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Blonde Jokes

Why did the blond climb the glass wall?
To see what was on the other side!

Why did the blondes steering wheel have lipstick all over it?
She was trying to blow the horn!

Why can't a blode dial 911?
Because she can't find the eleven!

There was a blonde who lived on a farm and her dad would not let her go boating so she took her boat and begin roaing it in the wheat feild. Another blonde drove by and saw the blonde in the boat, she angerly got out of the car and said "Hey you dumbass, your the kinda blonde who give us bad names!" If I could swim I'd come out there and slapp you....

A blonde turned on the tv and heard there was a cereal killer on the loose. So she opened the cupboards and hit all the Cheerio boxes!

Three dumb blondes were shipwrecked on a desert island. They came across a magic lamp and a genie came out. The genie said that he would grant them each a wish. The first blonde asked to be made smart, the genie turned her into a brunette and she swam off the island. The second blonde asked to be even more smarter, so the genie turned her hair red and she built a boat and sailed off the island.The third blonde asked to be made the smartest, so the genie turned her into a man and he walked on to the bridge, and off the island.

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