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requiem for a dream - Newest pictures

· · · ◦šىs◦ · · ·

To dream that you have
been sabotaged,
represents waking
conflicts. An
overwhelming anxiety is
threatening the boundary
between your
unconscious and your
ego. You need to get rid
of your old attitudes and
former ways of thinking.
To see a sack in your
dream, symbolizes the
womb and your sense of
To wear a sackcloth in
your dream, represents
humility and humbleness.
It also indicates that you
need to repent for some
misdeed that you have
To dream that you are
being sacrificed, signifies
your tendency to punish
yourself. You may also
feel that others do not
appreciate your talents
and efforts.
Alternatively, you may
need to eliminate certain
conditions to make time
and space for more
productive and rewarding
To see an animal being
sacrificed, indicates that
you are ready to give up
your basic, carnal desires
for spiritual pursuits and
To dream that you are
sad, suggests that you
need to learn from your
disappointments and
make yourself happy. Try
not to dwell on the
To see a saddle in your
dream, suggests that
you need to freely pursue
your goals. Do not let
anyone hold you back
from achieving goals.
To dream that you are
sitting on a saddle,
signifies that you will rise
to a position of
prominence and power.
You may be exercising
control over someone or
a situation.
To dream of sadism,
indicates repressed
anger, often from
childhood. You may be
trying to punish yourself
for your misdeeds or
past actions.
To dream that you are
on a safari, represents
freedom from societal
norms and rules. You are
trying to break free from
the confines of
To see a safe in your
dream, signifies that you
are hiding your sense of
self worth and self value.
It may also symbolize
security or a keeping of a
To see an empty safe,
signifies loss or lack.
Safety Pin
To see a safety pin in
your dream, indicates
that a situation is on the
verge of falling apart
causing much anxiety or
fear. You feel that the
livelihood of the
relationship depends on
To see saffron growing
in your dream, signifies a
deceitful lover or false
To dream that you are
using saffron in food,
denotes a peaceful
resolution to your
problems and quarrels.
To see sage in your
dream, signifies frugality
and practicality.
To dream that you use
sage in food, signifies
that your extravagant
lifestyle will leave you
penniless in the end.
To see a sailboat in your
dream, represents
To dream that you are
sailing on peaceful
waters, represents
your life is going and
how you are able to
handle life's problems.
To dream that you are
sailing against the wind,
indicates that you are
being confronted with
much difficulties.
To see a sailor in your
dream, signifies your
desires for adventure,
freedom and exploration.
You may be ready to
venture into deeper
waters, particularly in
personal relationships.
To see a saint in your
dream, indicates that a
special message is being
given to you from the
spiritual realm.
To see or eat a salad in
your dream, suggests
that you need to express
your feelings and take in
the positive influences in
your life in order to
create personal growth.
Alternatively, it indicates
that you are longing for
nature and good heath.
To see a salamander in
your dream, represents
your ability to survive
through shame,
misfortune, and/or
To see salami in your
dream, suggests that
you are having issues
related to your self-
image. It may also be
indicative of sexual or
relationship problems.
To dream that
something is on sale,
represents opportunities
that are readily available
to you.
To see or dream that
you are a salesperson,
suggests that there is
something you need to
include in your life.
To see saliva in your
dream, symbolizes
sexual/sensual appetites
or some creative energy.
To dream that you are
spitting out your saliva,
implies that you are
having some anxieties
about losing control,
either physically or
To see the saliva of an
animal in your dream,
denotes intense feelings
of anger and rage.
To see a salmon in your
dream, represents
determination. You are
able to overcome
adversity and achieve
success. Alternatively, it
suggests that you are
comfortable with
expressing your
emotions and dealing
with them.
To dream that you are at
the salon, indicates your
consciousness of your
appearance and beauty.
You may be trying too
hard to impress others.
It may also suggests
deception and cover-up
of some situation.
Alternatively, it may
denote a new outlook
toward life.
To see salt in your
dream, represents added
flavor and a new found
flare in the experience of
life. You may be
experiencing and elevated
sense of individual
worthiness and increased
zest and vigor in your life.
Your efforts are paying
off. Alternatively,
salt also symbolizes
dependability, truth,
dedication and longevity.
To dream that you are
salting meat, signifies
piling debt and as a result
you will be constantly
harassed by bill collectors.
To see saltpeter in your
dream, signifies that you
will experience a
tremendous grief over an
extended period of time.
To dream that salve is
being applied on you,
denotes that you will
overcome your struggles.
To dream that you are
applying salve on
someone else, signifies
that you are a reliable
and dependable person
who will be there for a
friend in need.
To see a variety of
product samples in your
dream, signifies that
opportunities will come
knocking on your door
time and time again.
To see or dream that
you are a samurai,
symbolizes honor and
duty. You need to work
on your issues with
To see sand in your
dream, signifies a shift in
perspective or a change
in your attitude. Consider
also the familiar phrase,
"the sands of time" in
which it may be
suggesting that you are
wasting your time or
letting time pass you by.
To see wet sand in your
dream, indicates that you
are lacking a sense of
balance in your life.
Sand Castle
To dream that you are
building sand castles,
suggests that you are
not building yourself a
solid foundation or
something that will last.
The dream indicates
delusions of grandeur.
Sand Dunes
To see a sand dune in
your dream, signifies
your desires to be
sheltered from the
bitterness of reality.
To see or wear sandals
in your dream, signifies
comfort and ease. You
have an open
understanding of others.
The dream may also
indicate that you need to
tread lightly around
certain people or risk
offending them.
To see or play in a
sandbox in your dream,
suggests that you are
taking a situation too
seriously. You need to
lighten up and enjoy the
To see sandpaper in your
dream, suggests that
you need to smooth over
some rough spots in your
situation or relationship.
Alternatively, it may
indicate that you may be
a little too abrasive or
harsh in your words or
To see a sandwich in
your dream, suggests
that a lot of pressure
and stress is being put
on you. It also reflects
your ability to do two
things at once. However,
sometimes a sandwich is
just a sandwich.
To see or eat a fish
sandwich in your dream,
indicates conflict
between your spiritual
beliefs and what is
Santa Claus
To see Santa Claus in
your dream, indicates
that you need to be more
giving, accepting, and/or
forgiving. You need to
acknowledge and tend to
some aspect of yourself.
To dream that you or
someone is dressed as
Santa Claus, suggests
that you need to treat
others as you would like
to be treated. Put
yourself in someone
else's shoe and
determine how they
might feel.
To see sap in your
dream, signifies physical
health and vigor. It may
also represent someone
who is excessively gullible
or sentimental.
To see sapphires in your
dream, represents
protection, heaven, and
divinity. It also
represents an unlocking
and understanding of
your unconscious. This
stone may refer to a
person who is born in
To see Satan in your
dream, denotes that
there is some
wrongdoing or ...

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