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To dream of reading
fables, represents your
literary mind and
romantic notions.
To dream that you are
living a fable, symbolizes
your need to face reality.
It is better to face a
situation head on then to
retreat into a fantasy
To see your own face in
your dream, denotes the
persona you choose to
show to the world as
oppose to the real you. It
may refer to
confrontations and your
willingness to deal with
problems and issues in
your life.
To dream that you face
is flawed or pimply,
represents erupting
emotions. You may have
suffered an attack on
your persona or your
To see a faceless figure
or person in your dream,
indicates that you are
still searching for your
own identity and finding
out who you are. Perhaps
you are unsure of how to
read people and their
emotions. And therefore
are expressing a desire
to know and understand
these people in a deeper
To dream that you have
a facelift, suggests that
you are seeking a new
self-identity and self-
image. You may have
experienced a surge in
your confidence levels.
Alternatively, it
symbolizes vanity and
you concerns about
appearances rather than
what is inside.
To dream that you are at
a factory, represents
repetitious thinking and
old way of doing things.
It is symbolic of
predictability and
unchanging habits.
To dream of failure,
signifies your fears of
inadequacy, low self-
esteem and foretells
that you are not applying
yourself to the fullest
potential. You are
overwhelmed with
anxiety and the pressure
to excel.
To dream that your
business is a failure,
signifies bad
management and that
you need to be more
aggressive and not let
fear rule you.
To dream that you are
fainting, suggests your
inability to confront some
unconscious issue or
feelings. You need to be
more aware and
acknowledge of those
To see a family member
faint in your dream,
signifies that you will
hear some indiscreet
activities from that
To dream that you are at
the fair, suggests that
you may be regressing
into your childhood where
times were simpler.
feel you can let your
inhibitions go and forget
about the cultural mores.
The dream may also be a
pun on fairness and being
fair in a situation or
To see a fairy in your
dream, indicates that you
are in search of some
help or advise for a
problem or decision, but
may not want to directly
admit you need help. In
particular, if the fairy is
evil, then it suggests
that an aspect of
yourself needs to be set
free. The fairy is also
symbolic of your soul and
the feminine qualities and
aspects of yourself.
Fairy Tale
To dream that you are a
character in a fairy tale,
suggests your need to be
rescued or to be swept
off your feet. It also
indicates that you are
exploring your limits and
trying to awaken your
fullest potential.
To dream that you are
reading a fairy tale,
indicates that you are a
romantic at heart.
To dream that you lover
is faithless, has an
opposite meaning that
your lover is faithful and
foretells of a happy
To dream that you
friends are faithless,
denotes that you are
held in high regards and
worthy esteem by them.
To see a fakir in your
dream, foretells of
phenomenal changes in
your life.
To see a falcon in your
dream, suggests that
you are focused in your
goals and aspirations.
To dream that you fall
and are not frightened,
signifies that you will
overcome your
adversities with ease.
To dream that you fall
and are frightened,
indicates a lack of
control, insecurity, and/or
lack of support in your
waking life. You may be
experiencing some major
struggle and/or
overwhelming problem. It
may denote that you
have failed to achieve a
goal that you have set
forth for yourself.
To dream that you are
free-falling through
water, indicates that you
are feeling overwhelmed
with emotions. You may
feel that it is easier to
give up then to try to
stay afloat or prevent
yourself from going
*For an in depth analysis,
click on Common Dreams:
dream that you have
fame, denotes unrealized
achievements or
disappointed aspirations.
It suggests your need to
be praised, acknowledged
or admired by those
around you.
To see famous people in
your dream, signifies an
increase to your
prosperity and honor.
To dream of famine,
signifies a negative turn
in business and in health.
This is generally a bad
To dream that you are
famished, foretells of a
failure in some endeavor
which you thought to be
a promising success.
To see your own family
in your dream,
represents security,
warmth and love.
Consider also the
significance of a
particular family member
or the relationship you
have with them.
To see a fan in your
dream, refers to the
changes in your life. It
may also signifies your
need to calm down after
a highly charged
emotional situation or
To dream that you are
fanning yourself or that
someone is fanning you,
represents your lack of
To see fangs in your
dream, indicates that you
have said some words
that have been hurtful to
To dream of a fantasy
world, may be a way for
your mind to highlight
what is normal.
Alternatively, the dream
may be telling you to
expand your thinking and
use your imagination and
creativity. Explore all your
options no matter how
strange or illogical it may
To dream that you are
paying a fare, represents
the price you need to pay
for success. You may be
putting your work or
ambition ahead of your
loved ones. The dream
may also be a pun on
"fair" or "fairness".
To dream that you are
saying farewell, foretells
of unpleasant news from
absent friends.
To dream that you are
saying farewell to you
lover, signifies your
indifference towards
To see or live on a farm
in your dream, suggests
that you need to develop
aspect of yourself and
utilize your potential. You
are ready for growth.
To see or dream that
you are a farmer, points
to your productivity. Are
you utilizing your fullest
potential? It may also
suggest that you need to
work harder in order to
reap its benefits.
To dream that you are
farting, suggests that
you are being passive
aggressive. You need to
express your feelings in a
more direct manner.
To dream that you are
fasting, represents self-
renewal and self-
cleansing. Fasting may
also be way to draw
attention to some
consciousness or
To dream that you are
fat, signifies a fortunate
change in your life or you
may be overindulgent. A
more literal interpretation
of this dream is your
fears of gaining weight.
You have an skewed
perception of your own
image which may stem
from low self-esteem.
To dream that others
are fat, signifies
*Please see also Obese.
To see your father in
your dream, symbolizes
authority and protection.
It suggests that you
need to be more self-
reliant. Consider also your
waking relationship with
your father.
To dream that your
father is dead,
forewarns that you need
to proceed with caution
in conducting your
To dream that you are
hitting your father.
represents a desperate
need for greater
closeness with your
father. You feel that he is
not listening to you. In
particular, if you are
hitting your father with a
rubber object, indicates
that whatever
you are doing or telling
him has no significant
effect on him. Things
just literally bounces off
To see your father-in-
law in your dream,
signifies joyous occasions
with friends and family.
To feel fatigue or see
others fatigued in your
dream, suggests that a
relationship is worn out
and near its ending point.
To see a faucet in your
dream, signifies how you
control your emotions
which ones you allow to
be expressed. It may
also be indicative of
sadness and depression.
If you cannot turn the
faucet on, then it
represents your ability to
turn off your emotions
at will. You have great
self control.
To see a leaky faucet in
your dream, represents
sexual issues and
To dream that you ask
favors of anyone,
signifies that you will
enjoy abundance.
To dream that you grant
favors, signifies a ...

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