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about ur phone

About ur phone !!

Please vote with 10 points for this site , if you enjoy the secret of mobile codes and more...
It would be great if it became site of the weekin the future
*#0000# to find out software version.*#06# to find imei number.
To hard reset *#7370# default code 12345,
To restore factory settings, keeping contacts, progs that installed, themes txt msgs etc *#7780# default code 12345.
Switch your phone off. Switch on again and press and hold the green key, the 3 key, and the star * key. That will format your phone.
Press and hold menu key to view open apps. Use the cancel key (c) to close an app.
When downloading a file and you get just notes, without closing the note on screen, use file manager and go to d/ system/ temp/. File is there, ready to install or copy.
If you are trying to send a sis file with file manager, but cant. Just rename the extension ''.sis'' to ''.si'' or ''.sis_'' and then send it.
*#7370925538# resets wallet code but be warned, you will lose all the stuff in wallet.
Access sim numbers quickly by dialing 2 digit number followed by the# key, ''example: 45#'', puts no. from that sim location on screen.
To have your messages saved on memory card. go to message, options, settings and then other and change the memory in use to memory card. For phones without this function download and install msgdrive from hibaru wap site or nokia software section from this site.
Turn on/off the click sound made by the camera by selecting the 'Silent' profile or by turning warning tones on/off: (Menu Profiles select your activated profile Personalize Warning tones On/Off.) This also effects the sound of Java games andapps.
The best size for background images is 174x132 pixels.
Display an image when someone's calling: Menu, Contacts, select a contact card, Options, Edit, Options, Add thumbnail, choose an image. Or you can use fscaller.
If you have your keylock activated just press the on/off button to turn on your back light to look at the time when it's dark without having to unlock the keypad.
To HIDE an app.
1. Using File manager
2. Go to *:/System/Apps. Highlight the application you wanna hide. eg: smart movie
3. Press option, and set selected directory attribute hidden to on(choose Set Attr).Wait for a few seconds, the smart movie icon will be gone!
Lets say you come across a web page wit a lot useful txt that you want to save or sms or email or mms or what ever this is what you do...Using default browser.. Go to the page, choose options, Advanced options, Save. Then go toc:/system/data/saveddecks and find it (by opening files orchecking the time created) then copy that file to some where else.. Rename it with a .txt extension.. Then open it and save. Go to Menu, Organizser, Notes and u will see the saved note. Open it and u will see all the txt. highlight and copy the notes u want and paste in a new messege.
In calendar pressing * button will take you to alternate views ie: week view, day view, month view. Press # key, bringsyou back to todays date.
If u have installed Msgdrive to make your mmc as default receiver(blue tooth, iRda,infrared,msg..) , and now you want to make again your phone memory the default receiver, power of, remove the mmc, power on the phone, power off, put the mmc, power on and thats it! If u want 2 use again the mmc as receiver, open the Msgdrive again.
For sending java files (.jar) - use PROFIexplorer.
info from prodigits

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