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tamilnadu culture tour - Newest pictures

Introduction of tamil culture

Tamilnadu has a great
tradition of heritage and
culture that developed over
2,000 years ago and still
continues to flourish. This
great cultural heritage of the
state of Tamilnadu evolved
through the rule of dynasties
that ruled the state during
various phases of history.
Many of the ruling dynasties
gave patronage to art and
culture that resulted into the
development and evolution
of a unique Dravidian culture
that Tamilnadu today
symbolizes with.
Under the rule of the
Pallavas, Cholas and the
Pandya kings, there were
tremendous growth and
development in the field of
art, architecture and
literature, which reached
great heights. The history of
Tamil language can be traced
back to the age of the
Tolkapiyam, the Tamil
Grammar text, ascribed to
around 500 B.C. Similarly, the
Sangam literature dates back
to 500 B.C.
People of Tamilnadu
Tamil Nadu is one of the
most urbanized states of
India but most of the people
still live in villages. In Tamil
Nadu, there is an
established caste system
with traditional
differentiations a lot more
pronounced than in many
other parts of India. A large
part of population is confined
to the Chennai (covering
industrial areas, townships
and the surrounding
villages) and those around
Madurai, Tiruchchirappall and
Coimbatore. About 80 percent
of the people in Tamil Nadu
follow Hinduism. A substantial
percentage of population in
Tamil Nadu follows
Christianity and Islam.
Languages Spoken in
Tamil Nadu
Tamil is the official language
of Tamil Nadu state and one
of the 18 languages
mentioned in the eighth
schedule of the Indian
constitution. Tamil is one of
the classical languages of
the world, with a rich
heritage of literature. It is
the most widely spoken
language in Tamil Nadu.
Besides Tamil Nadu, Tamil is
also spoken by a number of
people in Sri Lanka,
Singapore, Mauritius and
Malaysia. The antiquity of
Tamil is comparable to
Sanskrit. Tamil is written in a
derivative of the southern
'Brahmi' script. The alphabet
of Tamil is unique (phonetic).
That is, in Tamil language
letters represent sounds,
rather than ideas, as is the
case in the 'Mandarin'
language of China.
Religions in Tamil Nadu
The history and culture of
Tamilnadu goes back to
thousands years back. For
centuries, people of various
religions have been residing
in the state. The main
religions in Tamilnadu are
Hinduism, Islam, Christianity
and Jainism. Hinduism, along
with its various sects, is the
oldest religion in the state.
Hindus are followers of
number of sectarian monastic
institutions (called mathas).
Tamilnadu Cuisines
Like all other South Indian
states, Tamil Nadu is also
known for a wide variety of
delicious food both for the
vegetarians as well as the
non-vegetarians. Grains,
lentils, rice and vegetables
are the main ingredients of
the traditional foods of Tamil
Nadu. Spices add flavor and
give a distinctive taste to
the Tamil cuisines. Some of
the most common and popular
dishes of the region are idly,
dosai, vada, pongal and
Uppuma. Coconut chutney and
sambhar invariably form a
part of most of the Tamil

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