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pravs j as much as i dream - Newest pictures

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To see a rabbi in your
dream, represents your
attitudes about Judaism.
the dream may serve to
reaffirm your faith and
To see a rabbit in your
dream, foretells of luck,
magic and of a favorable
turn of events and a
positive outlook in your
future endeavors.
Alternatively, rabbits
symbolize your sexual
To see a white rabbit in
your dream, symbolizes
faithfulness of a lover.
To see many rabbits
hopping about the
meadows, signifies
fertility and that children
will bring you much joy.
**See The Meaning In
Action: "The Bunny Dog",
"Black Rabbit", "Boiling A
Rabbit" & "Turned Into A
To dream that an animal
with rabies bites you,
indicates that you are
harboring extreme inner
feelings of anger and
unexpressed hostility.
Your anger might erupt in
violence if not expressed
in a controlled manner.
To see a raccoon in your
dream, signifies deceit,
thievery, and of false
friends secretly
conspiring against you.
To dream that you are in
a race, signifies that
others are envious of
your achievements and
want it for themselves.
If you win the race, then
it denotes that you will
overcome your
Alternatively, this dream
may also be an indication
for you to slow down or
take a different coarse in
life. Often this dream can
reveal your competitive
nature and how you tend
to measure yourself
against others.
Race Car
To see a race car in your
dream, symbolizes your
hard driving and
headstrong attitudes. It
may also reflect your
competitive nature and
the need to win.
Alternatively, the symbol
may be a pun for your
issues with race and
To dream that you are
driving a race car,
represents your fast
paced lifestyle. You may
be jeopardizing your
health with your reckless
To see race tracks in
your dream, represents
life in the fast lane for
you. The tracks may be a
metaphor for your quest
to get ahead in life.
Alternatively, you may
feel that you are going in
circles. Or that you have a
set path of thinking and
doing things and are
unwilling to deviate from
To see racism in your
dream, indicates that you
may be too judgmental
and discriminatory in
some situation of your
waking life. Perhaps you
have falsely pre-judged
someone because of the
way he or she appeared.
To dream that you are
racist, indicates your
unwillingness and refusal
to be pushed aside. You
refuse to be dismissed.
If you believe in racism,
then the dream is a
reflection of your
ideals and beliefs.
To see an empty rack in
your dream, signifies
your preoccupation with
a problem that has given
you much anxiety.
To see a rack of clothes
in your dream,
represents your
indecisiveness and
lingering uncertainty or
self doubt.
To hear a racket be
made in your dream,
signifies disappointments
after being let down in
some anticipated
To see or use a radar in
your dream, symbolizes
your intuition and
possibly messages from
your unconscious.
To see something
radiant in your dream,
indicates purity,
intellectual stimulation,
spiritual enlightenment
and wisdom.
To dream that you are
listening to the radio,
symbolizes your
awareness and intuition
toward a particular
situation. What you hear
through the radio also
represents messages
from your unconscious. It
is possible that it is some
for of ESP or telepathic
To dream that a radio is
turned off, indicates that
you have the ability to
help or assist in some
situation, but you are
refusing to do so.
To dream that
something is radioactive,
represents suppressed
emotions that are on the
verge of spilling over into
your conscious and
causing a negative
influence in your daily life.
These are feelings and
issues that you need to
address or they will do
more harm in the long
To see a garden of
radishes in your dream,
signifies prosperous
business and kind friends.
To dream that you are
eating a radish, denotes
that your feelings will be
slightly hurt as a result
of the thoughtlessness
of someone near you.
To dream that you are
planting radishes,
foretells that your
heart's desires will be
happily realized.
To dream that you are
raffling an item,
suggests that you need
to be more giving and
charitable. At the same
time you need to accept
the risks involved in
leaving your destiny to
To see a raft in your
dream, indicates that you
have not built a firm
foundation for yourself.
There is still much work
To dream that you are
floating on a raft,
suggests that you are
drifting through life, not
knowing where you are
headed. You are confused
about your purpose and
direction in life.
To dream that you are
white water rafting,
signifies that after going
through some turbulent
times, your sadness and
pain will slowly disappear.
To dream that you are in
rage, is symbolic of your
bad temper and negative
outbursts. Work on
empowering your inner

To see old, tattered rags
in your dream, signifies
that you are cleaning up
old problems and issues.
To dream that you are
wearing rags, signifies
anxieties and concerns
over your self-image.
To dream that you are
holding on to a railing,
signifies that you are
desperately holding out
for a chance to obtain
the object of you
To see a railroad in your
dream, signifies that you
have laid out a set track
toward achieving your
goals. Alternatively, it
indicates that you may
be too linear and rigid in
your thinking. Sometimes
you need to go off track
and explore other
To see an obstruction on
the railroad, denotes the
path toward your goals
will not be an easy one. It
may also indicate that
you have lost track of
your goals,
To dream that you are
walking alongside the
railroad tracks, signifies
much happiness from
your skillful completion of
your tasks.
To dream that you get
wet from the rain,
signifies that you will
soon be cleansed from
your troubles and
problems. Rain also
symbolizes fertility and
To see and hear rain
falling, symbolizes
forgiveness and grace.
To dream that you are
watching the rain from a
window, indicates that
spiritual ideas and
insights are being
brought to you
awareness. It may also
symbolize fortune and
To hear the tapping of
the rain on the roof,
denotes spiritual ideas
and blessings coming to
mind. It may also
suggests that you will
receive much joy from
your home life.
To see a rainbow in your
dream, signifies much
hope, success and good
fortune in the form of
money, prestige, or
fame. The rainbow is a
bridge between your
earthly, grounded self
and the higher, spiritual
For lovers to see a
rainbow, symbolizes
overwhelming happiness
from their union.
To dream that you are
wearing a raincoat,
suggests that you are
shielding yourself from
your emotions. You are
not able to face the
nastiness. It also refers
to your pessimistic
To dream that you are
eating raisins, signifies
that negative forces and
discouraging comments
will seek to diminish your
hopes when they are
about to be realized.
To dream that you are
using a rake, signifies
that work will never be
accomplished unless you
do it yourself.
To see others raking,
denotes that you will be
happy on the well-being
and livelihood of others.
To see a broken rake in
your dream, signifies
that some illness or
accident will interrupt
your plans, resulting in its
To see a ram in your
dream, signifies
aggression, energy, and
impulsiveness. You may
be pursuing a decision
that should be
approached with more
tact and consideration. It
may also symbolize
strong and powerful
friends who will use their
influence and best
efforts for your good.
To dream that a ram is
pursing you, signifies the
threat of misfortune.
To dream that you are
going up a ramp, signifies
your struggles in
achieving a goal. It is
symbolic of your
determination and
ambition. If you fail to go
up a ramp, then it
suggests that you are
not able to overcome
your difficulties. There
are still obstacles
standing on your way.
To dream that you are
going down a ramp,
refers to some instability
in your life.
To dream that you are at
a ranch, suggests ...

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