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midnight dreams - Newest pictures Comics/Fantasy/Anime

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To dream that your are
hailing a cab, suggests
that you need to ask for
help in order to be able to
move forward in some
waking situation.
To see or eat cabbage in
your dream, suggests
that you should not
waste time with petty
things in your life. You live
and thrive on life's
To dream that you are in
or see a cabin in your
dream, indicates that you
succeed via your own
means. It suggests that
you are self-reliant and
independent, yet still
remain humble. You
prefer the simpler things
in life.
To see a cabinet in your
dream, symbolizes the
female body and/or the
womb. Alternatively, you
may be hiding some
family or personal secret.
Consider the contents
and condition of the
cabinet for more clues.
To dream that someone
rearranged your cabinets,
suggests that somebody
is overstepping your
To see a cable in your
dream, represents your
stamina and durability. If
the cable is frayed or
broken, then it signifies a
lack of strength.
To hear the sound of
cackling in your dream,
signifies illness and loss.
To see a cactus in your
dream, suggests that
you are feeling invaded.
Your space is being
crowded into and you
feel like you are being
suffocated. The prickly
spines of the cactus
represents your wish to
establish a boundary of
your personal space and
privacy. Perhaps you have
found yourself in a sticky
situation. Alternatively, a
cactus may be symbolic
of your need to defend
yourself in some way.
To see a cactus in your
dream can also signify
your need to adapt your
existing circumstances
instead of trying to
change them.
To see a caduceus in
your dream, symbolizes
health concerns. The
dream may be telling you
that you need to take
better care of yourself.
To dream that you are in
a cafeteria, denotes that
there may be a lot of
issues "eating" you up
To dream that you are in
a cage, denotes that you
are experiencing some
inhibitions and
powerlessness in some
areas of your life. You
may feel restricted,
confined and restrained in
a current relationship or
business deal. Somebody
may be keeping a short
leash on you where you
are lacking the freedom
to act independently.
To dream that you are
putting a wild animal into
a cage, signifies that you
will succeed in
overcoming your rivals
and fears. It is also
symbolic of you being
able to control you
animalistic rages and
To see a bird in a
cage, suggests that you
are feeling limited in your
expression and a sudden
lost of freedom. You may
be experiencing
frustrations and an
inhibited spirituality. The
dream may also imply
that you are feeling like a
"jail bird".
To see a cake in your
dream, indicates that you
need to learn to share
and allocate your
workload instead of
trying to do everything
yourself. Cakes also
symbolize selfishness or
the feeling of not getting
your fair share. More
positively, the dream
may represent your
accomplishments and
achievements. Consider
also the metaphor a
"piece of cake" or some
situation that is easy.
To see a partially eaten
cake in your dream,
signifies missed and lost
To dream that you are
buying a cake, suggests
that you have accepted
the rewards and
recognition your are
getting for our work. You
are learning to be
comfortable in the
To see a calculator in
your dream, suggests
that you need to
thoroughly think through
some problem and
carefully evaluate your
choices. You need to lay
out some sort of plan or
outline. The symbol may
also be a metaphor for
someone who is
calculating, cunning and
To see a calendar in your
dream, represents the
passing of time and past
events. The dream may
also be a reminder of an
event in your waking life.
To see a calf in your
dream, symbolizes
immaturity and
inexperience. You need to
develop certain qualities.
To dream that you are
calm, denotes a fulfilling
life. You will find
contentment and
satisfaction in what you
To dream that someone
is trying to calm your
down, signifies that you
will experience many
setbacks if you continue
to let your emotions run
out of control.
To see calomel in your
dream, forewarns that a
rival will be the main
cause of your distress
and unhappiness.
To dream that you are
drinking calomel tea,
signifies that you are
being manipulated and
used by your lover. It is
time to open your eyes
and do not allow
yourself to be stepped
To see your calves in
your dream, symbolizes
movement and your
ability to jump from
situation to situation.
To dream that you are
admiring your own
calves, foretells that you
will soon enter into a love
relationship with
someone who may be
too needy and dependent
on you.
*Please See Video
To see a camel in your
dream, denotes that you
need to be more
conservative; you are
carrying too many
problems on your
shoulders. You tend to
hold on and cling on to
your emotions instead of
expressing and releasing
them. You need to learn
to forgive and forget.
Alternatively, it
represents you potential
for handling big problems,
responsibilities, and
To see a camera in your
dream, signifies your
desires to cling on and/or
live in the past.
Alternatively, it may
represent you need to
focus on a particular
situation. Perhaps you
need to get a clearer
picture or idea.
To dream that you are in
camouflage, suggests
that you are hiding your
true self and feelings.
You are hiding who you
really are.
To dream that you are
living in a camper,
indicates that you need
to move on with regards
to some aspect of your
life. You may be dwelling
on a situation and it is
time to move forward.
Alternatively, you may be
expressing your desire to
be more independent and
To start or see a
campfire in your dream,
represents sharing and
your need for
companionship. You need
to open yourself to
others and allow others
to get to know you.
To dream that you are
camping, suggests your
need for relaxation and a
long-deserved break. You
may be looking to be
more in touch with
nature and for a simpler
life. Alternatively, it
refers to your social circle
and support group. You
need to have a sense of
belonging, but at the
same time be self-
sufficient and
To dream that you are
on a campus, indicates
your need to expand your
thinking/knowledge and
challenge yourself
To see a can in your
dream, indicates that
there is something in
your past that you need
to hold on to and
preserve. The dream
may also be a pun on
how you "can" do
something. Don't
underestimate your
abilities and talents.
To see a canal in your
dream, suggests that
you are unyielding in your
thinking and beliefs,
which may hinder you in
the pursuit of your goals.
You are showing too
much restraint.
Can Opener
To see a can opener in
your dream, indicates you
willingness to accept
new ideas/concepts. It
may also be a symbol of
reassurance and way to
tell yourself that "I can"
do something.
To see a canary in your
dream, represents
happiness and harmony.
To dream that you have
cancer, denotes
hopelessness, grief, self-
pity, and unforgiveness.
You feel you are wasting
your life away. This
dream also represents
areas in your life which
are bothering you,
disturbing you, and
hurting you in some
emotional way.
To dream that someone
has cancer, indicates that
you need to change your
negative way of thinking
before it creates a cancer
in you. Start being more
To see a burning candle in
your dream, signifies
that good luck and hope
will be coming your way
in small and steady
amounts. You are in a
comfortable stage in
your life and may be
seeking spiritual
enlightenment. Lit
candles are also symbolic
of intellect,
awareness or the search
for truth.
To see an unlit candle,
denotes that you have
feelings or rejection or
disappointments. You are
not utilizing your fullest
To see a candle blow out
in your dream, indicates
that you are surrendering
a significant aspect of
yourself. You are letting
go of ...

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