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More than 5,700 of you took
our survey on falling in love.
Lots of you know what it
feels like to be in love: 46%
of our survey takers said
they're in love now or have
been in the past. But an
almost equal number (43%)
said that, although they like
someone, they're just not
sure it's really love. And 11%
said they'd never been in
love (mostly because they
haven't met the right person
So what makes it love? And
when is it just lust?
Attraction Three main qualities go with
being in love: attraction,
closeness, and commitment.
Relationships can be about
any or all of these.
Attraction is the "chemistry"
part of love. It's all about the
physical — even sexual —
interest that two people
have in each other.
Relationships that are based
on attraction alone are
usually more about fun and
infatuation than real love.
Guys: Stereotypes
Aren't Always True Conventional wisdom says
that, for guys in their early
teens, relationships are
mainly about physical
attraction. That explains why
some guys responded like
Trent, 13, who told us the
things he likes about his
girlfriend are "her hair and
body." Experts say that it's
not until guys reach their
later teens that they rate a
person's inner qualities as
most important.
Our survey showed that this
"conventional wisdom"
doesn't mean all guys fall
into this mold. First, we saw
that it's not just younger
guys who go mainly for the
way someone looks or their
physical attributes: We had a
few older guys say they
were most interested in
looks. And most of the 13-
year-old guys in our survey
say they appreciate a
person's inner qualities, like
kindness and intelligence.
For example, Marley, 13,
said the reason he loves his
GF is a combination of her
inner and outer qualities:
"She's deep and has real
emotions, she acts herself
and doesn't act fake," he
told us. "I also love her
eyes. I get lost in them."
Josh, 14, told us the things
he loves about his girlfriend
are, "Her attitude, her eyes,
her smile and the way it
lights up the world.
Regardless of what people
say about her, she's
beautiful in my eyes."

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