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save the fr ship - Newest pictures

<=SaVe Da fr&sHiP=>

True friends are hard to find and even harder to keep. With increasing corruption and disloyalty, it is hard to find the right person to trust and accept as a friend. With so many people believing in gossip and cheap plots, betrayal of friendship has become very common. People are so self absorbed these days that they don't tend to see whether the friends they have are trustworthy individuals or not. Worse are those people who betray true friends because of materialistic pleasures. Coping up with friends cheating is quite hard, more so if you have no fault of yours. But, life goes on and you make new friends. You push away your hurtful past and learn a valuable lesson from it.

When friends let you down and are not there for you when you need them the most, it is known as betrayal. Sometimes the reason why friends betray you is just not known. When you are at the receiving end, you feel hurt, confused and angry. You demand answers as to why have you been betrayed for absolutely no fault of yours. The talks end abruptly, phone calls are not returned, letters remain unanswered and there is no contact whatsoever. Hate it as much as you want, you will have to come to terms with reality and accept that things were not meant to be.

Though it may seem like the end of the world, there are ways to cope up with it. If the friendship has been ended by you, then there has to be reason concrete enough to justify the action you have taken. There is no point in dragging along a friendship when you know you are not comfortable with it. End it politely and quickly and most importantly, don't regret your action. If you start feeling sorry, you are putting yourself in trouble. There is a reason for every action you take and you must have thought a lot about it before taking a decision. Learn to trust your gut feelings and have confidence in yourself. Make sure you don't end the friendship (however short it may be) with bitter feelings and make it a bitter experience for yourself as well.

However, if you have been at the receiving end and feel that you have been betrayed for no fault of yours, it can be very hurtful. Don't be embarrassed to cry and scream. You have been hurt and you have the right to vent out your frustration. Believe me, you will feel a lot better after you have cried your heart out. Seek out other friends, siblings or your parents and talk to them.

Tell them you have been hurt and ask them for solace. You will be surprised to see that help was just around the corner. All that you needed to do was ask. One thing that should be remembered is that these betrayals are experiences that teach you valuable lessons in life. Don't be afraid to seek help and talk about it to others. Such betrayals should not stop you from trusting people and making new friends.

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