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dream bless - Newest pictures

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To see a pacifier in your
dream, represents
emotional nurturance.
You may be expressing a
desire to escape from
your daily responsibilities
and demands.
To dream that you are
sucking on a pacifier,
implies that you are
trying to "suck up to"
someone in your waking
To dream that you are
trying to pacify someone
or a situation, signifies
that you will be will
admired and respected
for you kindness.
To see a package in your
dream, represents hidden
creative energy, skills.,
and/or feelings. If you
receive a package, it
indicates that you are
acknowledging certain
feelings or acquiring new
resources. If you are
giving or sending a
package, then it
suggests that you are
projecting your feelings
onto another and not
dealing with them.
To dream that you are
packing, signifies big
changes ahead for you.
You are putting past
issues and/or
relationships to rest and
behind you. Alternatively,
it represents the burdens
that you carry.
To dream that you are
packing, unpacking and
packing and unpacking
again, represents chaos
in your life. You are having
trouble juggling various
components of your life.
You are carrying around
too many burdens but
have trouble letting go
some of these burdens.
Consider what unfinished
business you have to
tend to. Try to resolve
these issues so they can
finally be put to rest.
*Please See Lock
*Please See Oar.
*Please See Rowboat.
To see a page in your
dream, signifies that you
are on the rebound from
a broken relationship. As
a result, you will enter
into a hasty relationship
will someone ill-suited for
To see a blank page in
your dream, suggests
that you are not doing
anything with your life.
You are stagnant and
feel that you are going
To dream that you are a
page, denotes that you
will find yourself in
foolish amusements and
fruitless pleasure.
To watch or dream that
you are in a beauty
pageant, refers to your
own insecurities about
your appearances. You
are constantly comparing
yourself to others and
how you measure up to
them. You may also be
subscribing to society's
standards of beauty.
To see a pager in your
dream, suggests that
someone is trying hard to
communicate their
thoughts to you. They
are trying to get through
to you one way or
another. On the other
hand, you may feel that
someone is pushing their
beliefs onto you.
To see a pagoda in your
dream, foretells of a
short journey.
To see or carry a pail in
your dream, indicates an
improvement in your
current situation. If the
pail is filled pail, then it
signifies abundance, love
and wealth. If the pail is
empty, then it signifies
that you will overcome
some loss or conflict. The
dream may also be a pun
on pale.
To dream that you are in
pain, signifies that you
are being too hard on
yourself with regards to
a situation that was out
of your control. It may
also be a true reflection
of real pain that exists
somewhere in your body.
Dreams can reveal and
warn about health
To dream that you are
inflicting pain to yourself,
indicates that you are
experiencing some
overwhelming turmoil or
problems in your waking
life. You are trying to
disconnect yourself from
your reality by
concentrating on the pain
that you inflicted to
To see or use a
paintbrush in your dream,
symbolizes harmony,
creativity and artistic
To dream that you are
painting your house,
signifies that you will find
much success in a new
project and that you will
be promoted to a
coveted position. You
may be expressing your
creativity. Alternatively,
it may also mean your
are covering up
something. Consider the
color of the paint to
determine any additional
significance. For example,
red colored paint may
imply painting the town
red and releasing your
pent up excitement.
To dream that paint has
gotten on your clothes,
signifies that you are too
easily offended by
criticism about you.
To see a painting in your
dream, represents your
need for self-expression.
The painting is symbolic
of your intuition and inner
To see pairs of things or
concepts in your dream,
represents the need for
balance in your life.
Usually the pairs are
opposites of each other
and serves as a way for
the mind to
compartmentalize things
for better understanding.
To see or wear pajamas
in your dream, suggests
that you need to relax
and get some rest. In
particular, if you dream
that you are wearing
pajamas in public, then it
means that you are
unaware of some
important that may be
right in front of you. You
may be just drifting
through life without fully
paying attention to what
is going on around you.
To see a palace in your
dream, symbolizes
prominence and wealth.
You are ready to utilize
your full potential.
To dream that you are
the owner of a palace,
signifies that success is
right within your reach.
To see a pall in your
dream, forewarns of
approaching bad news.
To dream that you raise
the pall from a corpse,
signifies bereavement
and grief.
To see a pallbearer in
your dream, denotes
that you have to keep
your temper in check for
someone is trying to
push your buttons.
To see a pallbearer
carrying a coffin in your
dream, signifies change,
whether it be a change in
jobs or a change in social
To dream that you are
making a pallet on the
floor, signifies separation
of lovers.
To dream that you are
sleeping on a pallet,
signifies of sleeping on a
pallet shows that you
have a rival who is very
jealous of your success.
To notice your palm in
your dream, suggests
that you hold all the
knowledge you need in
you own hands. You need
to reach and utilize your
full potential. It also
symbolizes openness and
your generous nature.
Palm Reading
To dream that you are
having your palms reads,
represents your life goals
and ambition. The dream
shows how you want to
live your life and where
you want to be headed.
Palm Tree
To see palm trees in your
dream, denotes
tranquility, high
aspirations, victory, and
To see a pan in your
dream, symbolizes your
attitudes and stance on
a particular situation. It
may also represent
criticism and anger. If the
pan is made of glass,
then it represents being
conscious and aware
about a particular
To see a frying pan in
your dream, represents
completeness in love.
Alternatively, it suggests
that you need to start
accepting the
consequences of your
actions. You may have
found yourself in an
inescapable situation.
To make or eat pancakes
in your dream,
represents gratification
and pleasure in your
current situation. It may
also mean that take
pleasure and comfort in
your work.

To see a panda in your
dream, suggests that
you are having difficulties
coming to a compromise
in a waking situation. You
need to find a middle
ground so that all parties
involved will be satisfied.
Alternatively, it is
symbolic of your own
childlike qualities or
something that is cuddly.
Pandora's Box
To dream of a Pandora's
box, indicates hope. You
will soon experience a
turn for the better.
Alternatively, it
symbolizes your
curiosity, your
unconscious thoughts
and your need to express
To dream that you are in
a panic, indicates a lack
of control and power in
your life. You may be
feeling helpless in some
situation or unable to
make a clear decision.
To see a pansy in your
dream, represents
thoughts and nobility of
the mind. Alternatively, it
suggests that you are
being too gullible.
To see a panther in your
dream, signifies lurking
danger and enemies
working to do you harm.
It represents darkness,
death, and rebirth. On a
more positive note,
panthers signify power,
beauty and/or grace.
To see or wear panties in
your dream, represents
your feminine attitudes
and feelings. It reflects a
female point of view.
To dream that you are
taking off your panties,
signifies your ideas of
sexuality. It may also
indicate your need to get
to the bottom of things.
You may want to find a
way out of a situation.
To see a pantomime in
your dream, represents a
time in your life where
things were more
carefree and
Alternatively the dream
may be dramatically
calling your attention to
an area that you need to
be ...

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