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images - Comics/Fantasy/Anime

Four Wives

Once upon a time there was a Prince
who had four wives.
He loved the 4th wife the most and
adorned her with expensive clothes,
and treated her most delicately. He
took great care of her and gave her
nothing but the best.
He also loved the 3rd wife very much.
She was very beautiful and he always
enjoyed showing her off to his friends,
but was always afraid that she may
run away with some other men.
He loved his 2nd wife too. She was very
considerate and patient. Whenever he
faced any problems, she would always
help him out.
His 1st wife was very loyal and
contributed a great deal towards his
success and also took care of the
household. However he never paid
much attention to her although she
loved him deeply.
One day he fell sick and was finally on
his death-bed. He thought that
although he had 4 wives but when he
dies, he will be all alone. So he asked
his 4th wife, ' I loved you the most,
gave you the finest clothes and took
great care of you. Now I am dying, will
you follow me and keep me company.'
The 4th wife replied 'No way" and
walked off without any further word.
In came the 3rd wife and he asked her '
I loved you so much all my life. Now
that I am dying, will you follow me and
keep me company.' She also replied 'No
way', and further remarked that life
was so good that she would re-marry
after he dies.
He then asked the 2nd wife, ' You
always helped me with my problems, I
need your help again for one last time.
I am dying, will you follow me and keep
me company.' The 2nd
wife replied that I am sorry but this
time I cannot help you, at the most I
can go up to your grave.
Then he suddenly heard the voice of
his 4th wife saying that I will go with
you and keep you company. As he
looked up he realized that she was so
skinny as if due to malnutrition. He
told her with great sorrow in his heart
that I should have taken better care of
you while I could have.
The fact is that we all have 4 wives in
our lives. ...
Everyone know who is my princess..... My princess is ernie... An in my life only is ernie.
04.09.2012 12:55 EDT,
Raj only for ernie. My love only for you..... I forever be your only.
04.09.2012 12:52 EDT,
Dont want you say they..
04.09.2012 12:47 EDT,
Wife isnt first second third and fourth.. Wife is wife and they deserve for take equall love frm husband.
04.09.2012 12:43 EDT,
Point of this story tell ' four wives are The 4th wife is our body, The 3rd wife is our possessions, status and wealth, The 2nd wife is our family and friends, The 1st wife is our soul itself,.. very true and fantastic when i read this one
04.09.2012 12:39 EDT,

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