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To see yourself
hammering nails in your
dream, signifies your
tenacity and ability to
drive a hard bargain.
Consider also the pun,
"getting nailed" which
may mean getting
caught at something or a
sexual innuendo. Another
popular phrase "hitting
the nail on the head"
suggests that you have
fully resolved a situation.
To see nails in your
dream, symbolizes long
and hard work for little
compensation and pay.
To dream that you hurt
yourself with a nail,
suggests that you need
to be careful with what
you say.
*Please see also
To dream that you are
naked, denotes the fear
of being found out and
exposed about your
activities and
To dream that you
suddenly discover your
nudity and are trying to
cover up, signifies your
vulnerability to a
To see a naked person in
your dream and you are
disgusted by it, signifies
some anxiety about
discovering the naked
truth about that person
or situation. It may also
foretell of an illicit love
affairs, loss of prestige
and scandalous activities.
On the other hand, if you
do not have any problem
with another's nudity,
then it implies that you
see through people and
accept them for who and
what they are.
*For an in depth analysis,
click on Common Dreams:
To dream that you
forget your name or
someone else's name,
suggests that you be
feeling overwhelmed and
burdened. It may also
indicate that you have
forgotten your true self
or your family roots.
To hear your name being
called, indicates that you
are in touch and in tune
with your spirituality. It
also makes you aware of
your own uniqueness and
highlights your
To see a familiar name
written in your dream,
symbolizes the way you
feel about that person.
Your intuition about them
may turn out to be true.
To dream that you are
taking a nap, suggests
that you need to take a
little time off to relax
and take it easy. Give
yourself a break.
To see a napkin in your
dream, signifies
neatness and cleanliness.
You may be preparing
yourself to hear some
To see soiled napkins
being placed on the dining
table, symbolizes a major
marital or relationship
To see a narcissus in
your dream, represents
vanity. This dream
symbol may be a
metaphor for someone in
your life who is
narcissistic. Alternatively,
it symbolizes divine love.
*Please see Drugs.
To dream about narrow
spaces, suggests that
great struggles await
you on your journey. You
may feel restricted and
confined. Alternatively, it
is symbolic of female
Native American
To see a Native
American in your dream,
represents the
instinctual and untamed
aspect of your character.
You desire more freedom
from cultural and society
To see the nativity in
your dream,
indicates that you have
made a startling
discovery about yourself
and your capabilities. It
also points to the
importance of spiritual
enlightenment and inner
strength as opposed to
material richness.
To dream of nature,
denotes freedom,
tranquility, restoration,
and renewal. It may
represent that your
internal instincts are
experienced and
To dream that you have
nausea, signifies that
you are suffering from a
sickening situation or
condition in which you are
trying to rid yourself of.
To see your navel in your
dream, represents your
being and self. The
dream may indicate that
you need to find your
center and middle ground.
In particular for males,
dreams of their navel
signify the bonding to
their mother.
To dream that you are in
the Navy, symbolizes
your need for
organization, discipline
and structure in your life.
To dream that you are
rescued by a Navy
person, foretells of
assistance from an
authoritative source.
To see a Nazi in your
dream, represents a
form of evil and
merciless force that
cannot be reasoned with.
You may feel that others
are putting you down.
To dream that you are
nearsighted, signifies
that your efforts and
energies are too focused
on short term goals and
not on preparing for the
long term of the future.
This dream may also
denote an embarrassing
failure or unexpected and
unwelcome visitors.
To see your neck in your
dream, signifies the
relationship between the
mind/mental and the
body/physical. It
represents willpower,
self-restriction and your
need to control your
feelings and keep them in
check. Consider the
familiar phrase, "don't
stick your neck out"
which serves as a
warning against a
To dream that your neck
is injured, indicates a
separation between your
heart and mind.
To dream of a thick neck,
signifies that you are
becoming very
quarrelsome and quick-
To see or wear a
necklace in your dream,
represents unsatisfied
desires. It also highlights
your intellect and your
desire to have more
influence and power over
To see a broken necklace
in your dream, indicates
that your rational
thinking is in accordance
with your emotional
thinking. You need to act
on your gut instinct
about some situation or
To dream that you lost a
necklace, signifies
sadness and grief.
To dream of a loose-
fitting necktie around
your neck, signifies that
you have unfinished
business to tend to.
To dream of a tight-
fitting necktie, denotes
that you feel trapped in a
situation or condition.
To dream of a
necromancer, signifies
the threat of evil by a
strange acquaintance.
*See also Hypnotist
To dream that you are in
need, signifies the danger
of losing your fortunes
through gambling and
To dream that others
are in need, denotes that
your actions and
misfortune will affect
To use a needle in your
dream, indicates that you
need to mend some
relationship or situation
that has gotten out of
hand or driven to the
extreme. A needle is also
symbolic of some
emotional or physical
To dream that someone
is using a needle,
suggests that you need
to incorporate and join
together various aspects
of your consciousness.
To look for a needle in
your dream, symbolizes
useless worries over
small, trivial matters.
To dream that you are
threading a needle,
represents unfinished
issues that you need to
tend to and perhaps even
repair. Alternatively, it
may have sexual
To see or wear a
negligee in your dream,
indicates your
suggestiveness. Perhaps
you feel that people can
see right through to who
you are and your intents.
The symbol may also be
a pun on your negligence
of some situation.
To dream of having a
good neighbor, signifies
enjoyment and tranquility
at home.
To dream of having an
angry neighbor,
quarrels, dissensions
and possibly relocation
from your home.
To dream about your
neighborhood, represents
a sense of community
and the need to be more
active. You are
expressing a need to
develop new friends and
new ties. Consider your
waking feelings toward
your neighbors.
To dream of your
nephew, represents
some aspect of yourself
that you need to
acknowledge or recognize
within yourself.
To see Neptune in your
dream, represents
inspiration, imagination,
and devotion. You may
need to show some
more compassion and
To see or dream that
you are a nerd, indicates
feelings of inferiority
and/or ineffectiveness.
You feel that you have
been overlooked.
To dream that you are
nervous about
something, indicates that
you are experiencing self-
doubt and feelings of
Nervous Breakdown
To dream that you or
someone has a nervous
breakdown, suggests
that you have lost a
frame of reference in a
relationship or situation.
You are seeking more
clarity and insight. The
dream also indicates that
you are having difficulties
trusting your own
judgment and decisions.
To see a bird's nest in
your dream, signifies
comfort, safety, and
protection. The dream
may also symbolize new
To see a nest filled with
broken or bad eggs,
disappointments and
To see a net in your
dream, signifies that you
find yourself caught in a
complicated life situation.
To see nettles in your
dream, represents ...

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