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The secret of being successful

An American businessman was visiting
a small Spanish village when a small
boat with a lone fisherman docked.
Inside the boat there were a number of
large fishes. He praised the quality of
his fish and asked how long it took to
catch them.
The Spanish replied, Just about three
The American said why didn't he stay
out little longer and catch more fish, to
which the Spanish replied that he had
enough to support his family's
immediate needs. The American then
asked, But what do you do with the
rest of your time?
The Spanish replied, I play with my
children, take siesta with my wife,
spend time with my oldies, and every
evening drink tequila and play guitar
with my friends.
The American said, you should spend
more time fishing and with those
funds buy a larger boat, and with the
additional income, you could buy
several boats, and eventually you will
have a large fleet of fishing boats.
Instead of selling to a middleman you
will sell directly to the processor,
eventually opening your own cannery.
You will control the product,
processing and distribution. You will
have to leave this small village and
move to New York city where you will
run your expanding business.
The Spanish fisherman asked, But how
long will all this take?
To which the American said, perhaps
15-20 years.
But after that?
The American said here's the best part.
When the time is right you would sell
your company stock to the public and
become very rich, you would make
millions and millions.
Millions and millions, But after that?
The American thought for a while, and
then said, Well, you will retire, move to
a small fishing village where you will
play with your children, take siesta
with your wife, spend time with your
oldies, and in the evenings drink
tequila and play guitar with your
But perhaps, your oldies would be
there no more, the children already
grown-up, your marriage up in flames
with the hustle and bustle of big city ...
Support usually comes from people who still have hope and ambition and positive thinking :) so that we can better with our potential
07.09.2012 16:59 EDT,

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