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god shiva wallpaper with jyoti ling - Newest pictures

→☺šнίν cнαŁίšα ίη εиgŁίšн☺←

Glory to Lord Ganesh,
the Divine Son of
Goddess Girija, the
cause of all
auspiciousness and
intelligence. Ayodha
Dass (the composer of
these verses) humbly
requests that every
one be blessed with
the boon of being
O Glorious Lord,
consort of Parvati You
are most merciful. You
always bless the poor
and pious devotees.
Your beautiful form is
adorned with the moon
on Your forehead and
on your ears are
earrings of snakes'
The holy Ganges flows
from your matted hair.
The saints and sages
are attracted by Your
splendid appearance.
Around Your neck is a
garland of skulls.
White ash beautifies
Your Divine form and
clothing of lion's skin
adorns Your body.
O Lord, the beloved
daughter of Maina on
Your left adds to Your
splendid appearance. O
Wearer of the lion's
skin, the trishul in Your
hand destroys all
Nandi and Shri Ganesh
along with Lord Shiva
appear as beautiful as
two lotuses in the
middle of an ocean.
Poets and philosophers
cannot describe the
wonderful appearance
of Lord Kartikeya and
the dark complexioned
Ganas (attendants).
O Lord, whenever the
Deities humbly sought
Your assistance, You
kindly and graciously
uprooted all their
problems. You blessed
the Deities with Your
generous help when
the demon Tarak
outraged them and You
destroyed him.
O Lord, You sent
Shadanan without
delay and thus
destroyed the evil
ones Lava and Nimesh.
You also destroyed the
demon Jalandhara.
Your renown is known
throughout the world.
O Lord, Purari, You
saved all Deities and
mankind by defeating
and destroying the
demons Tripurasura.
You blessed Your
devotee Bhagirath and
he was able to
accomplish his vow
after rigorous
O Gracious One,
devotees always
sings Your glory. Even
the Vedas are unable
to describe Your
greatness. No one is
as generous as You
Lord, when the ocean
was churned and the
deadly poison
emerged, out of Your
deep compassion for
all, You drank the
poison and saved the
world from
destruction. Your
throat became blue,
thus You are known as
When Lord Rama
worshipped You, He
became victorious
over the king of
demons, Ravana. When
Lord Rama wished to
worship Thee with one
thousand lotus
flowers, the Divine
Mother, to test the
devotion of Shri Ram,
hid all the flowers at
Your request.
O Lord, You kept on
looking at Shri Ram,
who wished to offer
His lotus-like eyes to
worship Thee. When
You observed such
intense devotion, You
were delighted and
blessed Him. You
granted His heart's
Glory be unto You O
Gracious, Infinite,
Immortal, All-
pervading Lord. Evil
thought torture me and
I keep on travelling
aimlessly in this world
of mundane existence.
No relief seems to be
coming my way.
O Lord! I beseech Your
help and seek your
divine blessing at this
very moment. Save
and protect me.
Destroy my enemies
with Your Trishul.
Release me from the
torture of evil
O Lord, when I am in
distress, neither my
parents, brothers,
sisters nor loved ones
can relieve my
suffering. I depend
only on You. You are
my hope. Eliminate the
cause of this
tremendous torture
and bless me with
Your compassion.
O Lord, You bless the
downtrodden with
prosperity and grant
wisdom to the
ignorant. Lord, due to
my limited knowledge,
I omitted to worship
Thee. Please forgive
me and shower Your
grace upon me.
O Lord Sankar, You are
the destroyer of all
miseries. You remove
the cause of all
obstacles and grant
Your devotees eternal
bliss. The saints and
sages meditate upon
Thy most beautiful
form. Even celestial
beings like Sharad and
Narad bow in
reverence to You.
O Lord, prostration to
You. Even Brahma is
unable to describe Thy
greatness. Whosoever
recites these verses
with faith and devotion
receives Your infinite
Devotees who chant
these verses with
intense love become
prosperous by the
grace of Lord Shiva.
Even the childless
wishing to have
children, have their
desires fulfilled after
partaking of Shiva-
prasad with faith and
On Trayodashi (13th
day of the dark and
bright fortnights) one
should invite a pandit
and devotedly make
offerings to Lord Shiva.
Those who fast and
pray to Lord Shiva on
Trayodashi are always
healthy and
Whosoever offers
incense, prasad and
performs arti to Lord
Shiva, with love and
devotion, enjoys
material happiness and
spiritual bliss in this
world and hereafter
ascends to the abode
of Lord Shiva. The poet
prays that Lord Shiva
removed the suffering
of all and grants them
eternal bliss.
O Universal Lord,
every morning as a
rule I recite this
Chalisa with devotion.
Please bless me so
that I may be able to
accomplish my
material and spiritual
Om Shivaya Namaa

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