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pravs j follow your dream - Newest pictures

· · · ◦DđÐ◦ · · ·

To see daffodils in your
dream, symbolizes
renewal, inner growth,
optimism, inspiration, and
To dream of being
attacked by someone
with a dagger, warns of
physical injury from an
enemy or a mugger. You
may feel that you have
been stabbed in the back
by somebody.
To dream that you take
a dagger from
somebody's hand, means
you will overcome
hardships and
To see dahlias in a
dream, signifies good
fortune in financial
To see dahlias that are
dying and wilting,
signifies loss and sorrow.
To dream that you are in
a dairy, is a good omen.
Much fortune will come
your way and you will
never be without the
basic necessities in life.
To see daisies in your
dream, symbolizes
freshness, beauty,
innocence, simplicity,
friendliness, and
To dream that someone
gives you a bouquet of
daisies, symbolizes
sorrow and/or lost love.
To dream of walking in a
field of daisies,
represents good luck and
prosperity. Someone will
be there to offer you a
helping hand and guidance
for your problems.
To see a Dalmatian in
you dream, suggests
that you tend to overlook
your own feelings and
tend to the needs of
others. You are a people
To see a dam in your
dream, signifies
repressed emotions or
feelings that needs to be
released. To dream of a
bursting dam, denotes
that you have lost
control of your anger and
are overwhelmed with
Damask Rose
To see a damask
rosebush growing in the
wild, foretells of a
wedding in the family.
To dream that you
receive a bouquet of
damask rose, foretells
that you will find a
faithful and true lover.
For a woman, to dream
that you receive a
damask rose and places
it in her hair, signifies
that she will be deceived
by someone who she
thought was a good
To see a damson tree
full with fruit in your
dream, signifies riches
and that you will be well-
To dream that you are
picking the plums out of
the damson tree and
eating them, signifies
that you will experience
some loss and sorrow. A
dark cloud will hover over
To dream that you are
dancing, signifies
freedom from
constraints and
.harmony/balance with
yourself. You are working
in cooperation with
yourself. It also
represents frivolity,
happiness, gracefulness,
sensuality and sexual
desires. Alternatively, it
may signify intimacy and
a union of the masculine
and feminine aspects of
To dream that you are
attending or going to a
dance, indicates a
celebration and your
attempts to achieve
happiness. Consider the
phrase the "dance of life"
which suggests creation,
ecstasy, and going with
what life has to offer
To see children dancing in
your dream, signifies
that you will have a
comfortable home, and
healthy, well-behaved
children in the future.
To see ritualistic dancing
in your dream, denotes
your need to get in touch
with the spirit within..
Dance Recital
To see a dance recital in
your dream, signifies
that you will be moving
to another place to live.
To dream that you
participate in a dance
recital, signifies that you
will be in conflict with
your co-workers or
To see dandelions in your
dream, foretells of
pleasurable surroundings
and joyous future for you
and your lover.
To dream that you are
eating dandelions,
signifies that you need to
take better care of your
health or suffer ill
To dream that you have
dandruff, indicates that
you are misusing your
energy. You may have
been under a lot of
stress and tension. You
should rethink the way
you are approaching any
of your current problems.
Alternatively, this dream
may suggest a lack of
To dream that you are in
danger and are wounded
or killed, signifies
substantial losses in
business and
discouraging prospects in
love. You need to be more
cautious in some aspect
of your life.
To dream that you
escape from danger,
signifies that you will rise
to a place of high position
and honor in your
business and social circle.
To dream that darkness
comes upon you, signifies
failure in work you may
attempt. Darkness is
synonymous with
ignorance, the
unconscious, evil, death,
and fear of the unknown.
If the sun breaks
through the darkness,
then you will overcome
your failures. If you feel
safe in the dark, then it
suggests that you like
not knowing about
certain things. As some
might say, ignorance is
To dream that you
cannot find someone in
the darkness, signifies
that you need to keep
your temper in check. You
have the tendency to let
your emotions get out of
control and lose your
To dream that you are
lost in the darkness,
denotes feelings of
desperation, depression,
or insecurity.
To dream that you are
groping around in the
darkness, indicates that
you have insufficient
information to make a
clear decision. Do your
research and do not rush
into making choices.
To dream that you are in
darkroom, suggests
that you are waiting for
something to happen or
to see what might
develop in a situation.
To see a dartboard in
your dream, indicates
that you are feeling
hostility from someone.
You need to express your
anger and feelings more
directly. Alternatively, the
dartboard may symbolize
a goal that you are
aiming for. You need to
try and take a shot at
something new and
overcome your fear of
To dream that you are
throwing darts in your
dream, refers to some
hurtful or harmful
remarks that you or
someone have said.
Alternatively, it
represents your goals
and your "go-getter"
To dream that you are
on a date, suggests that
you are getting to know
some hidden aspects of
yourself. You are
acknowledging your
hidden talents.
Alternatively, it may
reflect your anxieties
about dating or finding
To dream that you are
on a date, represents
you need for self-
discovery and self-
awareness. The dream
may also be a "rehearsal"
for an actual date you
have. It serves to
overcome anxieties you
may have.
To see plump ripe dates
growing on a tree,
signifies that the next
few days will be happy
occasions. Take this time
to relax and find peace of
To dream that you are
eating dates, signifies
distress. You are never
happy with what you
have. You are always
concern with you wants
and trying to acquiring
these material things.
To see your daughter in
your dream, represents
your waking relationship
with your daughter and
the qualities that she
projects. If you do not
have a daughter, then it
symbolizes the feminine
aspect within yourself.
To see your daughter-in-
law in your dream,
signifies that an unusual
and unexpected incident
will either give you much
happiness or distress,
depending on her
demeanor in your dream.
To see the dawn in your
dream, signifies
enlightenment, and
vitality. You may be
emerging out of a new
stage in life, possess a
new understanding, or
have a new start in life
To dream of a sunny
day, symbolizes clarity
and/or pleasantness. You
are seeing things clearly.
To dream of a gloomy or
cloudy day, signifies
sadness. If you dream of
a particular day, then you
may need to look closely
at that day for any
significance. Consider the
number associated with
that day. A certain date
could highlight a special
anniversary, appointment
or occasion.
To dream of the passing
of a day, indicates that
you need to manage your
time better and plot out
.goals in a more
deliberate manner.
To dream that the day
breaks, signifies success
in your projects and
To see the dead in your
dream, forewarns that
you are being influenced
by negative people and
are hanging around the
wrong crowd. You may
suffer material loss. This
dream may also be a
way for you to resolve
your feelings with those
who have passed on.
If you dream of a person
who has died a long time
ago, then it suggests
that a current situation
or relationship in you life
resembles the quality of
that deceased person.
The dream may depict
how you need to let this
situation or relationship
die and end it.
To see and talk with
your dead parents in your
dreams, represents your
fears of losing them or
your way of coping with
the loss. You ...

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