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dream and eye abstract - Newest pictures Comics/Fantasy/Anime

· · · ◦κKk◦ · · ·

To see a kaleidoscope in
your dream, signifies
diversity and fragments
or various aspects that is
coming together. It also
foretells that you will
have difficulties in
choosing a career path.
To see a kangaroo in
your dreams, refers to
maternal and paternal
protection. You may be
expressing your nurturing
and mothering nature.
Alternatively, a kangaroo
may symbolize
To dream that a
kangaroo attacks you,
foretells that false
accusations will damage
and jeopardize your
To dream that you are
taking part in karaoke,
suggests that you are
acting too overly
confident in your abilities
or in your
Alternatively, you may
not be utilizing your
talents to its fullest
To dream that you know
karate, suggests that
you need to direct your
energy and concentrate
them toward your goals.
To see katydids in your
dream, forewarns that
you are in danger of
losing your love due to
your laid-back attitude.
To hear katydids in your
dream, signifies your
over-reliance on others.
To dream of the keel,
represents emotional
balance and strength.
To dream of a keepsake,
represents your ability to
love and need to be loved.
The keepsake in your
dream may serve to
remind you of how far
you have come and what
you have been through.
To see a keg in your
dream, symbolizes your
struggle against
adversity. If the keg is
full, continue with the
methods you are using to
win the struggle and if
the keg is empty, change
your methods.
To see a keg that is
cracked or broken,
signifies family quarrels
or family separation.
To see a loose band
around the keg, foretells
of a break up or divorce if
you do no not act to
change your
To see kelp in your
dream, symbolizes
emotional difficulties
that you go through and
get caught up in at some
point in your life.
To dream that you are at
the kennel, indicates that
you are feeling shut out
of some situation or
relationship. It may also
represents feeling of
being unwanted or
To see a kettle in your
dream, symbolizes the
mundane aspect of your
life. Perhaps you are
taking certain things for
granted or overlooking
something or someone.
To see a kettle of boiling
water in your dreams,
signifies great and
laborious work ahead. If
the kettle is whistling,
then it indicates that
your emotions have
literally reach the boiling

To see a key in your
dream, symbolizes
opportunities, access,
control, secrets, or
responsibilities. You may
be locking away your
own inner feelings and
To dream that you lose
your keys, signifies your
fear of losing your
position or status in life.
You may have lost
control of yourself. It
may also foretells of
unexpected changes and
unpleasant adventures.
If you give your key
away, then it suggests
that you have given up
control of some situation
or responsibility.
To dream that you find
keys, signifies that you
have found a solution to
a problem.
To see broken keys in
your dream, signifies
many quarrels and
possibly a break-up.
To hear the sounds of
keys rattling, indicates
that you have the right
attitude toward life. You
are heading in the right
direction and asking all
the right questions in the
process. It is also a sign
of decisive action.
To dream that you are
peeping through a
keyhole, suggests that
you do not have full view
of some situation. You
need to gain a better
perspective on things.
To wear khakis in your
dream, suggests that
there is something that
you are not seeing clearly
on. Or that something
may not be what it
To dream that you are
kicking someone,
represents suppressed
aggression that you are
unable to express in your
waking life.
To dream that you are
being kicked, indicates
that you feel victimized
or taken advantage of.
The dream may be telling
you to stop feeling sorry
for yourself.
Alternatively, the
dream may be trying to
push you ahead and
motivate you to continue
on toward your goals.
To dream that you are
kicking a ball, indicates a
carefree time free of
worries and
responsibilities. It could
also mean your need for
To see a kid (baby goat)
in your dream, forewarns
that your unscrupulous
ways will bring about
grief to a loved one.
To see a kid in a
meadow, denotes that
too much of your time is
spent on pleasure and
your business or
educational pursuits will
eventually suffer.
*Please See Also Children.
To dream that you are
being kidnapped, denotes
feelings of being trapped
and restricted. Someone
or some situation may be
diverting your
concentration and your
attention away from
your goals.
To dream that someone
has been kidnapped,
indicates that you are
not letting aspects and
characteristics of that
person be expressed
within you. You are trying
to contain and/or
suppress those qualities
of the kidnapped person.
To dream that you are a
kidnapper, signifies that
you are holding on to
something that you need
to let go. You may be
forcing your views and
opinions on others.
**See The Meaning In
Action: "Kidnapped By
To dream of your
kidneys, represents a
need for cleansing.
To dream that you kill
someone, indicates that
heavy stress may cause
you to lose your temper
and self-control. Consider
the person you have
killed and ask yourself if
you feel any rage
towards him or her in
your waking life. You may
very well be expressing
some anger or hatred
toward this person.
Alternatively, you may be
trying to kill or put an end
to an aspect of yourself
that is represented by
the person killed. Identify
the characteristics of
this person and ask
yourself how you do not
want to be like him or
To dream that you have
been killed, suggests
that your actions are
disconnected from your
emotions. Alternatively,
it refers to drastic
changes that are
happening in your life.
This dream may also
represent a part of you
or your life that you wish
would leave you alone
and stop creating a
nuisance. Killing may
represent the killing off
of old parts of yourself
and old habits.
*Please see also Murder.
To see a killer in your
dream, suggests that an
essential aspect of your
emotions have been cut
off. You feel that you are
losing your identity and
your individuality.
Alternatively, this dream
may represent
purification and the
healing process. You are
standing up for yourself
and putting a dramatic
end to something.
To see a king in your
dream, signifies much
success and prestige to
headed your way. It is
symbolic of power and
To dream that you are
the king, suggests that
you will rise above your
problems and adversities.
Alternatively, it is an
expression of your
masculine power.
To see a kingfisher in
your dream, symbolizes
calmness and dignity.
To dream of a kiss,
denotes love, affection,
tranquility, harmony, and
contentment. To see
others kissing in your
dream, suggests that
you are too involved in
their personal lives and
relationship. You need to
give them some space. If
the dream ends just
about you are about to
kiss someone, indicates
that you are unsure of
how he or she really feels
about you. You are
looking for some sort of
relationship with this
person but you are not
sure about how to go
about achieving it. If you
are heterosexual and you
dream that you are
kissing someone of the
same sex, then it
represents self-
acceptance. You are
acknowledging the
feminine or masculine
To dream that you are
kissing someone's hand,
signifies respect.
To dream that you are
kissing someone else's
boyfriend or girlfriend,
indicates your wish to be
in a relationship and to
experience the energy of
love. You may be sexually
acting out and desire to
awaken your passion.
Alternatively, it indicates
a lack of integrity on your
If you are kissing a close
friend, then it represents
your respect and
adoration for your friend.
You are seeking some
intimate closeness that
is lacking in some waking
relationship. It may or
may not signify a
romantic interest for him
or her.
To dream of kissing an
enemy, signifies betrayal,
hostility, or reconciliation
with an angry friend.
Consider also the saying
"this kiss ...

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