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Android Phone Tricks !

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R a k e s h k h u d i a
Top 25 Android Hacks
for Noobs
1. Take a screenshot
If you're using Android 4.0 or above you
can simple press the power and volume-
down buttons simultaneously. The
screenshot will be saved into your photo
gallery. If you're on and older Android
device try out this app "No Root
Screenshot It".
2. What's killing your battery?
Go to Settings->Battery Usage - from there
you see which apps & services are using
the most juice. If it's your Screen, try
turning down the brightness some. If it's
an app, tap it and then "Force Stop" it.
3. Super easy multitasking
- Hold down your phone's Home button
and a window will pop up with recently
opened apps.
4. Home screen clean up
- You can create a new folder on your
home screen by tapping and holding an
open space. When the menu pops up
select Folders > New Folder. A new folder
will appear on your home screen. You can
now drag apps into it.
5. Keep tabs on your data usage
- Some people have unlimited data plans
but for the rest of us it's something to
keep an eye on. Ice Cream Sandwich
(Android 4.0) has a built-in meter. Just
head over to "Settings and then Data
Usage". For Android versions before 4.0
you can grab a free app like Onavo that
does similar.
6. Customize your screen lock
- Depending on your device you can setup
Face Unlock, Fingerprint scan, Pin #,
Pattern or none. To do this go to Settings >
Location & Security > Set up screen lock.
7. Easter Eggs
This isn't so much useful as fun but if you
are on Android 4.0 and above go to
Settings>About Phone and tap on the
"Android version" button several times.
You she see something kinda cool at this
8. Boost performance of Apps
If you're using Android 4.0 or above go to
Settings > Applications > Development and
tap the 'Force On' toggle. Beware this can
break some apps. If so simple disable this.
9. Get your device id
This may be obvious to some but to others
it is not. Occasionally you may need this
for app development, support with various
apps, carriers and / or phone
manufacturer. To find your device ID go to
Settings -> About Phone -> Status and look
for either IMEI, MEID or GSN.
10. Get wallpapers off the internet
Long-pressing on any image in the web
browser will let you set it as your device's
11. Disable an app's notifications
In Android 4.1 and above you can now
disable notifications from the App Info
screen. Go to Settings > Apps and then
select the app for which you want to
disable notifications. Tap on the check
mark box next to Show Notifications and
accept the warning.
12. Which version is which name?
Android 1.5 = Cupcake
Android 1.6 = Donut
Android 2.0 / 2.1 = Eclair
Android 2.2.x = Froyo
Android 2.3.x = Gingerbread
Android 3.x = Honeycomb
Android 4.0.x = Ice Cream Sandwich
Android 4.1.x = Jelly Bean
Android 4.2.x = Jelly Bean
13. Which Android version is yours?
This may be obvious to some but for
others maybe not. Simply go to Settings >
About Phone > Android version
14. More Camera Options
The little kitchen timer icon in the Camera
app hides a lot of options: metering mode,
ISO, color effects… it’s not just for focus
and exposure settings!
15. Access Your Contacts anywhere
Assuming you have linked your phone to
your Google account you view them from a
computer by going to­
16. Remove Items From Search History
For results in your search history (the ones
with a little clock on the left), long-press
any to get an option to remove it from
your history.
17. Speed up web browsing
Go to Browser > Settings > Advanced and
change 'Enable plug-ins' to 'On demand'.
This will stop auto playing flash files from
starting automatically slowing down your
mobile web surfing. You can also open the
Browser Debug by typing 'about:debug'
into the address bar. Not go to Browser >
Settings and turn off OpenGL rendering.
Success varies from site to site.

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