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Type 000000* on an Alcatel to see how muchthe battery is discharged.
Alcatel: ###337*07# - Phone restarts itself.
Alcatel One Touch Easy
Enter 000000 then press *
Secret Menu Appears
TRACES channel indicator menus
VIDER ARRETS Press OK and the phone responds: This action is executed!
CTRL CHARGE It show the charger voltage and battery voltage.
DAMIER display test
The Master Code for "MENU code" and "Prod. code" of the Alcatel One Touch Easy is 25228353.
I Know version V13 and V14 showed at the end of the*#06#. In the version V13, a new thing is that it is showed a "-" at the end of the line in the display for long words.
From the secret menu top level (OK to step down, NO to step up):
TRACES ("channels")
RESEAU ("network", "cell")
xxxx rr aa bb cc yyyy where:
xxxx is the n. of channel (1-128) you are connected to
rr is the reception level (dB uV/m ?)
aa, bb, cc ???
yyyy is the LAC=Local Area Code identifier (exadecimal)
RSSI ???
XXXX RR xxxx rr xxxxrr .... (more values with lateral
up-down keys)
as before, the first pair idetifies the channel used at
the moment (usually the most powerful), while the other ones
are constantly monitored
BSIC ???
XXXX QQ xxxx qq xxxx qq
It is referred to the quality of transmission (basedon
BER). When it becomes negative an other cell is selected, with
the highest value. First pair is referred to the channel
used at the moment.
it seems to give the same information as C1, with some
more 0 or 9 ...
ARRETS ("stops")
last turn off codes of the mobile phone are reported, with the
most recent on top identified by the symbol ">". Meaning of the (known)
46: manual switch off (long pressure of the OK key)
44: programmed switch off (with the timer facility)
43: self switch off caused by battery expiry
10: sudden switch of caused by...

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