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To see the letter "A" in
your dream, represents
superiority. You are
moving on to something
new and grand.
Alternatively, it may
indicate the name or
initial of a person.
To dream that you are
abandoned, suggests
that it is time to leave
behind past feelings and
characteristics that are
hindering your own
growth. Let go of your
old attitudes. A more
direct and literal
interpretation of this
dream is that you have a
fear of being deserted,
abandoned, or even
betrayed. Do you feel
that people are
neglecting your feelings?
Dreaming that you are
abandoned, may stem
from a recent loss or a
fear of losing a loved one.
The fear of
abandonment may
manifest itself into your
dream and is part of the
healing process of dealing
with losing a loved one. It
may also stem from
unresolved feelings or
problems from childhood.
To abandon others in
your dream, suggests
that you are
overwhelmed by the
problems and decisions in
your life.
To see an abbey in your
dream, signifies
spirituality, peace of mind
and freedom from
anxiety. You are in a
state of contentment
and satisfaction. Help for
you is always around the
To see an abbey in ruins,
foretells that your hopes
and schemes will fall into
failure and incompletion.
To see your abdomen in
a dream, refers to your
natural instincts and
repressed emotions. This
symbol may also have a
strictly physiological
factor where you may be
experiencing constipation
or indigestion.
Emotionally, seeing your
abdomen in your dream
may imply something in
your real life that you
"cannot stomach" or
have difficulties
accepting You want to
get it out of your
To dream that you
abdomen is exposed,
signifies trust and
vulnerability. You may be
expressing a desire to
express your primal
To dream of being
abducted, indicates that
you are being controlled
by your circumstances or
by someone.
To dream about
witnessing an abduction,
foretells of unexpected
To dream that you abhor
a person, suggests your
waking dislike for some
person. You feel that this
person has been acting in
a less than honorable
To dream that you are
being abhorred by others,
symbolizes that your
good intentions to others
will subside into
To dream of being
abject, signifies financial
changes. If the
abjectness altered at
some point in the dream,
then the consequences
will only be temporary.
However, if during your
dream, you respond
amicably to an abject
situation, then you will
experience substantial
financial benefits.
dream of abnormal
things, indicates that you
will soon come to a
sound solution to
problems that you have
been preoccupied with in
your mind. Anything
appearing abnormal
draws attention to that
particular aspect.
Something in your life
may not be consistent
with how you feel things
should be.
To dream that you can't
find your abode,
symbolizes your loss of
faith in the integrity of
To dream that you have
no abode in your dreams,
signifies misfortune and
Abominable Snowman
*Please See Yeti.
To see an Aborigine in
your dream, represents
both your untamed,
natural self and your
innocent side. You need
to be more in touch with
your natural intuition and
forces. It also suggests
that you are being
overindulgent or overly
emotional. You may be
harming yourself and
jeopardizing your well-
being due to your
To dream that you have
an abortion, suggests
that you are hindering
and blocking your own
growth. You may be
hesitant in pursuing a
new direction in your life.
The dream may also be a
reflection of your own
real-life abortion. And
thus serve as a way of
healing from the trauma
and working towards
This dream may also be
a message for you to
take care and look after
your health.
**See The Meaning In
Action: "Boiling A Rabbit"
To see something above
you in your dream,
suggests that you need
to set your goals higher.
To dream of being or
going abroad, indicates an
unbalance and chaos to
your current situation
and condition.
Consequently, you the
dream represents you
need for change in
scenery. Alternatively,
you may need to expand
your horizons and make
some drastic changes in
your life. You are
experiencing a new sense
of spirituality. Lastly, the
dream could also indicate
a new to escape a
current situation.
To dream that someone
is absent, especially if
you expect to find them,
suggests that you are
looking for something
that is already lost to
you. Alternatively, you
may be looking to feel a
To dream that you have
an abscess, suggests
that something need to
be expressed.
*Please see Sores.
For a man to dream of
absconding, indicates
fraud and possible deceit
from co-workers.
For a woman to dream of
absconding, forewarns
that she should be
careful of falling in love to
quickly. Be cautious of
whom and where you
devote your affections.
To be absorbed in
whatever you are doing,
suggests that you may
be too focused on your
own thing and risk
alienating others around
you. The dream may also
be a metaphor to denote
your ability to integrate
and adapt to your various
To dream that you
practice abstinence from
drinking, sex or any other
sort of sensual
temptation, is a warning
against being over
confidant. You need to
take things more slowly.
To dream of having a
great abundance of a
certain item,
is a warning to conserve
your resources and
To dream of having a
great abundance of a
wide variety of things,
foretells a future of
comfort, happiness, and
To dream you are
abusing someone,
foretells that you will
suffer repercussions
from friends toward
whom you have acted
less than honorable.
To dream you are being
verbally or physically
abused, forewarns that
you will fall into the
hands of an enemy.
To dream of an abyss,
signifies an obstacle that
you need to overcome in
your life. It may be
creating anxiety for you.
You are afraid and/or
uncertain as to what you
will discover about
yourself and your hidden
feelings and fears.
To dream that you are
falling into an abyss,
symbolizes the depths of
your unconscious. The
abyss may also
represent your primal
fears and feelings of
"falling into the pit of
despair" or fear of
"taking the plunge".
To dream of an
academy, signifies new
friendships and
To see an accelerator in
your dream, indicates
that you will achieve your
goals through you own
efforts. The dream may
also be telling you to
slow down.
To dream that the
accelerator is jammed or
broken, indicates a loss
of control in some aspect
of your life.
To dream about
acceptance, indicates
issues of self-esteem
and measuring up to the
expectations of others.
There is a waking
situation where you are
seeking acceptance and
wanting to be a part of.
To dream of
accessorizing yourself,
suggests that you are
feeling incomplete.
Something is missing in
your life.
To dream that you are in
an accident, signifies
pent up guilt and you are
sub-consciously punishing
yourself over it.
To dream of a car
accident, symbolizes your
emotional state. You may
be harboring deep
anxieties and fears. Are
you "driving" yourself too
hard? This dream may
tell you to slow down
before you hit disaster.
You need to rethink or re-
plan your course of
actions and set yourself
on a better path.
To dream that a loved
one dies in an accident,
indicates that something
in your own Self that is
no longer functional and
is "dead". It is also
symbolic of your own
relationship with that
person. Perhaps you need
to let go of this
Accident dreams may
also represent your
straightforward fears of
being an actual, physical
accident. You may be
simply nervous about
getting behind the wheel.
This dream may be a
clear warning to cautious
of approaching vehicles.
To dream that your are
an accomplice to a crime,
suggests that someone
in your waking life is
having a negative
influence on you. You may
be experiencing feelings
of guilt with something
that you have done.
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