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All pictures by Hot News

Hot News

troll - Newest pictures

Mrs K & Mr A Ki$€b@k@£i$ “£0v€f0r€v€r”aka Ezeekiel.Rumus ,Theres a filthy troll wiv hairy paws, boney fingers, big brown claws, of all evil, its the source, the devils ways it does endorse, it attacks peeps wiv no remorse, it tried 2 summon up the force, it was the dark side of course, on its claws it sits and gnaws, a lonely schizo, it cackles and caws, wiv its made up 'friends' like jackdaws, it dribbles crap like tomato sauce, it bangs its head like its sending morse, cos I snap its lies like they are straws, Ive got it snorting like its a horse, I ride that troll as a matter of course, rodeo style wiv a few yeehaws, I smile as I watch as its head see saws, and its not long until it withdraws, and waits until its brain freeze thaws, cos deep down it knows that its the cause, of why its feeling like its been in the wars, I mean Im not perfect, Ive got my flaws, but Im no lying bully or a troll who thrives on breaking cyber laws

picture by Hot News
hag - Newest pictures

~~ On pepe resides the king of fakes, and in the evening when it wakes, it wakes 2 find its got the shakes, its ass is numb, its head still aches, its armpits are looking like 2 lakes, its dandruffs falling like cornflakes, munching on its dog poo cakes, dreaming that theyre sirloin steaks, it checks the profiles that it fakes, trying 2 correct its many mistakes, its lies they give it bad headaches, but it still thrives in the trouble it makes, it bullies the disabled 4 heavens sakes, its gutted cos the piss, I takes, it made its bets, it lost its stakes, and it wonders why its sad ass bakes, it shoud hav slowed down, put on the brakes, not got itself off on the trouble it makes, but Ive got no time 4 flakey fakes, starting wiv me was the biggest of mistakes, cos I strike back wiv tornados and earthquakes, I smile as its fat ass leaks and shakes, it screams cos I just dont give breaks, 2 skanky lying bullying fakes, so I slap it daft 4 the innocents sakes

picture by Hot News
donkey - Newest pictures

Mrs K & Mr A Ki$€b@k@£i$ “£0v€f0r€v€r” aka Dorita. THiIS FAKE PROFILE SLIME BALL THREATENS EVERY ONE AT PEP. HE TRIED SEX CHAT ME.....!!!! 11.03.2012 11:23 CET, Mrs K & Mr A Ki$€b@k@£i$ “£0v€f0r€v€r”‎ » Message to Mrs K & Mr A Ki$€b@k@£i$ “£0v€f0r€v€r”‎ .............. .We are powerfull and have to face him daily. We are brave for him. Hope to get positive response frm you. Thank u. Gudday. Bye tc. God bless u. 11.03.2012 10:46 CET, Mrs K & Mr A Ki$€b@k@£i$ “£0v€f0r€v€r”..............Ln ma absenty deepu got paranoid that m making fake n after. M cming on here..I started abusing at him. .plzz i want means all cb users block his id plzz mamtake action due to him we all get sufferd 11.03.2012 11:15 CET, Mrs K & Mr A Ki$€b@k@£i$ “£0v€f0r€v€r”

picture by Hot News
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