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There is Old Testament verses that can confuse ppl. If they not DIGOUT the truth, about the dead.
We know all where the body (flesh) going, after death.
But what about the SOUL and SPIRIT?
I will explain some of it here.
I pray wisdom to everyone read this.
God bless! Thanks*
1.SLEEP IN THE DUST:{Job7:21 Ps.22:15;146:4 Eccl.3:19-20 Dan12:2}only the body was made of dust and that is what will return to dust again {Gen2:7;3:19 Eccl3:20} the SOUL and SPIRIT r not made of material substances as the body so they will not return to dust.
2. DEATH-A FALLING SLEEP: {Acts7:60;13:36;1Cor.15:6,18,20,51;1 Th.4:13-17;5:10;2Pet.3:4}.This is true as far as the body is concernf,for the body is the ONLY part men can see as falling asleep.No man could see the SOUL and SPIRIT,or the invisible part of man,whether it fell asleep or not.
3.DEATH IS SPOKEN OF SLEEP:{Dt.31:16;2Sam.7:12;1Ki.2:10;11:21,43}this refers to the BODY falling asleep,as in points 1 and 2.
4.NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MAN AND BEAST IN DEATH: Eccl.3:19,20 this is used as conclusive proof by false cults that both man and beast become extinct at death, but an honest acknowledge ment of facts here will show that it refers to the BODY ,not the soul.
It says, AL GO TO ONE PLACE:ALL ARE OF THE DUST,AND ALL TURN TO DUST AGAIN. There can be no argument against this,for both men and beasts were made of dust as far as the BODY is cornc.{Gen.2:7,19}.
But nothing is said here or ANY OTHER place that the SOULS and SPIRITS r made of dust. There for,THE SPIRIT OF MAN GOETH UPWARD{redeemed} AND THE SPIRIT OF BEAST GOETH DOWNWARDS TO THE EARTH.
5.THE DEAD PRAISE NOT THE LORD {Ps.115:17}.This is true as far as the BODY is corncerned,for it is lifeless,unconscious,and goes into dust again when the SOUL and SPIRIT leave it{Jas.2:26}.The SOULS of the righteous continue to praise GOD in full consciousness after leaving their BODIES {Heb.12:22,23 Rev6:9-11}, but the wicked who go to hell will have no praise for GOD.
6.In the day of death HIS THOUGHTS PERISH {Ps.146:4}this also is true as far as the BODY is concerned.The BODY cannot possibly have thoughts when the inner man leaves it{Jas.2:26}.After leaving the BODY, SOULS and SPIRITS continue to have thoughts in heaven{Heb.12:22,23 REV.6:9-11}and in hell{Isa.14:9-11 Lk.16:19-31.
7.THE DEAD KNOW NOT ANYTHING {Job14:21 Eccl.9:5,6}again,h repeat these FACTS r true regarding the BODY,but not the SOUL and SPIRIT.How could a dead BODY of dust b conscious,have memory,love,hatred,and envy with the SOUL and SPIRIT gone from it?Dust cannot have these experiences whether it is shaped into BODILY form or otherwise.The SOUL and SPIRIT continue to know and they have emotions and desires after leaving the BODY, as proved in many scriptures.
Eccl12:7These refers 2 the creation of Adam-when the 1st man was made out of dust{Gen.2:7}+All SOULS and SPIRITS r in the keeping of GOD.Good AND evil.
Those who have already left their BODIES{Jas2:26}r either in hell awaiting the time of their RESURRECTION{Isa.14:9 Lk.16:19-31}or in heaven awaiting the RESURRECTION{2Cor.5:8 Phil.1:21-24 Heb.12:22-23 Rev6:9-11}
GOD will have the final say as to their destiny{2Cor.5:9,10 Rev.20:11-15}
RESURRECTION OF THE DEAD:This refer ONLY 2 theBODIES of ALL MEN who die,not to the SOULS and SPIRITS which r immortal.Whithoutexception,all scriptures onthe future resurrection of the dead refer ONLY 2 the BODIES which die and will be resurrected from dust again... . .
{Dan.12:2 Jn.5:28,29;1Cor15;1Th.4:13-17 REV20:4-6,11-15}.There will be no spiritual sesurrection-a resurrection of the SOUL and SPIRIT... . . .
All spiritual resurrection is accomplished in this life before the body dies{Eph.2:1-10 Col.2:11-13}.If one is not resurrected spiritually from death in trespasses and sins in this life,he will remain forever spiritually dead or separated from GOD{Heb.9:27 Rev.22:11 . . .
8.NO CONCIOUSNESS IN DEATH {Ps.6:5}.This verse must be understood with other facts.In physical death there is no remembrance,because the body dies and has no SPIRIT in it that could cause the BODY to continue having memory and consciousness. . . .
THE BODY WITHOUT THE SPIRIT IS DEAD{Jas.2:26}.it is not the chemical makeup of the BODY that has consciousness or it would continue after the SPIRIT leaves the BODY.The SOUL and SPIRIT make the BODY conscious so long as they r in the BODY,but when they leave the BODY it is dead and therefore cannot b concious. . . . .

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