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For those who are always in a rush

A guy was driving at 70 miles in a 40
mile zone, when a cop came behind
him with the flashers on. As he parked
and stopped, he could see the cop
getting out of his car. Right away the
guy started thinking of excuses to
give, as this was not the first time, he
had been in similar situations many
times before.
As the cop approached him, he said ‘ Hi
officer, I guess you caught me over the
limit little bit, I was in a rush to get
home, to be with my wife and kids, you
know my younger son wasn’t feeling
too well, when I left home this
The cop said, well I guess so, and
started scribbling on his pad. As
minutes went by, he could see from
the side-view mirror, the cop was still
scribbling. The guy was wondering
why he hadn’t asked for his driver’s
license so far. A few moments later,
the cop came to his window and
handed him a folded paper, and
returned back to his car without saying
a single word. The guy started to
wonder, how much this ticket is going
to be as he began to un-fold the paper.
He was surprised it was not a ticket as
he began to read:
“I had a daughter who was killed by a
speeding car at the age of six, by a
speeding driver like you. He got a fine,
few months in jail, and was free, free
to hug his two other daughters. I only
had one, and now I have to wait until I
get to heaven before I can hug her
again. I have tried to forgive that guy a
thousand times, and I thought I had.
Maybe I really did forgive him, but I
have to do it again, even right now. So
pray for me, and be careful when you
drive again, my son is all I have left”.
The guy was totally dumb-founded
and could not move for the next few
minutes. When finally he did, he drove
slowly, even few miles under the
speed limit, praying for forgiveness.
Do not rush in life – It won’t take you
Take one day at a time, be the driver of
your life within the limits of nature.
Author: Unknown
My simple comment for this story.. Dont look only to ownself and wants to be noticed, but look at other people who may be more tragic situation than us, sometimes we see the grief of ownself, and thought happier FROM others, but not necessarily sometimes honesty OF others teach us To be grateful in life
04.09.2012 12:41 EDT,

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