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To dream that you are
on vacation, indicates
that you need a break to
recharge your energies
and revitalize yourself.
You need to break out of
your daily routine and do
something different.
Alternatively, it
represents your
achievements. You are
giving yourself a pat on
the back and feel
deserving of a reward for
your hard work.
To dream that you are
getting vaccinated,
suggests that you need
to overcome your
vulnerabilities. Things
that may initially hurt you
will be beneficial to you in
the long run.
To dream of seeing
others get vaccinated,
indicates that you are
being influenced by the
beliefs and wishes of
To see a vacuum in your
dream, suggests feelings
of emptiness. You may
be experiencing a void in
your life. Alternatively,
you may need to clean up
your act and your
To dream that you are
vacuuming, signifies a
loss of control.
To see your vagina in
your dream, suggests
issues with your
femininity and you sexual
To dream that you are a
vagrant, denotes that
you are trying to escape
from the confines of
social expectations. It
may also indicate your
current condition of
poverty and misery.
To speak and give to the
vagrant, symbolizes your
generosity and are
surrounded by valuable
**See The Meaning In
Action: "A Vagrant Is
Chasing Me"
To dream that you are
sending valentines,
indicates your need to
express more love and
To dream that you are
receiving a valentine,
represents your
likeability, compassion
and good-hearted nature.
To see a box of
valentines, signifies that
an old lover may come
back into the picture.
To dream that you are in
a valley, symbolizes your
need to be sheltered and
protected. If you are
entering a valley, then it
is analogous to your
issues of death and
dying. The death may
also mean an end to
something in your life.
To see a vampire in your
dream, symbolizes
seduction and sensuality,
as well as fear and
death. The vampire
represents contrasting
images of civilized nobility
and aggression/ferocity.
It may depict someone in
your waking life whose
charm may ultimately
prove harmful. Deep
down inside you know
that this person is bad
for you, yet you are still
drawn to it. Vampires
also sometimes relate to
decisions about sex and
losing your virginity.
Alternatively, to see a
vampire suggests that
you are feeling physically
or emotionally drained.
The vampire may also be
symbolic for someone
who is addicted to drugs
or someone in an
obsessive relationship.
To dream that you are a
vampire, signifies that
you are sucking in the
life energy of others for
your own selfish benefit.
**See The Meaning In
Action: "Fighting
Vampires & Alluring
To see or drive a van in
your dream, symbolizes
convenience and/or
practicality. Consider the
load that you are carrying
and what you can handle.
Don't stress yourself out.
To taste or smell vanilla
in your dream, indicates a
welcoming experience or
inviting situation.
*Please see Disappear.
To dream that you are
varnishing something,
suggests that you are
trying to cover up some
imperfection or mistake.
It may also mean that
you are putting up a
front. You are trying to
be someone other then
your true self.
To see a vase in your
dream, symbolizes the
womb and all things
feminine. You are open to
criticism or suggestions.
The dream also
represents creativity.
If you are a man and
dream that you have a
vasectomy, indicates
that you are expressing
some dissatisfaction
about your sex life.
Alternatively it suggests
some self-doubt or self-
image issues.
To see a vat in your
dream, denotes sorrow,
grief, and unfaithfulness.
To see the Vatican in
your dream, denotes
unexpected gain due to
the action of others.
To see the Vatican
deserted and in ruins,
signifies loss of friend
and lack of support.
To see a vault in your
dream, symbolizes the
unconscious or personal
resources and potential.
The dream may be telling
you that you need to
start using your inner
reserves, hidden skills
and underutilized
energies and quit keeping
them locked and stored
To see a VCR in your
dream, suggests that
something needs to be or
has been carefully
documented. There may
have been something
that you have
overlooked. It refers to
memories and lessons of
the past and the insights
you can gain from it. The
dream may also be calling
attention to the
impression you leave
behind and what others
may think of you.
To see vegetables in
your dream, signifies
your need for spiritual
nourishment. It may also
foretell that you are
lacking in that nutrient.
To see withered
vegetables in your
dream, denotes sadness.
To see vegetation in your
dream, represents
obstacles that you have
to overcome in order to
grow as a person and
move forward.
To dream that you are
riding in a vehicle (car,
boat, trains, etc.),
denotes that you are in
control of your life
or that others are
exerting power over you
depending on who is in
the driver's seat.
To dream that you are
thrown from a vehicle,
symbolizes hasty and
unpleasant news.
To dream that you or
someone is wearing a
veil, represents
something that you wish
to hide or conceal. Things
may not be what it
appears to be.
To see your vein in your
dream, signifies that you
are shielded from slander.
To dream that your veins
are bleeding, foretells
that you will experience
great and inescapable
To dream that your veins
are swollen, signifies
your hastiness in placing
To dream that you are
wearing velvet, signifies
distinction and honor. It
also represents you
sensuality and emotions.
To dream that you are
veneering, signifies
deception. You may be
trying to be something
you are not.
Venereal Disease
To dream that you have
a venereal disease,
indicates some sort of
contamination, either
physical or emotional. You
may feel vulnerable in a
To come in contact with
venom in your dream,
represents pent-up anger
and hostility you may be
expressing or
experiencing from others.
Your feelings of hate are
beginning to show
through. The dream is
also indicative of a lack of
self-esteem, lack of self-
love, or insecurities you
To see a ventriloquist in
your dream, symbolizes
deception and some
treasonable issue
effecting you in a
negative way.
To dream that you are a
ventriloquist, signifies
dishonorable conduct and
deception towards
people who trust you.
There is a part of
yourself that you are not
To see Venus in your
dream, symbolizes love,
desire, fertility, beauty,
and femininity.
To dream of being on a
veranda, signifies
success in a matter
which is giving you
To hear a verdict in your
dream, indicates that you
are afraid of the truth.
You may also fear being
judged and criticized for
your actions.
To see vermin crawling in
your dream, signifies
sickness and trouble. You
may also be faced with
many disappointments
and obstacles.
To dream of a vertical
line or something that is
vertical, symbolizes the
realm and the
To dream that you have
vertigo, indicate your lack
of confidence in some
situation. You may be
experiencing feelings of
anxiety and discomfort.
To see vessels in your
dream, symbolizes labor
and activity.
To dream that you are
wearing a vest,
represents compassion
for others.
To see a veterinarian in
your dream, indicates
that you need to tame
your instinctive behavior
and unconscious self
such that it will be more
acceptable in your waking
To see a vicar in your
dream, suggests that
you need to recognize
your spiritual needs.
To dream that you are a
victim, forewarns that
you will be oppressed and
overpowered by your
enemies. Such dreams
suggest that you feeling
powerless and helpless in
a situation in your waking
To dream that you
victimize others, foretells
wealth via dishonorable
To dream of victory over
something, suggests
that you are in need of
some motivation or
confidence in your
abilities. Sometimes you
need to imagine ...

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