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The lord is with you

The night was very dark and Mohan
was frightened. He had always been
afraid of ghosts. Whenever he was
alone in the dark, he was afraid that a
ghost lurking in some dark corner
would suddenly spring on him. And
tonight it was so dark that one could
barely see one's own hand. Mohan
had to go from one room to another.
As he stepped out of the room, his
feet seemed to turn to lead and his
heart began to beat like a drum.
Rambha, their old maidservant was
standing by the door. "What's the
matter, son?" she asked with a laugh.
"I am frightened, Dai," Mohan
"Frightened, child! Frightened of
"See how dark it is! I'm afraid of
ghosts!" Mohan whispered in a
terrified voice. Rambha patted his
head affectionately and said,
"Whoever heard of anyone being
afraid of dark! Listen to me: Think of
Rama and no ghost will dare come
near you. No one will touch a hair of
your head. Rama will protect you."
Rambha's words gave Mohan courage.
Repeating the name of Rama, he left
the room. And from that day, Mohan
was never lonely or afraid. He
believed that as long as Rama was
with him, he was safe from the
danger. This faith gave Gandhiji
strength throughout his life, and
even when he died the name of Rama
was on his lips.
In the dark or in silence inside sometimes we fear, afraid of our own shadow but when we remember that God is watching us.. we felt we are not alone and when we felt fears that means we must brave on fear, often remember God and do prayer your life will pleasant
07.09.2012 14:08 EDT,

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