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To see the letter T in
your dream, represents
your stubbornness and
your refusal to change
your attitudes and
To see a table in your
dream, represents social
unity and the potential
for a meeting or
gathering. It refers to
your social and family
connections. If the table
is broken or not
functional, then it
suggests some
dissension in a group.
Perhaps there is
something you cannot
hold inside any longer and
need to bring it out in the
To dream that you are
setting the table,
suggests that you laying
the groundwork for a
plan or personal matter.
It also implies confidence.
To see a round table in
your dream, indicates
evenness, sharing,
cooperation and equal
rights and opportunities
for all. It may also
symbolize honesty,
loyalty, and chivalry.
To dream that you are
lying on a table, indicates
your need for
nourishment and
relaxation. It relates to
health concerns and
anxieties about your
To dream that a table is
walking or moving by
itself, signifies that you
will go through a series
of new changes in your
life as a way to relieve
yourself from some
To see a soiled tablecloth
in your dream, signifies
disobedience and
*Please See Pill
To see tacks in your
dream, symbolizes
annoyances in your life
causing you to be very
confrontational and
To dream that you are
pushing or driving a tack,
signifies that you will
overcome your rivals.
To see tadpoles in your
dream, suggests that
you have not reached
your full potential. If you
are a woman, the dream
may also indicate your
desire to be pregnant.
To see only the tail of an
animal in your dream,
signifies annoyances and
complications in
situations where
pleasure was surely to
be expected.
Alternatively, it may
represent balance.
To dream that you have
grown a tail, represents
an aspect of the past
that still lingers with you.
To see a tailor in your
dream, represents your
abilities and creativity.
To dream that you are
wearing a talisman,
indicates that you are in
need of protection.
Sometimes you need to
put away your pride and
know when to ask for
outside help.
To dream that you are
talking does not have any
significance unless it is
unusual or bizarre.
Consider also if what you
say evoke strong
feelings or behavioral
reactions. The dream
may simply be
highlighting your need
improve your
communication skills or
learn to express
yourself more clearly.
To dream that you are
taller than someone,
indicates that you may
be looking down on that
person. You may feel
that you are now above
him or her. Alternatively,
it represents authority
and pride.
To dream that others
are taller than you,
suggests that you may
have a tendency to
overlook things. Perhaps
you feel that a higher
power is always looking
over you and judging your
To see tallow in your
dream, signifies that love
and wealth will vanish
quickly if you are not
cautions and continue to
carry on your careless
To see or play a
tambourine in your
dream, symbolizes the
rhythm of life and the
control you have over
what aspects of life your
choose to partake or join
To dream that you are
taming an animal,
suggests your control
over your animalistic
To dream that you are
being tamed, indicates
that you need to exercise
better control in your life.
Show some restraint.
To dream that you are
tangled up in something,
symbolizes confusion or
chaos in your waking life.
Pay attention to how you
untangle yourself in the
dream and apply it to
your real life situation.
The dream may also be a
pun on "doing the tango".
To see a tank filled with
water in your dream,
signifies prosperity and
satisfaction with the
current state of your life.
To see a tank truck in
your dream, suggests
that you are willing to
find protection via
destructive means. The
way you are expressing
your anger and feelings
my be hurtful and
To see a tanker in your
dream, represents the
need to defend yourself
and stand up for your
beliefs without being
confrontational or violent.
Alternatively, the tanker
may symbolize a threat.
To see a tannery in your
dream, forewarns that
you will catch some
contagious disease.
To dream that you are a
tanner, signifies that you
have to engage in some
work which is not what
you want to do, but
must continue to work
for the livelihood of those
dependant on you.
To dream that you are
buying leather goods
from the tannery,
foretells that you will
make little
friends on your path to
success and to the top
of the social ladder.
*Please See Faucet.
To see or use tape in
your dream, represents
limitations or the the
need for restraint
To see tapestry in your
dream, signifies luxurious
living and pleasurable
To see torn and ragged
tapestries, signifies that
you will lack resources to
satisfy your needs and
To dream that the walls
of your rooms are
covered in tapestry,
signifies that you will
marry someone who is
wealthy and high in
To have or see a
tapeworm in your dream,
forewarns of poor health
and little pleasure.
To see tar in your dream,
signifies your dependency
on something or
someone. You need to be
more self-reliant. Tar is
also symbolic of the
unconscious and the
negative aspect of the
To see a tarantula in
your dream, represents
your dark and sinister
To dream that you are
shooting at a target,
indicates that you have
your sights set on your
goals. The dream may be
trying to motivate you
Tarot Cards
To dream of a tarot
reading, indicates your
current situation and
state of mind. You are
open to exploring your
unconscious thoughts
and feelings. Pay
attention to what the
Tarot Cards revealed.
Consider the following
general meanings of the
four Tarot suits: The
Wands represent fire,
inspiration, spirituality,
action, initiative, and the
Psyche. The suit of the
Swords signify air,
determination, strength,
faith, and conquering of
fear. The Cups symbolize
water, emotions, purity,
and your outlook toward
life and the future. Finally,
the Pentacles denote
finances, social influence,
worldly knowledge, and
your connection with
nature and earth.
To see tassels in your
dream, foretells that you
will attain and reach your
goals and ambitions.
To taste something bad
in your dream, suggests
that some behavior or
action is not enough to
sustain you, either
physically, emotionally or
spiritually. Alternatively,
the dream may be telling
you to take another
consideration of what is
causing this bad taste.
Give it a second chance.

To dream that you have
tattoos, represents
individuality and the
desire to stand out in a
crowd. You want to be
unique and different
from everybody else,
particularly if you do not
have any tattoos in real
life. Consider also what
the tattoo is.
To dream that you are
paying taxes, represents
the price you are paying
for the way you live. The
dream may be stemming
from some sort of self-
guilt and the debt that
you owe to society.
To refuse to pay taxes in
your dream, indicates
that you are rebelling
against society or the
government. You are a
*Please See Cab.
To dream that you are
making or drinking tea,
represents satisfaction
and contentment in your
life. You are taking your
time with regards to
some relationship or
To see your teacher
(past or present) in your
dream, suggests that
you are seeking some
advice, guidance, or
knowledge. You are
heading into a new path
in life and ready to learn
by example or from a
past experience. Consider
your own personal
experiences with that
particular teacher. What
subject was taught?
Alternatively, it may
relate to issues with
authority and seeking
approval. You may going
through a situation in
your waking life where
you feel that you are
being treated like a
student or in which you
feel you are being put to
a test.
*Please see also School.
To see teacups in your
dream, indicates the
need to be more spiritual
and spiritual
*Please See Duck or See
Dream Themes: Colors.
To see a ...

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