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<*mòRé FÙn! M$g$*>

Dear friend, remember that wit out stupidity there can b no wisdom, and witout uglyness there can b no beauty. Looks like da world rely needs u!
Monkey say t its mate, y we so ugly, his mate replys thankfully we dnt look like da person readin this msg!
I want u 2 no our friendship means alot t me, u cry i cry, u laugh i laugh, u jump out a window i look down n laugh again!
The rain makes thing beautiful, the grass and flowers 2, if rain makes all things beautiful y dnt it rain on u!
Sex drugs rock n roll lets get smashed n misbehave on speed n weed n lil e´s lets get fuckd n talk t trees
Nokia regrets t inform u that u ave no nu msgs we take no responsibility 4 u avin no friends in accordance wit the ugly cunt act of 1975!
The clouds may kiss the sky, the rose may kiss the butterfly, the morning dew may kiss the grass but u ma friend may kiss ma ass!
Wonder bras r called wonder bras 4 1 reason n 1 reason only! Cs da bloke takes it off n WONDERs where da tits r!
I herby place u under arrest in vialation of code 0567, distractin public wit a sxy ass. Remain silent and report t ma bedroom 4 ur punishment
Resent studies ave revealed that homosexuals use there thumbs to scroll down their txt msgs! Dont try changin ur finger u 2 l8 u GAYLORD
23 useless parts of a mans body! 20 nails u cnt hammer, 2 balls u cnt throw, 1 cock dat dont crow! But girls only ave 1 useless part, a pussy dat dnt catch mice!
Ur boxers r red, ur boxers r brown but wen u wit me ur boxers r down!
There is hot sex, fast sex, group sex, safe sex, leather sex, fone sex, but 4 ppl wit ur face there is NO SEX!
If u erase this msg u love me, if u keep it u want me but if u ignore it u adore me, so wot u guna do?
The NHS regrets t inform u ur birth was an accident, plz report t da nearest hospital t b put down. We apologise 4 any inconvience
There was a young boy called nugget whose cock was so long he could suck it, he said wit a grin while wipin his chin if me ear was a fanny i´d fuck it!
Roses r cheap, violets suck, i dnt want flowers just a gd fuck!

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