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°·.HADITH .·°


Hadees 1:

Hazrat Abu Musa Ash'ari narrated that Rasool Allah (S.a.w) said,“He/She who does Zikr of Allah and he/she who doesn’t,their example is of like an alive and a dead. (Bukhari)


Hadees 2:

Hazrat Anas narrated that Rasool Allah (S.a.w) said,“When you pass by gardens of paradise, eat fruits of them. The Sahaba said,“What are the gardens of Paradise?”He (S.a.w) said,“Thegatherings of Zikr.”(Tirmizi)


Hadees 3:

Hazrat Abu Huraira narrated Hazrat Abu Saeed Khudri said that Rasool Allah (S.a.w) said,“Whenever a Jama'at (a group of people) sits for Zikr of Allah, the angels surround it. Blessing covers that Jama'at. Andpeace and calm descendson them. And Allah mentions them to the angels present in HIS court. (Muslim)


Hadees 4:

Hazrat Abdullah Bin Abbas narrated that Rasool Allah (S.a.w) said,“The Shaitan sticks to the heart of the child of Adam. When he does Zikr of Allah, he (the Shaitan) runs away fromhim. And when the child of Adam becomes careless from the Zikr ofAllah, the Shaitan beginsto put was-wasah (evil suggestions) into his heart. (Bukhari)


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