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To see an eagle in your
dream, symbolizes
nobility, pride, fierceness,
freedom, superiority,
courage, and powerful
intellectual ability. Eagles
also indicate self-
renewal. You will struggle
fiercely and courageously
to realize your highest
ambitions and greatest
To see an eagle chained
down in your dream,
represents a desperate
situation where you are
feeling restricted and
confined. You are unable
to express yourself and
be who you really want
to be. Consider also what
the eagle is chained down
to for additional clues as
to what might be holding
you back.
To see a nest of young
eagles in your dream,
signifies your
advancement up to the
top of the social ladder.
To dream that you killed
an eagle, signifies your
ruthlessness. You will let
nothing stand in your
way of ambitions and
obtaining your goals,
even if it means hurting
those around you. If
someone else kills an
eagle, then it indicates
that your fame, fortune
and power will be
ruthlessly taken from
To dream that you eat
the flesh of an eagle,
shows that your strong
and powerful character
will lead you to great
wealth and influence.
*Please see Headphones.
To see ears in your
dreams, suggests that
you need to be more
responsive or receptive
to guidance and
assistance from others.
You may be relying too
much on your own
judgment and intuition.
You need to listen more
closely to what you are
being told. Alternatively,
it signifies your
immaturity and lack of
To dream that you are
cleaning wax from your
ears, suggests that you
are not listening to those
around you. There may
be something that you
are refusing to hear. Are
you turning a deaf ear?
To dream of pain in your
ear, indicates that you
will be receive some bad
or offensive news.
To dream that you or
someone is wearing
earrings, suggests that
you need to listen more
carefully and pay
To see broken earrings in
your dreams, suggests
that you are being talked
To dream that you are
buying earrings,
represents your desire
for acceptance and
To see the earth in your
dream, signifies
wholeness and global
consciousness. It may
also symbolize the sense
of being "grounded" and
your need to be realistic.
To dream of an
earthquake, suggests
that you are experiencing
a major "shake-up" that
is threatening your
stability and foundation.
The dream highlights you
insecurity, fears and
sense of helplessness. If
you find cover from the
quake, you will overcome
these challenges. If you
become trapped or
injured during the quake,
you will suffer loss of
your business and
To see an earwig in your
dream, signifies
unpleasant news that
will affect you and your
business and family
To dream that you are
headed east, represents
inner wisdom and
spiritual enlightenment.
You need to devote or
dedicate yourself to your
family, career, etc. The
direction east also
symbolizes the sun. Since
east is related to the
direction right, it can
suggest that you are
headed in the right
To dream about Easter,
suggests that the worst
of your problems are
over. You will experience
joy again after a period
of darkness and sadness.
You need to walk with
your head held high and
stop being ashamed.
Alternatively, the dream
symbolizes resurrection
and spiritual rebirth.
Easter Egg
To see Easter eggs in
your dream, symbolizes
potential, bewilderment
and wonder. You need to
recognize that potential
and unleash it. The
dream may also be
symbolic with the
passage of time.
To dream that you are
eating alone, signifies
loss, loneliness, and
depression. You may feel
rejected, excluded, and
cut off from social/
family ties. Eating may be
a replacement for
companionship and
provide comfort for you.
Alternatively, eating
alone may reflect
independent needs. Also
consider the pun, "what's
eating you up?" in
reference to anxiety that
you may be feeling.
To dream that you are
eating with others,
denotes prosperous
undertakings, personal
gain, and joyous spirits.
To dream that you are
overeating or not eating
enough, signifies your
need and lack of
spirituality and fulfillment
in your waking life. Food
can represent love,
friendship, ambition, sex
or pleasure in your life.
Thus, food is seen as a
metaphor to fulfill and
gratify our hunger of love
and desires.
To dream that someone
clears away the food
before you finish eating,
foretells that you will
have problems and
issues from those
beneath your or
dependant upon you.
To dream of ebony
furniture or other articles
of ebony, signifies
distressing disputes,
grievances and quarrels
at home.
To dream of ebony
nights, signifies despair
and sadness.
To hear or make an echo
in your dream,
symbolizes your need to
repeat yourself in order
to be heard and for
others to believe you. You
should also pay attention
to the power and impact
of your own words. You
are waiting and hoping
for a reaction from those
around you. It is also
symbolic of the soul.
To dream of an eclipse of
the sun, indicates self-
doubt and fears of not
achieving your goals. You
are underestimating your
abilities and losing your
confidence. You may be
undergoing some difficult
times and unable to
remain optimistic.
To dream of an eclipse of
the moon, signifies that
some hidden aspect of
yourself is coming to the
To dream of feeling
ecstasy, signifies
happiness an much joy
with friends and family.
To dream of feeling
ecstasy in the wake a
disturbing dream,
signifies much sorrow
and disappointments. You
may be on the mend
from a broken heart.
To dream you are are
anxious to obtain an
education, symbolizes
your desire for
knowledge will put you
on a higher level than
your associates. You will
be distinguished amongst
your peers.
*Please also see School.
To see an eel in your
dream, indicates that you
have issues with
commitment. It also
means that you have
problems holding on to
To see or eat eggs in
your dream, symbolizes
fertility, birth and your
creative potential. It
indicates that something
new is about to happen.
To find a nest filled with
eggs in your dream,
signifies some financial
gain; the more abundant
and bigger the eggs, the
more significant the gain.
To see cracked or broken
eggs in your dream,
denotes that you will
suffer from many
disappointments and
misfortunes. It is
indicative of a fragile
state in your life and
feelings of vulnerability.
Alternatively, you may be
breaking out of your shell
and being comfortable
with who you are.
To see bright colored
eggs in your dream,
symbolizes celebration of
a happy event.
To dream of rotten eggs,
signifies loss. You may
have allowed some
situation to take a turn
for the worse.
To see fish eggs in your
dream, represents an
idea that has emerged
from your unconscious.
To dream of Egypt,
indicates the roots and
core of your own
emotions and spirituality.
It suggests of a time in
life where things may
have been simpler.
To dream that you are
ejaculating, represents
your need for release.
You can no longer contain
.either emotionally or
sexually. Alternatively, it
signifies a loss of control
and power.
* Please See Rubber Band
To see your own elbows
in your dream, indicates
that you need to make a
space for yourself. Your
dream may express
hesitance or fear in
creating your own space
for fear of being
To dream that your
elbow is wounded,
suggests your inability to
function in some waking
situation. It may also
refer to some sexual
anxiety. The right elbow
relate to moral and
ethical issues while the
left elbow represents
passiveness and your
To see elderberries in
your dream, symbolizes
domestic bliss and
To see an elderly person
in your dream,
represents wisdom or
spiritual power. Pay
attention to the
message or advise that
they are conveying you.
They help provide life
answers and solutions to
your problems and try to
guide you toward the
right direction.
To dream that you are at
an election, represents a
choice that you need to
make which may affect
Electric Guitar
To see or play an electric
guitar in your dream,
signifies the power and
strength of your ...

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