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Experiences of Suju

Let me introduce myself. My name is Sujith and I am called Suju at home. I turned 17 four months back. I come from an affluent Brahmin family from South India. My Father is 50 years of age and is working in an oil company in Saudi Arabia. He comes to our place every two years. I have one elder sister Savitha and she is 23 years of age and she is married to a businessman in the Gulf state of Bahrain. My sister is staying in her husband's house as he is in Bahrain. My sister looks exactly like my Mother and she has a daughter of 3 years of age. My Mother is 42 years of age, 5 "7 in height, very fair (like most Brahmin ladies) and has got a fine figure. Although she is 42, she looks around 35 years of age only.

Now I will tell you about some interesting and strange events that occurred in my life in the recent past. I started growing tiny hairs on my pubic region around two years back and my cock also started growing thicker and rounder. I have a rather long cock (I picked up the word cock from school) for a boy of my age. It is nearly six inches in length when fully erect. Nowadays I get hard erection and each time it happens it has been a great source of curiosity for me. Yet I did not know much about sex. Recently I was introduced to the wonderful joys of sex by people vary close to me, i.e. my blood relatives.

As I have told you before, my Mother is a very beautiful woman. She is very very fair with a curvaceous body and she always wears plain dark thin sarees to accentuate her fairness and beauty. She always wears her saree below her navel. She looks very attractive in her saree. Her saree clings to her body, exposing the shape of her big well rounded breasts and the projecting size of her big buttocks. Whenever she bends to pick up something her big round buttocks come into full view, showing the outline of her panties. I was always fascinated by this scene. Sometimes the border of her saree will fall down from her front, exposing her big, rounded breasts. All this brought a strange and wicked desire in me - to see my own Mother naked in all her glory. I used to wonder how and when I am going to fulfill my desire.

In my house I used to study upstairs. We have two separate rooms there connected by a common bathroom. Normally I study up to 9 PM, then have food, watch TV for sometime, and generally go to bed at around 10.30 PM. My Mother used to sleep downstairs.

Some weeks back my sister Savitha came to our house from her husband's house, to spend some days, with her daughter. She took the room adjoining my room. It was a Friday evening and the next two days were holidays for me. As I told you, the two upstairs rooms were connected by a common bathroom, so the person using the room should close both the bathroom doors, otherwise the other person may accidentally come in. That day, around 10.15 PM we all went to sleep.

I normally sleeps in my pyjamas, nothing else. I must have slept for about an hour. The I woke up. I thought I heard some noises. The I saw that the bathroom lights were not switched off. I thought I must have forgotten to switch it off. I also had an urgent need to pass urine. So I walked into the bathroom and opened the door. The sight that greeted me was shocking. My elder sister Savitha was sitting in the closet. Her pale blue night gown was tucked up to her waist exposing her legs and milky white thighs. I could see the black curly hairs in her cunt. She was shocked and surprised. Her face got ashen, she instinctively brought her gown down and put her hand on her mouth in astonishment. My elder sister was obviously taking a pee. I also was very embarrassed. I hung my head in shame.

"I am sorry Akka (elder sister), I didn't knew that you were here", I told her.

"It is OK Suju, I really should have locked the door, it is my fault", she said. "Give me a minute, let me finish, then you can use the toilet" she continued.

I went to my room and waited. After some time, Savitha opened the door, called me in and went out. I went in and found that she had left a pack of napkins in the bathroom. I finished my pee and went straight to her room with the napkins in my hand.

"Akka, you have forgotten this, what is this for?", I asked my elder sister. She replied that she was having her period for the past few days and was almost finished now. I had heard about periods and napkins and their use, but pretending not to, I asked her "Akka, what is periods?"

"Come Suju, sit in my bed and I will tell you all about periods and sex", she said. Eager expectation filled me. Her daughter was sound asleep. Savitha was lying down on the bed. She told me to lie down by her side. She then told me about the women's body and its functions. She told me about breasts and finally about the vagina. She also told me about the other words for vagina, i.e. cunt and pussy. I was really enlightened. I hugged my sister Savitha and kissed her on her cheeks.

"Akka, you are lovely. Thanks for telling me about sex", I said to her. "Akka, you have large, round thighs and your breasts are also large and round. Are you wearing a bra?", I asked her.

"Suju, what are you talking about?", "Have you no shame to speak to your elder sister like this", she playfully scolded me.

"Akka, can I please touch your breasts?", I asked her.

"Only for some time, Suju", she agreed.

I placed both my slightly shivering hands on her breasts and started pressing them. They felt very good to squeeze. My sister was enjoying it. She closed her eyes and bit her lips. Her face was getting crimson in colour.

"Suju, enough for now, got to sleep", she said. "It is well past midnight. I will show you something very interesting tomorrow", my sister said.

The next night, I was more than eager to reach my sister's room when we retired to sleep. Savitha showed me a foreign sex album. I was seeing the sex album for the very first time. I showed a young girl and a boy, fully naked, in various poses of intercourse. I could see the curly hairs in the cunt of the girl in the album. I got excited easily and my cock rose inside my pyjamas.

"Oh, Oh, what have we got here?" playfully asking, my sister Savitha put her hand over my cock and squeezed lightly. My cock throbbed inside her hand. Savitha sat on the edge of the bed and drew me closer to her. She then bent her head and took my cock in her mouth. Slowly she moved her mouth up and down on my cock, sucking wetly at the same time. I cannot describe the sensations I felt on my cock, when my sister Savitha sucked wetly on my cock. I was thrilled and some strange sensations began to happen inside me. My sister then stopped her sucking and stood up. She then removed her night gown. My sister stood before me, clad only in bra and panties.

"Suju, squeeze my breasts" Savitha said. I also stood up and started squeezing my sister's breasts. It felt like soft satin. "Suju, squeeze harder" Savitha said. I obeyed and began squeezing my sister's breasts harder. Savitha began moaning lightly. After some time, she removed her bra and her milky white breasts came into full view. It was a momentous occasion in my life. I was on the verge of a full fledged sexual encounter in my life. I put my mouth on her left breast and started sucking her nipple. At the same time, I put my right hand on her right breast and squeezed. My sister was enjoying what I was doing. She pressed my face closer to her breast and moaned.

"Akka, please show me your cunt", I requested my sister.

"OK, Suju", she agreed and put her hand on the elastic of her panties and pulled them down. Oh, it was the first time I am seeing a naked woman in her flesh and that too my own sister. I kneeled down and took hold of my sister's buttocks and pressed my face on to her cunt. I pressed my nose onto her cunt and inhaled the sweet smell of my sister's cunt.

"Suju, lick me there", Savitha said. I licked gladly. After licking and sucking my sister's cunt for some time, she stopped me and laid herself on her back on the bed and spread her thighs. I saw a lot of hair on her cunt and her pink clitoris protruding from the top of her cunt lips.

"Come on Suju, lie on top of me, I will show you the fine art of fucking", my sister said to me.

I climbed on top of her. My erect cock was pressing down on her thighs. Savitha spread her highs even wider and took hold of my cock. She then placed it on her cuntal opening and pressed my buttocks down with both her hands. It went in one push. Yes, my cock went inside my own sister's sweet cunt. Oh!! What a sensation it was!!.

"Suju, push it in and out, this is called fucking" my sister said. I steadied myself into a rhythm and started pushing and pulling my cock inside my sister's cunt. Soon I couldn't control myself. My cock spurted a lot of semen into my sister's cunt. This was my first discharge. My first discharge was inside my own sister's cunt.

My sister went into the bathroom, cleaned herself and came back. I went next, passed a lot of urine, cleaned my cock and came back. I then proceeded to lie down beside my sister, caressing each other lovingly. After a little while, my cock again stood up. My sister Savitha immediately took it inside her mouth and sucked it to a full hardon. She was ready. This time my sister climbed on top of me and we fucked this time for about ten minutes and this time my sister climaxed on top of me, squirming and moaning. Thus I was initiated to the wonderful world of sex by my own sister, Savitha. My late night fucking sessions with my elder sister Savitha continued for about three weeks , by the time I had mastered the fine art of fucking. When at last my sister had to go back to her husband's parents house, I was frustrated and I turned my attention towards my own sweet Mother. How I succeeded in fucking my own Mother, I will narrate in the next part.

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