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To see a hag in your
dream, may represent
the "Wise Old Woman"
figure and thus refers to
nurturance. Negatively, to
see a hag in your dream,
signifies the devouring
To see a haggard face in
your dreams, suggests
that you are growing
tiresome or weary of a
To dream that your own
face has grown haggard,
forewarns that you may
be stricken with an
illness. You may be under
a tremendous amount of
To dream that you are
caught in a hail storm,
suggests that you are
emotionally withdrawn.
Some situation beyond
your control is causing
you to shut down
To hear hail beating
down on your roof,
indicates that you are
going through a period of
difficult times.
To see hair in your
dream, signifies sexual
virility, seduction,
sensuality, vanity, and
health. It is indicative of
your attitudes. If your
hair is knotted or tangled,
then it is symbolic of
uncertainty and
confusion in your life. You
may be unable to think
To dream that you are
cutting your hair,
suggests that you are
experiencing a loss in
strength. You may feel
that someone is trying to
censor you. Alternatively,
you may be reshaping
your thinking or
ambitions and eliminating
unwanted thoughts/
To dream that you are
combing, stroking or
styling your hair,
suggests that you are
taking on and evaluating
a new idea, concept,
outlook, or way of
thinking. You may be
putting your thoughts in
order and getting your
facts straight. A more
literal interpretation
suggests your concerns
about your self-image
and appearance.
To dream that you have
long hair, indicates that
you are thinking long and
carefully before making
some decision. You are
concentrating on some
plan or situation.
To dream that you are
losing your hair, denotes
that you are concerned
with the notion that you
are getting older and
losing your sex appeal/
virility. You are
preoccupied with aging
and your appearance.
Losing you hair also
signify a lack of strength
and that you do not
possess the power to
succeed in an
undertaking. You may be
feeling weak and
To dream that someone
is smelling your hair,
indicates sexual curiosity
and your need for some
sensual stimulation. You
have a lot to learn about
a relationship. The way
yours or someone else's
hair smell may remind
your of a particular
.that you are reaching
for someone's hair,
suggests that you are
trying to connect with
that person on a spiritual
or intellectual level. It also
refers to sympathy,
protectiveness, and
fraternal love.
To dream that the wind
is blowing through your
hair, signifies freedom to
express uninhibited
feelings. You are "letting
your hair down".
To dream that your hair
is white or turns white,
indicates that something
important has just been
made aware to you. It is
a symbol of wisdom and
insight. The dream may
also be a metaphor
suggesting that you are
feeling "light-headed".
To dream that someone
is giving you a haircut,
suggests that you are
experiencing a decreased
sense of power. You may
feel that you were
criticized unfairly.
To dream that you are a
hairdresser, suggests
that you are imposing
your ideas and opinions
on others. Perhaps you
need to work on your
self-image and improve
on your image.
Alternatively, it refers to
your attitude toward
your own sexuality.
To dream that you are at
the hairdresser, you are
looking to change your
attitude. You are ready
for change and moving in
a different attention.
*Please see also Salon.
To dream that you are
wearing a hairpiece,
indicates some sort of
deception. You may be
giving off a false
impression and passing
the views of others as
your own.
To dream that you lose
your hairpiece, suggests
that you are beginning to
lose your mind or that
you may be giving
someone a piece of your
mind. The dream may
also be a pun on losing
your "peace" of mind.
To dream about half of
something, indicates that
something in your waking
life is incomplete or
unresolved. It may also
indicate that you are only
partially acknowledging
your feelings. You or
someone else is limiting
or restricting you.
Alternatively, the dream
may suggest that you
need to be open to
compromise and meet
To see a hallway in your
dream, symbolizes the
beginning of a path that
you are taking in life or a
journey into the unknown
and self exploration. It
represents spiritual,
emotional, physical, or
mental passages in your
life. It is indicative of a
transitional phase in your
To dream of Halloween,
signifies death and the
underworld. Halloween
.represents the
temporary adoption of a
new persona where you
feel less inhibited and
more comfortable to
freely express yourself.
To have a hallucination in
your dream, symbolizes
an image from your
unconscious. They can
also represent repressed
emotions and feelings
that you do not want to
confront. Your dream
may be telling you to be
more alert and to
express yourself more
clearly. Alternatively, it
refers to self-deception.
What are you trying to
To dream that you have
a halo. signifies that you
are a perfectionist.
To dream that you are
putting a halter on a
horse, signifies that you
are trying to persuade
someone into mindset
and your way of thinking.
To dream that you are
eating ham, indicates
that you need to
preserve your energy.
To see hams in your
dream, indicates that you
are experiencing some
emotional difficulties.
The symbol may also be
metaphor to suggest
your desire for attention.
To see or eat a
hamburger in your dream,
suggests that you are
lacking some emotional,
intellectual, or physical
component you need in
order to feel whole again.
You may be feeling
unsatisfied with some
situation or relationship.
It is also symbolic of your
experiences and how you
need to learn from them.
Look at the big picture.
To see a hammer in your
dream, signifies power,
strength, virility, and
masculine attitudes. It
also symbolizes growth
and construction.
To dream that you are
using a hammer, signifies
accomplishment in a task
at hand. Alternatively, it
suggests that you may
be dealing with old
demons and inner
To see a hammock in
your dream, suggests
that you need to devote
more time to pleasure
and leisurely activity.
To dream that you are
lying in a hammock,
indicates that you may
be pushing people away.
To dream that you fall
off a hammock,
suggests that you are
taking your valuable
friends and loved ones
for granted.
To see a hamper in your
dream, indicates that you
need to find a more
productive way to
express your negative
To see a hamster in your
dream, represents
emotions. You are
distancing yourself from
others so that you
.won't end up getting
hurt. It may also indicate
that issues of sexuality
are trivial to you. You are
able to separate sex and
To dream of your hands,
represents your
relationship to those
around you and how you
connect with the world.
Hands serve as a form of
communication. Perhaps
you need to lend out a
helping hand to someone.
In particular, the left
hand symbolizes your
graciousness and
feminine, receptive
qualities. And the right
hand symbolizes
masculine, active
attributes. It may also be
a pun for some decision
or something being
To dream that you are
holding hands with
someone, represents
your connection with
that person. Your dream
may also reflect
anxieties about losing
touch with him/her or
that you are drifting
To dream that you hands
are injured, denotes an
attack on your ego.
To dream that your
hands are clasped or
closed, signifies unity,
acceptance or
agreement. On a more
negative note, it may
suggest that you are
close-minded, ungiving or
unwilling to help.
To dream that you have
unusually large hands,
denotes much success in
achieving your goals.
To dream that your
hands are hairy or rough,
implies your lack of
gentleness in dealing
with others. You may be
too brash and abrasive.
To see blood on your
hands, signifies that you
are experiencing some
sort of guilt.
To dream that you are
washing your hands,
represents a worrisome
issue that you need to
work through.
Alternatively, it suggests
that you are no longer
taking responsibilities in
some matter. You are
letting go and getting
things out of your
To dream that you are in
handcuffs, suggests
that something or
someone is ...

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