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future tense


1. Simple future: It is used to talk about actions which are still to take place.
e.g.: I shall see her tomorrow.
We will bring the water.
She will meet the principle tomorrow.

*Structure: subject+shall (or)will+present form of verb.

2. Future continuous: It is used to talk about actions as going on at sometime in future time.
e.g.: I shall be reading the Newspaper then.
When he reaches home, all his family members will be sleeping.
He will be meeting them next week.

*Structure: subject+shall be (or) will be+verb+ing.

3. Future perfect: It is used to talk about actions which indicate the completion by a certain future time.
e.g.: He will have left for office by that time.
She will have completed her training by next June.
I will have met him by this time next month.

*Structure: subject+shall have (or)will have+past participle form of verb.

4. Future perfect continuous: It is used to talk about actions represented as being in progress over a period of time
that will end in the future.
e.g.: By next January, we shall have been living here for 20 years.
When I got my degree,
I will have been studying at Hyderabad for 6 years.

*Structure: subject+shall have been(or) will have been+verb+ing.

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