbeat i nee a heart..To have a heart, i need happiness..To have happiness, I Need U..

+++ Love is like a golden chain dat links our heart together and if u ever break dat chain u'll break my heart forever..

+++ All the time we are apart, burning pain that breaks my heart.. They say it makes the heart grow fonder is this true..s0metimes i w0nder.

+++ Life is for living, i live mine for you.. Love is for giving, i give mine to you.. Hearts for beating, mine beats for you.. Dreams are full of meaning, mine are full of you..

+++ Doubt dat d stars are fire..d0ubt dat d sky is blue..d0ubt 2 be a liar, but nver d0ubt i l0ve u..

+++ Life is a mixture of sunshine & rain, laughter+pleasure, teaqdrops+pain... So wen cl0uds hide d sun+y0ur skies turn grey...remember im only a f0ne call way..

+++ I wanted 2 send u all my love but d postman said it was to0 big..!

+++ If u live 2 be a hundred, i want 2 be a hundred minus 1 day.. So i d0n't have 2 live a day w/o u...

+++ If i die & go 2 heaven, i'll put ur name on a golden dat all d angels can see how much u mean to me..

+++ I hate 2 see d 1 i l0ve happy w/s0meb0dy but i surely hate it m0re 2 see d 1 i l0ve unhappy w/me...

+++ The hardest part of loving sum1 is kn0wing wen 2 let go & kn0wing wen 2 say g0odbye..

+++ If u realy l0ve s0mething "Set it free.." if it c0mes bAck it's y0urs..if n0t it wasn't meant to be..

+++ 1day u'l ask me, "w/c is mor imp0rtant 2 u? "me or ur life" i'l say "My life!" & u'l go & leave me w/o kn0wing dat u are "My life..!"

+++ The day i met u, u took my breath away.. I might not get to heaven but dat's ok, coz i walked w/one of his angels dat day..

+++ My dear look at the u see d stars shining? Listen.. Each of them is whispering how i do love u..

+++ It was a day wen i saw no chance of being happy but wen u came into my life, my heart is shining agen..

+++ I want u 2 know how i miss u. I want u 2 know how i want kiss u. I want u 2 know..plz believe it's true! I want u 2 know I love u..

+++ U are my man, u are my king, u are my sun so hot & bright. U are my angel, u are my dream, u are the star, im missing this night..

+++ For my heart you're d one and all my thoughts will go to you.. Im longing for d day y0u'll come! Im missing you and hope y0u're too..

+++ Thinking of u is easy to do it everyday.. Missing you is d heartache dat never goes away..

+++ No one nor anything wil ever stand in d way of our love.. Ours is f0rever.. Ours is eternal..not even death shall we separate..

+++ It takes a minuTe to like s0meone.. D day to get u crush an someone.. A week to love someone.. But it takes a lifetime to forget dat someone..

+++ If u had d letters HRT i can add EA to get a HEART or U and get HURT but i'd rather cho0se U and get HURT dan have a HEART w/o U..

+++ Love is a word with many meanings, each of those meanings signifies a bond dat can only be broken by death.. Wat i feel for u can only be described as 2 million times stronger than love and even death itself will not be able to broke up apart..

+++ My love for you grows like a tree.. Ever stronger.. Ever higher.. Always there to give you shelter.. Always there to give you l0ve..

+++ Evrytime i walk in d streets or in d countryside i wud l0ok up to d clouds and i wud feel my love for u wil blend w/dem.. Do u feel dat way too? I wud talk to d winds, i wud talk to d trees, i wud talk to d birds and i wud speak of how much i love s0me0ne...and dat is you..!

+++ I love u so much mor dan words can say.. I need u.. I can't live w/o u..n0t even 4 d day. D love i feel is hard to explain.. D words my heart scream but go w/o a name.. D tears i cry go unseen, d ways i try are countless. I have tried to smile to ignore d pain to go on my way. But i love u too much.. Much mor dan i cud ever say. If i lived a thousand years..w0rds wud stil go unsaid.. So i write my words down and hide them away..

+++ Ur cuddles make my worries disappear.. Ur kisses make evrything clear.. I miss u wen u're not there.. Why is life is so unfair..

+++ I love u, i love, w/all my heart. I feel so sad when we are apart. I dream about u all nyt and day. I just can't wait til you're mine to stay.

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