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How to type faster using T9?

How to use T9 on mobile:

T9 or "Text on 9 keys" is a predictive text system that can make your typing on mobile phones much less painful, fast and correct. In contrast to the multi-tap method used on most phones, you only have to press the number key once with the T9 method, and it will guess which word you meant to type by using a dictionary lookup. T9 comes pre installed for most phones.
* Choose the T9 Mode. In the "Options" menu, choose T9 for text messaging instead of the multi-tap method. Make sure your phone has T9 or predictive text feature.
* For example, we will use messaging. Start a new text message, and press the number key for each corresponding letter once. Typically, you would have to press the number key "2" twice for the letter "b" but when you use T9, you only need to press it once. The word the T9 text messaging system associates with the number combination you enter will not appear sometimes until you have typed the entire word. So be patient.
* Confirm that the correct word is displayed. If not, press the "Next" key to cycle through other possible matches. If your word is not in the list of possible matches, check that you spelled the word correctly. The "Next" key is usually the down arrow, "*", "+," "0," or "1" key.
* Feed an unknown word to T9 dictionary. This may be necessary for some names, names of places, proper nouns or normal words that just aren't in the T9 dictionary. To enter the word into the dictionary, you'll have to switch back to the conventional multi-tap method, but once you enter the word into the T9 dictionary, you can use the T9 method and the word will be available.
* Alternate way of entering a new word to T9 dictionary is to enter any gibberish (meaningless text) in T9 mode till the T9 does not recognize it and presents an option called "Spell". When it does, click it and enter the word.

> choose T9 mode...
* to type "hello", press '43556'
* to type "Rejected", press '73532833', then keep pressing the "Next" key till you get "Rejected".
* Typing email address, web site names or anything like that can be most painful on mobile. You can use the "Spell" feature to add it to dictionary. After it is added, type it like a normal T9 word (one key per character) using '1' key for each symbol.

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