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To see the letter Y in
your dream, indicates
some decisions that you
need to make. It may
represent a fork in the
road or path you need to
choose. The letter Y may
also be a pun on "why".
You need to start
questioning things.
To see a yacht in your
dream, symbolizes
wealth, pleasure, and
luxury. You are worry-
free and pursuing a life of
ease. It may also indicate
your desire to devote
more time to recreational
pursuits. You need to
take it easy for a while.
To see a yak in your
dream, represents your
uniqueness and
dependability. The yak
may also be pun on
yakking too much. Maybe
you should stop talking
and listen more.
To see yams in your
dream, signifies
memories of family
gatherings and
To dream of being called
a Yankee in your dreams,
foretells that your lover
could be less than true.
To call someone else a
Yankee in your dreams,
foretells that your plans
will go accordingly
without a hitch.
To see Yankees in your
dream, signifies
happiness, possible gains
and loyalty to your duty
and promise.
To see a neat and well-
kept yard, reflects your
ability to maintain and
organize aspects of your
outside life, such as work
and your social activities.
To see a messy and un-
kept yard, denotes that
aspects of your life are
out of your control.
Yard Sale
To hold or be at a yard
sale in your dream,
indicates that you are
recycling past
experiences and finding
use for your old skills and
ideas. You are learning
from your past and
making productive use of
the lessons you have
To see a yardstick in
your dream. symbolizes
rigidity and an unyielding
personality. Alternatively,
it represents good
judgment and
To see yarn in your
dream, symbolizes your
connections and
creativity. It may also
mean that you are stuck
in a rut and going about
your daily life in the same
old pattern. If the yarn is
tangled and knotted
yarn, then it signifies
emotional distress or
confusion you may have
with a situation.
To dream that you or
someone is yawning in
your dream, suggests
that you need to be
emotionally and
intellectually stimulated.
You are lacking energy
and vitality in your life.
To dream that you are
yearning for something
or someone, indicates
that there is a void that
is lacking in your waking
life. You need to fulfill this
void. Alternatively, you
may be suppressing
some old habit or denying
yourself of something.
This may manifest itself
as something you are
yearning for in a dream.
To see yeast in your
dream, indicates a
spiritual quest. You may
need to do some soul
searching and/or self-
Alternatively, yeast is
symbolic of your
renewed energy or
increased enthusiasm for
an idea/project.
To dream that you or
someone is yelling,
represents repressed
anger that
need to be expressed. If
you are yelling and no one
hears, then it suggests
that you are not being
heard. You feel that your
voice does not matter.
To dream that you are
saying "yes", symbolizes
reaffirmation or
acceptance of a
condition, situation or
decision. The dream may
also be giving you
permission to do
something that you are
having doubts about in
your waking life.
To see a yeti in your
dream, suggests that
you need to learn to find
balance between your
reasonable, rational side
and your emotional,
instinctual nature.
Yellow Bird
To see a yellow bird in
your dream, foretells
good luck in financial
affairs, but not so good
in affairs of the heart.
To see a yellow bird land
on your, denotes
To see a dead or sick
yellow bird, foretells
disaster in your affairs.
Yew Tree
To see a yew tree in
your dream, symbolizes
mourning and death. The
dream may also be a
metaphor to mean "you"
- the dreamer.
To dream that you yield
to another in your
decision-making, denotes
your willingness to
sacrifice your authority
to secure peace in the
To dream that others
yield to you, denotes an
enhancement in your
present business
Yin Yang
To see the yin yang in
your dream, symbolizes
balance of opposites. It
represents the feminine
and the masculine, the
spiritual and the physical,
and the emotional and
the rational.
To dream that you are
performing, symbolizes
calmness and control of
mind and body. You have
great self-discipline.
To see or eat yogurt in
your dream, suggests
that you need to learn to
behave appropriately for
the different situations
and circumstances you
find yourself in.
To see a yoke in your
dream, signifies your
unwillingness to conform
to the customs and
wishes of others..
To dream that you are
yoking an oxen, indicates
that your advice and
counsel will be accepted
by a friend or family
To dream that you fail to
yoke an oxen, indicates
your worry for someone
in your life.
To see young people in
your dream, symbolizes
an end to your worries
and a fresh outlook on
life will be gained. It may
also represent the
younger aspect of
To dream that you are
young again, symbolizes
your failed attempts to
rectify past mistakes
and lost opportunities.
To see yourself in your
dream, is a reflection of
how you act and behave
in your waking life.
Yule Log
To see a Yule log in your
dream, signifies a
positive turn of events in
the coming year.
To dream of burning a
Yule log, warns that you
should not set your
sights too high.

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