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To dream that you are
gagging, denotes that
you are not able to
express yourself in how
you really feel about a
situation. Alternatively,
this dream may
forewarn that you need
to keep quiet before you
put your foot in your
To see the galaxy in your
dream, represents your
creativity. It also means
that you are looking at
the broader picture and
are more aware of your
To dream of being
caught in a gale, indicates
that you are losing
control on things that
you never had control of
in the first place. You
need to find another way
to approach and solve
your problems.
Alternatively, the dream
may also be telling you
that you are too serious.
You need to lighten up.
Gall Bladder
To dream of your gall
bladder, suggests that
you need to rid yourself
of negative energy. You
need to let go of your
guilt or bitterness in
order to grow.
To see gallows in your
dream, signifies
frustration in your future
To see yourself being led
to the gallows, signifies
unexplainable bad luck.
To see yourself standing
on the gallows, signifies
that you will suffer from
the maliciousness of a
false friend and will be
betrayed by them.
To dream that are
gambling, suggests that
you are participating in
some risk-taking activity.
You may also be relying
on fate and not taking
responsibility for you
If you are not a gambler
and dream that you are
gambling, denotes that
you need to take a
chance or let up on
To dream that you are
hunting, shooting at, or
killing game, refers to the
game of life. It also
represents your ability to
keep your animalistic
nature in check and in
Game Show
To dream that you are
on a game show,
suggests that you need
to change some aspect
of your life around. You
may be experiencing
feelings of uncertainty
and what the future may
To dream that you are
playing games, signifies
relaxation or competition.
It may also represent
the rules you play by.
To dream that you are a
gang member, signifies
your need to achieve and
accomplish things
through force and
To dream that you are
confronted or threatened
by a gang, signifies
circumstances or
situations in your waking
life which are
overwhelming and you
feel has ganged up on
To see someone
affected with gangrene
in your dream, foretells
of grief, loss and possible
death of someone near.
To see a gap in your
dream, suggests that
you need to bring two
sides together. The
dream may also indicate
that there is something
lacking in your idea or
To dream that you are
in a garage, signifies a
period of inactivity and
idleness in your life. You
may feel that you have
no direction or guidance
toward achieving your
To dream that you are
pulling your car into the
garage, represents
security and stability
brought about by your
accomplishments and
To dream that you are
opening the garage door,
denotes that you have
made a decision about a
matter. You may have
decided on the path you
will take in reaching your
opportunities and goals.
On the other hand, if you
are closing the garage
door, then it suggests
that you are putting off
your goals for the sake
of others around you.
To dream that you are
throwing away your
garbage, suggests that
you are kicking your old
negative habits and
throwing away your bad
characteristics and
unwanted traits.
To see piles of garbage in
your dream, forewarns
of scandal and that you
need to change your old
ways and bad habits.
To dream that you are
disposing another's
garbage, foretells that
you will be
inconvenienced to repair
someone else's
To see a vegetable or
fruit garden in your
dream, indicates that
your hard work and
diligence will pay off in
the end. It is also
symbolic of stability and
inner growth.
To see a flower garden in
your dream, represents
tranquility, comfort, love
and domestic bliss. You
need to be nurturing.
To see sparse, weed-
infested garden,
suggests that you have
neglected your spiritual
needs. You are not on top
of things.
To dream that you are
gardening, symbolizes
work or career issues.
Consider how you feel
about gardening or the
condition of the garden
and how it parallels a
waking work issue or
To see a gargoyle in your
dream, signifies hidden
and embarrassing fears
over secretive matters
that you have not shared
with anyone.
To see a garland in your
dream, represents
wholeness and
To dream that you are
wearing a garland,
suggests a bond.
To dream that you are
eating garlic, signifies
your practicalityand
sensibility in matters of
the heart; you
.look for security over
To see a garlic patch in
your dream, foretells of
your rise to wealth and
prominence in your
To see a garnet in your
dream, symbolizes
loyalty, vitality and
To climb up to a garret in
your dream, signifies
your ease of bettering
your life and increasing
your finances.
To see or dream hat you
are wearing a garter,
represents seduction and
titillation. You are looking
to be more sexual
To smell or see gas in
your dream, indicates
that your need to be
reenergized. There may
be a situation in your life
that you are having
difficulty in getting a
handle on.
Gas Station
To dream that you are at
the gas station, indicates
a need to reenergize and
revitalize yourself. It may
also suggest that to help
and be an assistant to
To see gasoline in your
dream, represents
energy and spirituality.
Thus to dream that you
run out of gas, suggests
that you are wearing
yourself out. Take a time
To dream that you are
filling your car with
gasoline, symbolizes your
need to take better care
of your Self. You need to
be revitalized.
Gasoline Station
To dream that you are at
a gasoline station,
indicates that you need
to take time out to
refuel. You may be
running low on energy.
The dream also
represents your ability to
convert outside
resources and use it for
your own needs.
To see or pass through a
gate in your dream,
suggests that you are
walking through a new
phase of life. It also
represents new
opportunities and
To see a closed gate in
your dream, signifies
your inability to overcome
current difficulties. If you
are unable to open the
gate, then it indicates
that your hard work will
be seen as
unsatisfactory. It may
also mean that you are
not ready or not prepared
to move on to the next
To dream that you are a
gatekeeper, indicates
that you need to be more
careful about who you let
into your life.
To dream that you
.are dressed in gauze,
signifies uncertainty in
To see a gavel in your
dream, symbolizes
justice. It may refer to a
problem that you need to
acknowledge and
To dream that you are
using a gavel, represents
a resolution to a problem.
Something has been
*Please See Homosexual.
To see a gazelle in your
dream, symbolizes the
soul. It suggests that
you should not take life
so seriously. Lighten up.
To dream that you are
putting your car in gear,
suggests that you are
ready to move forward
with a new project in
your life. You are headed
into a new direction.
To see a gecko in your
dream, represents an
agreement or
affirmation. The answer
to a decision that you
need to make is "yes".
To see geese in your
dream, represents
domesticity and lifelong
companionship. It may
also indicate your
tendency to go with the
crowd. You are well
To see a geisha in your
dream, represents
beauty, charm, poise and
To dream that you are a
geisha, indicates that you
are well-balanced in your
personal, social, and
professional life. You
adjust well in various
*Please See Jelly.
To see gems in your
dream, foretells of a
happy fate in love and
To see a genie in your
dream, represents your
creative and mind power.
To dream of your
genitals, represents your
feelings toward sex/
sexuality and your
attitudes toward
masculinity/femininity. It
also relates to issues of
commitment and

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