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lady dreams - Newest pictures Comics/Fantasy/Anime

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To dream that you are
putting labels on items,
denotes that your need
for organization and
order. It may also
indicate that you are too
quick to label something
and pigeon hole it.
To see or read labels in
your dream, signifies
that you have
unknowingly let an
enemy see the inside of
your private affairs, as a
result of your
carelessness and neglect.
To dream that
something is mislabeled,
indicates that you are
looking at things the
wrong way. Try another
To dream that you are
laboring, suggests that
you have goal that will
take a lot of hard work
to accomplish.
If you are a woman and
dream that you are in
labor, indicates your
desire to be pregnant and
to start a family.
To dream that you are in
a laboratory, signifies
that you are
experimenting with your
inner feelings, beliefs,
and fears and testing
yourself. Alternatively,
you may be going
through some sort of
To see a labyrinth in your
dream, signifies that you
will be involved with my
complicated situations
where your domestic
sphere will be quite
To dream that you are in
a labyrinth of green vines
and timber, signifies an
unexpected turn of
happiness where despair
and loss was anticipated.
To dream that you are in
a labyrinth of night or
darkness, denotes bitter
trouble and sickness.
To see lace in your
dream, represents your
sensuality and the
realization of your heart's
desires. It may also
indicate that you are
being overly practical in
some area of your life.
To dream that you are
climbing up a ladder,
suggests that you have
reached a new level of
achievement and higher
awareness. It is
indicative of prosperity,
hard work and efforts.
You may also be looking
things from a different
Alternatively, it may
indicate meditation and
prayer. You are setting
forth on a spiritual path.
Consider also the phrase
of "climbing the social
ladder" in which you have
achieved status, power,
or an important goal.
To dream that you are
climbing down a ladder,
suggests that you are
escaping from your
spiritual responsibilities.
It is an indication of much
To dream that someone
is holding a ladder for
you, signifies that you
will find success and rise
to prominence
with the support of
To dream that you fall
from a ladder, denotes
the hardships, risks or
failures you are faced
with in your endeavors.
To see a broken ladder in
your dream, indicates
consistent failures in
your undertakings. You
may feel handicapped in
pursuit of your goals.
To dream that you
escape by means of a
ladder, signifies that you
will be successful after
much struggle and
**See The Meaning In
Action: "Stuck At The
To see a ladle in your
dream, signifies that
children will be a great
source of your joy and
To see a broken ladle,
denotes grief and sorrow
in love.
To see a lady in your
dream, is symbolic of
good luck. It also signifies
happiness at work.
To see a lagoon in your
dream, denotes that
there is a
misunderstanding and
doubt in your words.
To see a lake in your
dream, signifies your
emotional state of mind.
If the lake is clear and
calm, then it symbolize
your inner peace. If the
lake is disturbed, then
you may be going
through some emotional
To see a lamb in your
dream, denotes that you
will have many
companions. Consider
also the metaphor "as
gentle as a lamb". Lambs
are representative of all
that is pure and innocent.
To dream that you are
holding a lamb in your
arms, signifies that you
will rise to a position of
wealth through hard
work and ethical means.
To dream that you or
someone is lame,
signifies failure in
realizing your hopes and
desires and much
disappointments. Ask
yourself who or what is
holding you back. You
may have lost your
.To see a lamp shade in
your dream, indicates a
need for protection form
some intense energy or
power. You may be trying
to hide or be less
To see or dream that
you are in a lanai,
indicates that you are
open-mined and easy-
going. You are receptive
to new ideas. As a
Hawaiian island, it may
symbolize your need to
escape and get away
from your daily
responsibilities. Give
yourself a vacation.
To see a lance in your
dream, represents
initiative and have set
you sight on a direct goal
or path. You have taken a
stance. The lance is also
symbolic of masculine
power and may have
phallic connotations.
To dream that you are
wounded by a lance,
denotes that you have
made a poor judgment
and is facing the
To dream that you break
a lance, signifies that you
will succeed in
overcoming what was a
seemingly impossible
To see land in your
dream, represents
nurturance and you need
to be grounded. You are
seeking for a strong
foundation and some
sort of stability.
To see rocky or barren
land, denotes failure in
your undertakings.
To see the landing of an
aircraft in your dream,
signifies completion of a
journey or some task.
There may have been
some issues in which you
felt out of control in
trying to handle but are
now being grounded.
To dream that you are
riding in a landau, signifies
that you will meet a fun,
light-hearted person who
will bring you much
To see an overturned
landau in your dream,
signifies that your
pleasure will come to an
abrupt end.
To see your landlord in
your dream, represents
the part of yourself that
is always in control. It
refers to your rational
and responsible side.
Perhaps you need to
show more restraint and
control of the other
aspects of your psyche.
To dream of various
landscapes in your
dream, represents where
you are in your life or in
your relationships. How
do you see yourself with
respect to the rest of
the world and those
around you? According to
Freud, the landscape
symbolizes the human
To dream of ever
changing landscapes,
indicates psychological
transitions or emotional
progress. It represents
the various stages in
your life. Alternatively, it
may be offering you
various viewpoints in
looking at the same idea
or situation. Consider the
symbolism of key
elements in the
To see a landslide in your
dream, represents
emotions that you have
been holding back for a
long time. You are at the
risk of emotional
overload. Your emotions
are erupting in an
unexpected or violent
way. The dream may
also symbolize the
stresses in your life and
the responsibilities that
rest on your shoulders.
To dream that you are
studying a language,
denotes that you are
having difficulties
expressing your
To hear foul language in
your dream, signifies
that you will soon find
yourself in an
embarrassing situation.
To hear or speak a
foreign language in your
dream, indicates a
message from your
unconscious that you do
not yet understand.
To see or carry a lantern
in your dream,
represents the feelings
and wisdom that are
radiating from within you.
These qualities will serve
to guide you through
life's journey.
To notice your lap in your
dream, implies
opportunities and/or
problems. It may also
indicate loneliness and
To dream that you are
sitting someone's lap,
signifies that you will find
stability and security
after some difficult
To dream that you are
holding someone on your
lap, denotes that you will
be open to unfavorable
To see a lapis in your
dream, suggests that no
one is perfect. You need
to accept yourself with
all your imperfections and
look within your own self.
To see or use laptop in
your dream, suggests
that you need to be able
to reach out and
communicate with
others in any
To see lard in your
dream, denotes that you
will have much
gratification over your
rise in fortune.
To dream that your
hands are in melted lard,
signifies disappointments
and failure to achieve
prominence within your
social circles.
*Please See Big.
To see larks flying in your
dream, symbolizes high
aspirations. If they fall
during flight, then it
indicates that you will be
overcome with ...

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