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Making Love To Mom

I am PRAKESH from Delhi and I am here with my true story called
Making Love to Mom.

Ever since my dad divorced her when I was ten, I had grown closer to my mom. We spent a lot of time together,
shopping, cooking, and vacationing. I guess I became the friend my dad never was. Mom even taught me the birds and
the bees, and I found myself better prepared when I started puberty.

But preparation could only do so much for me, just two years later, I found myself becoming a man. I masturbated for
the first time in my bedroom, fantasizing about a girl in my class at school, and was very surprised to find hot, sticky
cream covering my hands and the blankets. I realized it was cum, remembering what my mother had taught me about my
body. I rubbed it into my stomach and chest, not really understanding yet what had happened, but wanting more.

I soon found myself in a jerk-off frenzy. Two, three, five, ten times a day. I couldn't stop myself. Imagination wore out
as a means to satisfy myself. I began to search through everything for stimulating pictures: Debonair, Fantasy, even
pictures of gorgeous actresses from Internet that I would trace and redraw naked. I would have killed for a Chasity, but
they were simply not to be gotten at the time, especially in our house.

Later that month, as I was rooting around in the hallway closet, I found several pictures of my mother. Not just any old
pictures mind you, but shots of her all dolled up in lingerie and laying on her bed in very seductive poses. Nothing
slutty, and no nudity, just incredibly sexy shots of my mom. I wondered why mom still had the photos. My active
imagination conjured up the idea that she had left them there for me to find. Maybe she was trying to show me more
about women! In my hormone-saturated brain, I even played with the idea that mom would teach me personally how
lovemaking worked.

I've got to let you know what my mom looks like before I go on. She's 5'3", about 70 Kgs., with long brown hair that has
a definite reddish tinge to it. Her eyes are light brown. Her body shapes out to 38D-28-40 - she has some awesome hips
on her, not to mention a pretty ass, not perfectly curved, but very mature and womanly. Her tits were something I
almost couldn't get my eyes off of.

I took those photos into the bathroom, my stroke-base of choice in the house. I peeled off my shorts and underwear,
sat on the toilet lid, and proceeded to whack off with renewed intensity. I must have cum at least four times before I
came out of the bathroom, and my cock throbbed for the rest of the day from the beating I gave it. Fortunately, mom
didn't come home from work until a half-hour later; or else I would have had a tough time explaining all my time in the
john. But my lifelong infatuation with my mom had begun.

Later that summer, I was in my bedroom, when I looked out the window and saw my mom and the next-door neighbor
lying on the grass between our houses. Both were dolled up in tight shorts. Mrs. Sudha was somewhat pulpy, around
her mid-thirties, with a nice dark tan and long black hair. But mom, in her dark red gown, stole the show. Her huge
melons were nearly bursting from her straining loose upper cut of her gown, and they shined with the tanning oil
slathered all over them. My cock sprung to life and I stroked right there, on my bed, behind my curtains, peeking out
with my free hand at the delicious female flesh in view.

I spent most of the next seven years fantasizing over mom in various ways - I wrote stories that I kept hidden under the
carpet in my bedroom, I clipped pictures from tons of fuck-books my buddies and I collected - I saved all the pics where
a model even remotely resembled my mom. These I taped into a slowly growing personal porno mag, which I wrote in,
trying to give it the look of a real skin mag. I lost track of all the times I dreamed of fucking mom. I dreamed of fucking
her even more than the girls at school, the cute teachers at school, even the hottest models or porn queens. But
through it all mom and I continued to grow in our relationship. I spent more time with her than my friends in my senior
year in high school. But I was certain to never let her know my utter and total lust for her.

I graduated and mom got a new job. We moved to Delhi and mom bought a really nice house - her new job as General
Manager at an MNC paid through the nose for her talents. I decided to take a year of before going to college. In reality,
I didn't want to be away from mom. I was infatuated with her. Luckily, mom had no problem with my idea, and she even
said that a year off was a good idea - it would give me time to plan my future.

It was a fall night when the first event happened that changed my relationship with mom. It was pretty late, maybe 3 am,
when I went into the kitchen to get a drink. I had on loose red shorts and nothing else. In the other direction down the
hall, I saw the light still on in mom's room. Sometimes she had problems sleeping at night, so she was probably
checking out the late show, or watching a video. After I got my drink, I decided to check on her. Padding up to her
room, I could better hear the tv, which was turned down - she probably didn't want to wake me. But as I reached her
door, I recognized the sounds - the gasping soundtrack and grunts and moans of a porno movie.

I first saw the TV, and sure enough, some stud was plowing a stacked blonde doggy-style while the blonde ate out a
petite redhead. That was shocking enough, but looking over at mom almost made me wig out completely. She was
sitting back against her pillows, wearing a grey sweatshirt, but her sweatpants were down at her ankles. I could hear
and see a thin white vibrator in her right hand, and I watched awe-struck as she pressed it through her thick bush onto
her clit, then down and through her pussy lips. I heard her moan softly then, and slightly arch her back, grinding her
hips in a lazy circular motion. The light from the TV reflected off of the wet vibrator when she pulled it out of her pussy.
The electric thrill that went through me on seeing this scene was almost as powerful as the one that next shot through
me when mom turned and saw me. Her mouth just stayed partially open, and I tried to stutter out some words, but
nothing intelligent came out. So I turned and went back to my room, feeling the heat from my blushing face. I closed the
door and crawled into bed, wanting to die. Mom saw me! I was a goner for sure. I knew that she'd have me out of the
house in the morning.

I was so lost in my own thoughts of doom that I never noticed my mom open the door. I noticed when she turned on
the light, though. I started and turned over. She was still wearing only the sweatshirt, which was just low enough to
cover her bush, tantalizing me with her thighs and hips, and incredibly long, strong legs.

"Prakash!" she started to say. "Mom, I'm sorry," I blurted, rolling over again. I still had an incredible boner, and it was
showing through the blankets. I felt her hand on my naked shoulder, though, and she made me face her again. "You
didn't do anything wrong, honey," she told me. "You just caught me at a bad time." She smiled slightly at this.

"No, I really should have let you know I was coming. I'm really sorry." I couldn't have been any sorrier at that point, but
the image of her masturbating wouldn't leave my mind.

"Honey, it's okay. I'm a grown woman, and you..." she looked me up and down, "you're a grown man, for certain now!
I'm also lonely. Does it shock you that I masturbate?"

I couldn't believe she was having this conversation with me, but when I thought about it, it made sense. We were each
other's best friends. And then the seeds of arousal sprouted in me, and I found myself letting go of some of my
inhibitions. What would happen next, I had no idea, but I couldn't stop myself. "No, mom, it doesn't shock me. But
what were you watching? And where did you get that vibrator?"

Mom smiled and paused for a moment, looking at me like I should have known the answer. And I should have. "Well,
Prakash, I just took a video from your own collection."

Oh my god! I must have turned pure white after that. But mom gave me no time to reply.

"Honey, do you think I've been blind to your 'collections' all this time? I'm the mother of a normal teenage boy... of
course I knew you'd have some stuff like that. I just never expected to find it. A few years ago, I found it while cleaning
the windows. I knocked over some of your books, and there they were. And they're very good, too. You have good
taste." She gave me a saucy smile. "Mom, stop!" I couldn't believe this!

"Hush, Prakash. They're very useful, and you know it, too. No use trying to act innocent in front of me! I've been
around for a lot longer than you, you know. I'll bet you didn't know that I posed for some magazines when you were

What? Mom in fuck-books? My head was spinning... "No, mom."

"I have them in my room still... I think it's time that you saw them."

"Mom, I don't think I should..." I stammered. But inside I was boiling with lust. I was going to see my mom in a porno

"Honey, can you help me? They're up in the bedroom closet..."

"I leaped up from my bed, then thought better and slowed down a bit. Entering my mom's bedroom hesitantly, I saw her
straining upwards, reaching for something on the top shelf of her closet. The sweatshirt came up with her arms, and the
full glory of her tightened ass and long legs was exposed to me. It was better than I had ever imagined! She still had
some tan lines from summer, and I gawked at her lower body until she turned around, showing me again her thick but
slightly trimmed public hair. She noticed me staring, started to pull her sweatshirt down, then chuckled. ...

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