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sleep - Newest pictures Comics/Fantasy/Anime

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Oak Tree
To see an oak tree in
your dream, symbolizes
longevity, stability,
strength, tolerance,
wisdom, and prosperity.
To see an oak tree with
acorns, signifies a
promotion or increase in
the social ladder.
To see or use an oar in
your dream, signifies
control over your
emotions. You are able to
navigate through life
based on the lessons and
skills you have learned.
To dream that you are
paddling with one oar,
represents your need for
help or assistance. If you
lose an oar, then it
suggests that you have
lost your groove or have
taken something for
To dream that you are
searching for an oasis,
symbolizes inner fears,
insecurities, and
overwhelming conditions.
You may be looking for
some emotional support.
To dream that you are
resting at an oasis,
signifies success in
business and financial
matters. You may also be
in need of a vacation.
To dream that you are
taking an oath in your
dream, signifies strife
and disharmony in your
present situation.
To dream that you
refuse to take an oath,
denotes an immediate
change for the better.
To dream that you are
eating oatmeal, suggests
that you are well-
To dream that you are
cooking and serving
oatmeal, signifies that
you have control over the
destiny of someone close
to you.
To see or eat oats in
your dream, symbolizes
comfort and solace. It
represents the simple
To dream that you are
obedient, represents
your acknowledgement
of a higher power. You
may have experienced
some new spiritual
To dream that others
are obedient towards
you, symbolizes your
power and authority over
To see an obelisk in your
dream, signifies your
cold, stern nature. You
need to need to warm up
to others and soften
your nature. A obelisk
may also have phallic
To see obsidian in your
dream, suggests that
you are well-grounded or
that you need to be more
To dream that you are
obese, denotes lack of
self-esteem and
overindulgence. It may
signify your
hopelessness and
helplessness to express
and assert power and
authority. This dream
may also mean that you
are trying to insulate
yourself from your
surroundings. You want
to protect yourself from
involvement in a
*Please see also Fat.
To see or read an
obituary in your dream,
represents the end to
your old attitudes and
outdated beliefs.
To dream that someone
is obligated to you,
means that you will
succeed to soaring
heights in your personal
life and business
To dream that you are
obligated to someone,
thoughtlessness. You
need to reevaluate your
sense of responsibility
and duty.
To see something
obscene in your dream,
refers to aspects of
yourself that you have
rejected or refuse to
To see an observatory in
your dream, signifies
your high goals and
To dream of an
obsession, suggests that
you need to take some
time to work through
some difficulty.
Otherwise it may
potentially take over your
daily life and prevent you
from moving forward.
To see or experience
obstacles in your dream,
represents things in your
life that you need to
overcome. The dream
may be offering you a
solution on how to go
about approaching a
problem in your waking
life. You may have some
self doubt or trouble in
making a decision.
To dream of the occult,
indicates that there is
something just under the
surface that you need to
acknowledge. There is
some wisdom that you
need to apply to your
daily life.
To see an ocean in your
dream, represents the
state of your emotions
and feelings. It is
indicative of some
spiritual refreshment,
tranquility and renewal.
To dream that you are
traveling across the
ocean, signifies new
found freedom and
independence. You are
showing great courage.
*Please See Also Water.
To see an octagon in
your dream, indicates a
spiritual reawakening.
To dream of the month
of October, signifies
gratifying success in your
To see an octopus in
your dream, signifies
that you areentangled in
some difficult matter or
situation. Or it may mean
that you are overly
possessive and too clingy
in a relationship.
To smell an odor in your
dream, indicates a
memory or past
experience. Consider the
type of smell and
whether is is pleasant or
foul smelling to
determine whether this
is a positive
or negative experience.
To dream of being
offended, represents
your sensitivities to a
situation which you may
not have been able to
express in your waking
To dream that you are
giving offense, suggests
that you need to be more
aware of other people's
feelings. Alternatively
you may feel spiritually
To dream that you are
bringing or making an
offering, signifies
To dream of your work
office, indicates that you
cannot seem to leave
your work at the office.
You may be overworked
or have too much on your
mind. Alternatively, it
symbolizes your status,
accomplishments and
your place in the world.
To dream that you hold
public office, suggests
that you accept the
consequences of your
actions. You take
responsibility for what
you do.
To see an officer in your
dream, represents your
need to belong and fit in
to a larger group.
Alternatively, the officer
may indicate your need
for discipline and direction
in your life. You may be
seeking a higher plane for
To see your offspring in
your dream, symbolizes
cheerfulness and joyous
To see an ogre in your
dream, signifies self-
criticism and discipline.
To see oil in your dream,
suggests a need to have
things run more
smoothly. You may need
to show more love and
compassion in your life.
To see baby oil in your
dream, indicates that you
need to soothe the child
within you. You need to
release that child in you
once in a while.
To see crude oil in your
dream, signifies great
wealth and riches.
Alternatively, you need
too socialize more.
Oil Spill
To see an oil spill in your
dream, suggests that
you are in emotional
turmoil. You are
experiencing problems
and distress in your
personal relationships.
To see ointment in your
dream, signifies a healing
process. It also implies
the forming of new
friendships that will
prove beneficial and

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