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Immaculate Conception

Mother of Pearl. Thick, viscous, fluid, pulsing with the rhythmic spasms of a girl in heavy orgasm.

Dangerous, potent sperm moving towards the girl's fertile, unprotected womb.

He studied her face, feeling slightly guilty. After all, hadn't it been he that had seen this through?

Those eyes, big, deep brown, so like his own stared back.

A fleeting emotion in her. What was that? Guilt too? Concern? All too brief then gone.

"So bad." Sounding breathless. "Can't believe I just let you do that." Still panting, slightly less so. Her pretty face framed by damp, long brown hair. Breasts moving. Her complexion deep pink, dewy. Mixed emotions. Disgust for sure, regret yes, but dirty, raw, animalistic contentment as well.

"Never thought it would get that far. Was expecting a kick in the nuts. A refusal. You to start screaming. Something. I. I couldn't stop!"

Silence. Awkward moments. Rising and falling. The mattress moving slightly.

More silence.

Finally. "So, was it different?" She waited, intently. Needed to know. Absentmindedly traced a line over his chest.


"Yeah. How does fucking your sister compare with Jane Doe?

He considered for a while. Post coital, this was strictly off the menu for conversation. Normally. But this deserved an answer somehow.

"Difficult to compare."

She sat up and turned to him. Eyes searching his. "Oh come on! I'm not some floosie you're trying to get a second helping with."

"No. I mean it; really. I mean how does fucking you compare with fucking, say, Debs? Physically it was mind blowing. Raw.

He looked his sister over. What a body. Cupped a breast lightly molding it in his palm appreciating its firmness.

" You've got THE most perfect tits; a firm, tight ass, you've got a few curves but in all the right places. The way I like it. Your pussy is perfect. The fit felt so good, so tight, I felt...locked in." He shook his head, smiling. Disbelief, "insane."

"But," he considered again, trying to coalesce thoughts from the 10 minutes they'd spent rutting, "psychologically? Mentally? Nothing compares to that. When I looked into your eyes as I fucked into you... It felt like.. felt like I was looking into my own. When I was on top of you, I kept looking at my cock disappearing inside you, up you, knowing that open, receptive pussy wasn't some bit of skirt but," he looked into her eyes, "my sister's cunt. Now that's so bad! Can't believe I KNOW what you feel like inside."

His cock stirred. Mind replaying. "I just put my dick in a place so deep, so off-limits. Never been that deep in a girl before and it was with you."

His hand continued to explore her breast causing her nipple to harden, gratifying him.

"When I was close, I knew I had to pull out. You never said anything, never cried out "Don't cum in me!" He leaned over towards her, moving his mouth near to her ear. When he spoke, it was softly. "And if you had told me to pull out, I wouldn't have." Her eyes widened slightly, "I HAD to cum in you. Had to know what THAT orgasm would feel like unprotected, as nature intended." He considered that last part. "Well, maybe not as nature intended." Any remaining tension between them broke as they both had to laugh at that. "I never fucked a girl without a condom before."

"And to think it was your sister who gave you that pleasure. Tut tut. What a naughty girl."

Something occurred to him. "You are taking something?"

"You mean am I on birth control? Nope. Nada."

Disbelief now. Something else too. His cock twitched again. "Yeah right. Nice one sis. You got me."

He was expecting something back. Nothing. He crooked onto his side, shifted up to look at her, needing to know if this was for real. Nothing. No smirk, eyes serious.

"Nothing? Fuck's sake! You just let your brother fuck you without any protection?" Was it possible to feel anxiety and what? Pride? Immense taboo pride? Certainly felt something like that. He lay back down.

" You've got to take the morning after pill, Sis." Mind racing now. "Do you always have unprotected sex? Fuck you are so dirty."

"Nope." She reached over to the bedside cabinet, the draw slid open, something hit his stomach -- a diaphragm, or so he assumed, having never seen one before. A fleeting thought came into focus of his sister washing off the sperm from her latest catch. It felt strange uncovering one of his sister's most intimate secrets.

"Trouble is, someone wasn't waiting." She pointed to his semi-erect cock "and something wasn't thinking."

She began to stroke him. Up and down his chest. Down to his navel. Back up.



"You said my pussy was perfect. How?" Chuckling now, her breasts jiggling, almost playful.

"It is. I've seen all kinds of pussies. Big fleshy lips, small thin lips, hairy ones, shaven ones, pussies, sort of, out of proportion?" he looked at her to see if she knew what he meant, "Yours is perfect. I mean the proportion of it, your pussy lips, the way you keep it trimmed." He trailed a finger down her stomach, between her wet thighs and drew it through the liquid of their coupling. He circled her still-engorged clitoris slowly, watching her carefully. His sister half-closed her eyes. Sighed.

"And you? How was it for you?"

She dreamily opened her eyes again, focused on him.

"You mean after I actually moved on from the question of whether I could actually do it with you? Open my legs for my brother? Actually, did I ask myself that question? Hmmm. Anyway, After I felt I couldn't find any other way to bat you, my brrutthher away", she pronounced the word using an affected staccato, "was it any good?"

"Was it any good after your all-night persistence finally wore me down? After my inhibitions had been softened up with just enough booze?"

He pulled his hand away from his sister. Awkward.

"Don't worry. I'm 28 and big enough to say 'no'. If I were being philosophical about it I guess I could ask whether I felt I had the choice of saying 'no'. After all, I've had first-hand experience of you in action now bro. But let's assume it was consensual and I got caught up with the moment."

"It was good. What can I say?"

"Good?" Her brother was the one who was concerned now. It mattered somehow.

"OK. It was great sex. Darwin would be proud of you."


"Darwin. Natural selection and all that? There was a program on TV the other week looking at why humans orgasm. Apparently a guy's orgasm is all about reproduction -- to pass on his genes. The girl's is all about pleasure, she makes love for the orgasm. So if the guy gets it right, I mean if the girl is 'ppleassured'" she wrapped her tongue around the word as she said it, "her orgasm causes her vagina to contract flushing the sperm further into her, ergo his sperm have a better chance to... ." she tailed off. Thoughtful. "You know it can be as quick as 30 minutes for a sperm to fuse with an egg?"

The thought, just the chance of his sperm impregnating her overwhelmed her mind. Sure, no big deal, she'd take a pill to make sure the evil deed bore no consequences, but for a second she allowed herself to indulge. Imagined his baby, their baby, growing inside her. She noticed with no small amount of shock that the thought didn't horrify her anywhere near as much as it should have.

The sun suddenly grew intense, brightening the room, pulling her focus back to the bed. "When did you think you'd try it on with me?"

He considered those words for a moment, 'try it on', they didn't sit comfortably with him.

"Not sure really. Number one; put this in context, I was out to pull last night. Just had to. Had the itch -- you know." Looking at her for understanding. She nodded, just slightly but he took it as affirmation. "I don't know when my focus switched to you. Think it's when I got an echo off you."

She was intrigued now "Echo?"

He poked her rib playfully. "C'mon -- echo! You know, that boy girl thing? I felt something from you a couple of times early on in the night club. Not sure -- the way you danced, you kept on looking at me?"

He thought about it further -- "When we were all dancing. Sure, you were in front of that guy seemed like half the night but something about the way you moved. Felt like you were being sexy for me? Couple of times we ended up catching each others' eyes. Looking away. You know. Echoes.

She laughed then. Incredulity.

"I NEVER made a play for you. You are my brother. Remember that little detail? Or did your cock overrule your head?"

"So what? You just allowed me to keep my hand on your thigh under the table for the hell of it?"

"I didn't think much about it really. I mean you were several beers down, thought you were being high spirited."

"Hah. High spirited! And what about later on, when we were grinding on the dance floor. Was that high spirits too?"

"Brother. Dearest" sarcasm now, "selective memory?" - An aside, "they do say the memory struggles after sex. - I kept pushing you away, remember? I DO know when a guy is coming on strong. Trust me. If anything, I was more taken aback that it was you. I mean how does a sister respond when her brother is rubbing his hard on against her? You know Jen caught an eyeful of your little performance with me don't you?"

"Fuck Jen." He resented the intrusion of his sister's best friend. "So why didn't you just get up and walk away?"

She couldn't answer immediately. Needed time?

"I couldn't. Where could I go?"

"You could have come back here, to your flat. Told me to get lost; slipped out when I wasn't looking. Anything to avoid having your brother FUCK you. Specially if you knew that was the play."

She laughed wryly. "When were you NOT looking? Anyway, why would I have to cut my evening short with Jen and the others?"

"Well, it must have turned you on a bit, huh? I mean at some point you must have considered it -- letting go. Doing it with me?"

"Ut ut." She backed it up with a wave of her finger. "I can honestly say there was no point when we were out about town I thought. Hmm, you know what? I'm ...
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