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Degrees of comparison is also comparison of adjectives.
It is of three types.
1. Positive Degree
2. Comparative Degree
3. Superlative Degree

Observe the following sentences.
1. Ravi's mango is sweet.
2. Raju's mango is sweeter than Ravi's.
3. Hari's mango is the sweetest of all.
The word 'sweet' in the first sentence tells us about the mere existence of quality of sweetness. The word 'sweet' in this sentence is called the positive degree form of the adjective.
The word 'sweeter' in the second sentence tells us that Raju's mango has got higher degree of quality of sweetness than Ravi's mango. The word 'sweeter' in this sentence in said to be the comparative degree form of adjective.
It is used only when two persons or two things are involved.
The word 'sweetest' in the third sentence tells us that Hari's mango has got the highest degree of quality of sweetness compared to Ravi's and Raju's mangoes. The word 'sweetest' in this sentence is said to be the superlative degree form of adjective.
We get comparative and superlative degree forms of the adjective by adding r (or) er and st (or) est to the positive degree form of the adjective.

positive- P
comparative- C
superlative- S

big- P bigger- C biggest- S
large- P larger- C largest- S
good- P better- C best- S
tall- P taller- C tallest- S
beautiful- P more beautiful- C most beautiful- S
popular- P more popular- C most popular- S.

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